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The grand ball of the anniversery of the vampire royal family the vampire royal family,the Reasmussens rule was beautifull with chandeliers of a thousand crystals hanging from the ceiling as the many guests below twirled along to mezmerising संगीत on the dance floor,the ladys with their spectacular ball gowns and the gentlemen in there dashing suits.Although these were not just any guests these guests were made up of Vampires,Shapeshifters and Witches.

The Resmussens had a baby girl they called तारा, स्टार because of her unbelievable...
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posted by karleetaylor
this is a continuation of "Renesmee C. Cullen (continued)" again, if आप didnt read that one या the first one, i doubt you'll understand(:

When I woke up, my parents were already at the house. Jacob was here, too, sleeping अगला to me. Everybody was out hunting besides us.
    “Renesmee, today we are going to visit grandpa,”
    I got excited. My human grandpa didn’t know about vampires. He didn’t know that I was half human-half vampire. He just knew we were all different. I wasn’t allowed to bite him even though he torched my throat. I was immediately...
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*the other one was chapter one i forgot to put it on*

Bella's Pov:
i am sorry happy that i have a wonderful life with my husband and my Renesmee. though i miss my human life i miss my father and my mother we try as much as we can to see them both but it is hard. When Nisse start school i was really happy for he. its very hard for me and Edward to keep her away for Jake but i never did want to keep them apart Edward doesn't want him around her. Edward told me that one time he read Jake's mind and he want to ask her out but he didn't know if Edward would a prove of it. i कहा to Edward why didn't...
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"So what do आप think Justin will get आप for your birthday?" Hayden asked me, I was sitting with her since Justin was out sick. My birthday was a few days away. It was snowing outside. I shrugged my shoulders. My phone vibrated and I took it out looking under the desk. I felt someone behind me. I looked up and saw Mr. Henderson.
"Is there anything आप wold like to share with the class Miss. Clearwater?" He asked me. I stood up.
"Yes, actually there is." I कहा and cleared my throat.
"Excuse me everyone,Mr.H asked me share the text message I just got."Everyone looked at me, most of them stifled...
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I caught Lucas and tackled him to the ground. I took his camera out his hand and deleted the चित्रो he took. I got off him and tossed him his camera.

They days followed.It stopped being sunny, and the clouds came. The showcase was amazing, everyone did great,but tonight was my "official"date with Justin. He kept the place a secret, but told me to dress warm.Hayden was over to help me pick out an outfit.
"What about this?"She asked me, holding out a pair of dark skinny jeans, a ruffled shirt, a leater biker जैकेट and a pair of ballet flats. I smiled at her.
"That's perfect." I said. She gave me...
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posted by karpach_13
 nessies first दिन of school outfit
nessies first day of school outfit
Chapter 19
Ivan opened his eyes a little and then a little और until he opened ham all the way.
“nessie?” he कहा quietly. He remembers me. I looked at him and he had a smile on his face and then I tried to put up a smile too but I failed miserably.
“ivan , how did u get in an accident?” I asked him. Eager to know.
“when I left the reservation I was driving back घर but then I remembered your face how आप looked at me before आप left so I turned around and started driving back to the reservation but then a car came out of nowhere and that’s all I remember” he told me.
“the good...
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I walked into a room with a bunch thirteen and fourteen साल olds. They sat down on the floor. Justin and I introduced ourselves as Ms.T and Mr.J. We taught them some basics and and played some games.
"Okay everyone, have a seat." I waited for them to sit down and be quiet." At the end of this camp, we will hold a showcase, so आप can दिखाना what आप learned; आप can do it individually या in a group of four." I said.
"And the thing about Krumping is that आप can add your own twist once आप know the basics, Like Ms.T used to do Ballet, so sometimes, आप may see her doing Ballet tricks." he said....
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I woke up in my bedroom, wondering how I got here...The last thing I remember was laying my head on Justin's shoulder. I got out of बिस्तर and found a note on my dresser

I didn't want to wake you, so I carried आप back to your house....BTW your parents are really nice... especially your dad.

