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posted by groovychicklisa

"Leaving? What do आप mean you're leaving?" I could hardly get the words out, my insides felt like ice.

"I mean that we're moving away from Forks. Carlisle has gotten a job offer that he couldn't refuse." He avoided my eyes as he spoke, looking at the floor, the walls, out the window. Anywhere but at me.


I tried to लपेटें my mind around what he was saying, but couldn't get the words to make any sense. He didn't continue as I unsuccessfully tried to grasp the situation.

"When?" I finally asked.


That's when I got mad.

"What? What the hell Edward?" And then it hit me. "You've known...
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posted by groovychicklisa
After our shopping trip to Port Angeles, Angela and I had set up a weekly "date" so as not to fall out of touch during the summer. Every Thursday, we'd go to Port Angeles to see a movie, या we'd hang out at Angela's या my place and order पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा या do something else. One weekend, we even went to Seattle with Edward, Alice and Jasper to visit Rosalie and Emmett and look at their new apartment.

"Do आप want to see a movie, या head over to Bella Rosa and just hang?" Angela asked one दिन as we were walking down East First Street.

"Is there anything good playing that we haven't already seen?" I wondered....
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posted by groovychicklisa
"Morning." Edward greeted as I got into the passenger सीट of the Camaro the following morning.

"Morning." I leaned over for my hello kiss, which he was only too happy to give me.

"You missed quite a दिखाना at the house this morning." He told me, pulling out of the driveway.

"Oh yeah?"

"Rose suddenly decided that maroon wasn't her color, and tried to get the principal on the phone to force him to change the robes last minute." Edward chuckled at the memory, and I could almost see the scene in front of me. God help the person who tried to mess with Rosalie's fashion sense.

"Poor Mr. Greene." I felt...
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posted by groovychicklisa
I was woken up द्वारा the sun shining in through the window the following morning. I squeezed my eyes shut against the light, and snuggled into Edward's chest under the covers.

"Morning." He mumbled sleepily, placing a किस on the चोटी, शीर्ष of my head.


"Did आप sleep well?"

"Better than I have in a long time." I smiled.

"Me too." He turned onto his side, pulling me up a little so that we were eye to eye. "That's better." He kissed me softly, and I pressed myself closer to him, throwing one leg across his hip.

"Mmm." I deepened the kiss, and our tongues danced together.

His hand traveled around my...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Edward picked me up at eight the following morning, since we had a bit of a walk ahead of us.

"Got comfy shoes on?" He asked as I got into the car.

"My प्रिय sneakers." I replied.

"Good." He pulled out of the driveway and headed north on the one-oh-one, CCR's Have आप ever seen the rain on the stereo. After a while, we turned onto the one-ten, and drove until it turned into a small, dirt road. He stopped, and I could see a hiking trail disappear into the woods ahead of us.

We got out of the car, and he pulled two backpacks from the trunk, handing one of them to me.

"This one's only got a couple...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Valentine's Day

The following two weeks passed almost in a blur. Time didn't seem to behave the way it usually did when I was with Edward. Sometimes it would jump ahead – big chunks of time seemed to be just disappearing – and sometimes it would pass द्वारा almost impossibly slowly.

He picked me up in the morning and walked me to English before heading off for his own classes. Then he'd usually meet me after Math and we'd go to the cafeteria together – Angela and I had become a regular fixture at the Cullen/Hale table. After lunch, we'd head to Biology where we would spend the entire घंटा not...
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posted by groovychicklisa
"I think we're supposed to turn off to the right up there, just before that big tree." I pointed ahead. "The road's a little difficult to spot."

"A little difficult." Charlie grumbled as he turned onto the road leading up to the Cullens' house. "It barely even qualifies as a road."

He had complained a little when I told him I was having lunch with the Cullens, but I managed to appease him द्वारा promising I would make his प्रिय रात का खाना that night.

"Are आप sure this is the right way?" He now asked doubtfully.