I smiled. I walked downstaird and made myself some poptarts. I walked into the living room;Luke was sitting watching t.v. I sat down अगला to him...
"Where is everybody?"I asked him.
"Well, Nana and Mom went to see if our house was like they wanted and dad had a errand to run....I heard what your punishment...
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I got up and walked past my dad. I went upstairs took a शावर, शॉवर and got dressed. When I came downstairs he was waiting for me. I walked into the रसोई, रसोईघर and he followed me.
"Tala, I don't want आप near him." My dad told me sternly. I laughed a little and turned to him.
"He might be like Jason." He continued. I got angry.
"Why does every guy have to be like Jason??" I yelled at him." Since your so fond of Jason,lets talk about what he did." I paused and then continued." Do आप want to talk about the fact that I was almost KILLED when I was with him या the fact that He broke up with me a दिन after...
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A यूट्यूब Script
*episode thirteen*
*Annoying Ungratefulness*
Rosalie’s P.O.V:
When Life Gives आप Lemons.
You किस your boyfriend.
When Life gives Bella Lemons.
She hides them from Charlie.
When Life gives Alice Lemons.
She bugs the heck out of me…and Emmett.
*done thinking*
Alice: *Lying on the सोफ़ा, सोफे with a cup of red liquid beside her* ROSALIE!!!!!
Rosalie: *sighs and walks out from the रसोई, रसोईघर to her* Yes, Alice?
Alice: *shakes the cup* और blood?
Rosalie: *bites her tongue* Of course. *snatches cup out of hand and takes into the kitchen*
*in the रसोई, रसोईघर with Rosalie, Emmett, and Esme*
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When I woke up, it was still dark outside. I looked over at my clock. 4:46a.m. it said. I threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top. Grabbed my आइपॉड and left a note for Nana and Luke.I walked to the समुद्र तट bare footed. Once I was on the coastline, I started to run. I ran until the sun started to come up. I sat down in the sand. I took out my आइपॉड and just marveled in its beauty. I saw a figure running towards me. As it got closer, I could make out the broad shoulders and his shorts. It was Justin, I smiled a little. I turned my head towards the sun again. I heard him run द्वारा me and then stop....
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posted by karpach_13
 emily's dress
emily's dress
Chapter 18
I looked at Emily in shock.
“”oh , my , gosh, Emily you’re so skinny” I told her.
“sam why aren’t आप feeding your wife?” I asked sam..
“renesme I don’t know how to cook” sam complained.. i shook my head. And them me and Emily laughed.. the guys looked at us in confusion.
“amily one और thing why aren’t आप wearing any make-up या u want to look natural for sam?” I asked her.
“I don’t really know how to put make-up on” she toold me embarrassed.. I looked at her shocked.
“I got an idea , jake give me my bags” I told him. He gave me the bags and I took...
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A यूट्यूब Script:
*episode eleven*
*Home Alone*
Alice’s P.O.V:
When आप scream आप feel the vibe.
When आप dance आप feel the music.
When आप hit the floor…well…you die.
In your mind….
*done thinking*
Alice: *lying on the floor; passed out*
Bella: *screaming* ALICE!
Rosalie: *kicks down the door*
*before she kicks down the door*
Emmett: I still think we should form a lunch club.
Edward: *sighs…getting impatient* for the last freakin’ time we don’t eat lunch!
Emmett: Who cares? We can just…hang…out.
Edward: Alright Emmett so what do we call it? The ‘No eating Club’.
Emmett: No,...
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 Nessie Black
Nessie Black
I can't drive through the trees anymore, because they are becoming too dense. I stop the car, and jump out, almost knocking into a boulder.

The ground is wet, so I'm slipping a lot as I run. The trees keep getting denser and denser, like their closing in on me.

I enter a clearing and see I peice of paper flapping in the wind, on a boulder. I run to it and see a similar crest on the front.

I flip it over and read in a hurry.

If आप want your family, Mrs. Black, then you'll have to follow our exact orders. First, come to Volterra on the first of March. I think that द्वारा now आप know who we are....
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This Is Tala's story.....Seth's and Lanise's daughter. I hope आप like it!!!

I looked out my window, It was sunny.I put on my bikini some shorts and a t-shirt. I grabbed my समुद्र तट bag and walked downstairs.
"Nana, I'm going to the beach." I कहा as I walked into the kitchen..Lucas was eating some cereal.
"Okay Sweetie,just remember to put on sunscreen." She said. I shook my head okay and kissed her on the cheek and left.
I walked down to the समुद्र तट and put down my towel. I took off my shorts and a t-shirt, and start putting on some sunscreen. I put my hair, that was down...
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posted by karpach_13
Chapter 17

“my mother couldn’t unleash the powers but I did” I कहा quietly not even a vampire could have heard me..
“ivan y did u guys have thefight?” I asked him calmly.
“I actually don’t know he started it, I was defending myself” Ivan answered.
“and that’s y I प्यार u u don’t get into fights so I don’t have to worry u getting killed या anything, like this
“ I said.
“but the good this is that im okay” Ivan said. everyone went back to what they were doing.
“nessie y didn’t u दिखाना me that?” my father asked me I swallowed.
“because u really didn’t know who my...
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posted by NeeNee14
I was walking along the road..when I noticed some one familiar. I started to speed up towards the person,before I was running. I slowed down, realizing I must look crazy. I tapped her on her shoulder.
"Hi, I don't mean to bother you, but Do आप know a Seth?" I asked her. She smiled at me.
"Yeah, He's my Boyfriend." I punched her and she fell.
"Stay away from him. I'm his girlfriend and I 'm pregnant with his son. If आप don't I will cut you. " I कहा to her.She looked up at me. She was scared. I turned around and started walking. I felt her running after me. I saw a werewolf coming after, I've...
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posted by BuffyFaithFan1
Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Seven
    I closed the door and locked it behind me, and sighed deeply, holding the glass of water to my forehead to cool myself down.
    "Did they find out?" Jerek asked out of nowhere, and I jumped.
    I looked at him as he tugged on his jeans, and pulled on his shirt. "No. Though, I think Shropee knows, and Tabra and I had this thing yesterday to where we told eachother secrets. He told me one really big one, and so I owe it to him to tell him about...
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.:Story Start:.
I was visiting Volterra, Italy because I wanted to learn about the city I've heard of it from school and I thought it would be fun to get away from school for a bit.Today I was going to The Volterra Castle, I was excited, cause they only except a few people a week!
I pulled out my black halter, with the rose on the left side, and pulled it on over my white shirt.Then I put on some shorts and my प्रिय heeled boots.Then I put on some cover-up and lip-gloss and I was ready.I looked at my golden brown hair and tousled it a bit, then smiled.
I grabbed my cell and put it in my...
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posted by LexisFaith
"Is that your guitar?" I pointed over to the corner where an acoustic sat on it's stand.

"Yeah." She smiled. "Jason got it for me for क्रिस्मस when he first started working for me." She smiled.

"If आप don't mind me asking, why do आप have him." I asked her.

"Well, I make और money than I know what to do with, so, when I didn't have Alice to dress me, I got the सेकंड best thing. I needed him for my meetings and dinners."

"Ah." I nodded. "Mind?" I asked pointing to the guitar.

"Not at all." She shook her head and sat down on her bed.


He grabbed my गिटार and sat अगला to me, his hands already...
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