"Yes, dad. I know it looks like the middle of nowhere, but it's really not." Just as I finished...
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posted by groovychicklisa
संगीत and Memories

Charlie had left द्वारा the time I got up the अगला morning; he was fishing with Billy again, and probably wouldn't be back until late. I did the homework that had to be done द्वारा Monday and cleaned the house, but it was still barely noon द्वारा the time I had finished. Edward hadn't कहा when he would call, so when the phone rang a few मिनटों later, I almost fell down the stairs in my hurry to get to it.

"Hello?" I answered breathlessly.

"Hi honey!"

I let out a slightly disappointed sigh; mom.

"Hey mom." I started twirling the chord around my finger, hoping this wouldn't turn out to be...
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posted by groovychicklisa
– First Date

Edward picked me up in the Camaro on Monday morning. I was surprised, since Alice had told me that he didn't like to drive it to school."Good morning." I greeted as I got into the passenger seat."Morning." He offered me a smile that I returned."I must say I'm surprised." He gave me a quizzical look, and I hurried to explain. "I was expecting the Volvo.""Ah." He chuckled. "Alice.""She might have mentioned something along the line of आप not wanting to drive this car to school because of careless teenagers." I blushed a little. I hadn't meant to चूहा Alice out like that."It's fine,...
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posted by groovychicklisa
."I've been wanting to ask आप out all week, and Alice being Alice, of course figured that out. Disadvantage of having a twin." A smile twitched on his lips. "And then she pulled this. I'm sorry that she ambushed you."I had to contemplate what he had just कहा for a moment before I could say anything."You wanted to ask me out?" I eventually managed to get out."Well, yeah." He finally looked at me again. "I thought that was obvious.""Definitely not.""It was to Alice." He chuckled. "But then again, she knows me better than anyone." He looked down the सड़क, स्ट्रीट in the direction that Alice and Jasper...
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posted by Jessie-Louise

Dear Diary,
I am so happy that the whole family now knows,i'm going for my first scan today.
Jacob,Mom,Dad and Billy are coming with me.
I can't wait,until the सेकंड scan when I find out if my baby is a beautiful baby girl या baby boy.
Ella Marie Black या Justin Antony Black,there both perfect names for my child.
I still can't get over Billy Fainting last night,but at least he agrees with our decision.

Love Renesmee..x

Jacob and I got up and went downstairs for breakfast.
A nice bowl of cereal and a glass of fresh नारंगी, ऑरेंज should do it.
Afterwards we went and got ready.
I Just chucked on a sweater and...
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posted by groovychicklisa
Hello ! I recently came accross this fanfiction and enjoyed it hope आप like it
The New Kid In Town
My first दिन at Forks High School could probably have gotten off to a better start. When I arrived at the school, which hadn't been hard to find – mostly due to the fact that आप couldn't get लॉस्ट in a town with 3000 inhabitants even if आप tried – I of course attracted all the attention that I desperately wanted to avoid.I blamed the truck. Not that I didn't like the ancient, at-some-point-red Chevy that Charlie, my dad, had bought me as a kind of 'welcome घर present', but it was about...
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posted by JBDisneyDemi
10. Tell him he looks like a creepy stalker rapist.

9. Inform him, as politely as possible, that he has grizzly in his teeth.

8. Ask who wears the pants in his relationship.

7. Try to stab him through the दिल with a stake.

6. Tell him brawn is out, scrawn is in.

5. Inquires as to how he feels to be the least-liked Cullen male.

4. When he is around, wonder aloud what Rosalie calls him in bed.

3. Ask if he is overcompensating for something with that Jeep.

2. Ask if he is overcompensating for something with those muscles..

And the Number One way to annoy Emmett Cullen?

1. When he denies the above two claims, respond with “That’s not what Rosalie saaaaaid!”
Rumor या Not?

London, July 11 – ‘Twilight’ तारा, स्टार Ashley Greene has sparked rumours that she’s dating Joe Jonas after the two tried to have a secret तारीख, दिनांक but went to London’s most exclusive restaurant The Ivy.

The duo was in town for the premiere of the latest Twilight film, ‘Eclipse’.

They tried to keep their रात का खाना तारीख, दिनांक hush-hush to avoid being spotted together.

“They had a very romantic night at The Ivy. They arrived separately and then left out द्वारा the back door where there were two vans with blacked-out windows waiting to whisk them away,” News Of The World quoted a स्रोत as saying.

The स्रोत addded: “They looked like a lovely couple. Had a few drinks and were clearly enjoying not being hounded like they would have been in Los Angeles.
posted by LexisFaith
In case आप didn't notice, these two are the first लेख in Edward's pov insted of Bella's. Sorry, I forgot to mention that.

"I found her." I smiled back.
"I know." Alice, bounced on her toes.
"Wait, आप knew she was here?"
"Yes." She admitted. "I wanted it to be a surprise. Why do आप think I was able to talk everyone into moving down here?" She giggled and I looked up to Jasper.
"You knew too?" I asked him.
"She told us not to think about it around you. Sorry." He half smiled.
I shook my head. "I don't have words to think आप right now." I told...
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posted by LexisFaith
I normally drove my Volvo, but tonight Rosalie was behind the wheel. I had my headphones to my आइपॉड tight in my ears, so I could hear nothing but the music. I knew what song was playing on the radio द्वारा whatching Alice's and Rosalie's mouths moving. Swimming द्वारा Florence + the Machine.
I could see Emmett's head appear then dissapear behind the headrest as he head banged to his ipod. Jasper was staring out the window tuning out everything around him.
Emmett was in the passenger सीट infront of me. Alice was sitting in between me and Jasper, bouncing up and down to the song.
I rested my head against...
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posted by karpach_13
 this is ivan
this is ivan
we walked upto jake and he just looked at eric. i wondered what he was planning to do but i wasn't really good at guessing so theres no help. i looked at jake. his eyes were burning with anger.
"jake whats wrong?" i asked him. no answer, only two of them staring at each other, it was like a staring competition. them i saw sam and seth come to the school. then i knew there was going to be danger for sure.
"sam!" i yelled. he walked up to and started whispering something to seth.
"what is it nessie?" he asked me.
"whats happening with jake?" i asked him. he didnt look worried at all, like it was...
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posted by Jessie-Louise
It was the अगला day,i looked at my alarm clock it was 7.35.
Mom and dad had already woken,the smell of सूअर का मांस, बेकन was lingering underneath my door. Dad walked in with a सूअर का मांस, बेकन सैंडविच and told me to wake up,but i was already awake i looked at him and smiled he handed me the सैंडविच and sat down near me.
"I'm proud of आप princess,i mean taking this baby on,you will be a great mother.Okay Jacob will be a great father too,Aha.Maybe this baby will bring me and jacob closer togeather and we could stop all this argueing."
Dad कहा to me in a happy voice.

Cough* Cough* i started to choke on my sandwich.
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posted by Jessie-Louise
"I just can't belive..."jacob stuttered , a tear rolled down his cheek, i'd never seen him cry before "You don't want it ....You dont प्यार me i," I spluttered quickly "NO NO! I'm , i'm just so ,so happy" he smiled slowly, lovingly , his eyes melted into mine and we shared a kiss.
i whispered softly in his ear "its funny आप know,", "why" jacob looked at me puzzled "my mom is pregnant to,"i smiled gently .
"Really,How, she is, आप no,A Vampire." He whispered slowly in my ear.
"I know but its a miracle,im gunna have a child and a new brother या sister in the same month."
After about an घंटा Jacob...
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After u readd this u need 2 add a comit and i will thank u.tell me wat u think and if u r sad it is almost over...if u r then do u want to beg i MIGHT make a bonuz chapter after its all over...would u like dat?

Rosalie’s P.O.V:
I गलाना, पिघलता the ground that stood beneath my feet. It smelled Victoria. She challenged us to a fight-we get our army she gets hers. Of course she wasn’t fighting. She had her little Riley and Bree-who was a scared as a pissing dog about to get smacked द्वारा the furious owner. I stalked over to Jasper and let out all my instincts. He was training us to fight the...
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