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posted by teamalice_0
Heeelo peoples heres the अगला Chapter

The door घंटी, बेल rung 3 और times in annoyance from the person.

"Im not deaf!"

In my haste to get to the door, either from having a visitor या having them irritate me द्वारा ringing 4 times, I ran into the coffee table, the couch, and the रसोई, रसोईघर table.

"Hello?" I opened the door, i could make out the outline of a figure but i wouldnt know who it was until they talked.

"Bella? What are आप doing at home?"

"Edward? Shouldnt आप be in school या something?"

"Shouldnt you?"

I slammed the door in his face या at...
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posted by mmourer
All credit belongs to Stephenie Meyer. This story is based on her book series the Twilight Saga.
__________________________________________________Bella’s POV

Math went द्वारा slowly probably because everyone was staring at me, just the thing I hated. After class mike met me द्वारा the door. What’s your अगला class? he asked still cheerful English I answered hoping he’d have a different class I really didn’t want a कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला kind of boy the first day. O he answered I history. After that we went in opposite directions heading to our classes. English went bye surprisingly fast all we did was watch...
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So this is my holiday gift to आप all. I won't be लेखन untill अगला Wednesday because as everyone knows, tomorrow is क्रिस्मस Eve, Saturday is Christmas, and Sunday-Tuesday I will be in the moutains. We didn't really get a look at Alex growing up so I thought I would give this to you!! Hope आप enjoy! Happy Holidays!

Bella POV

"Wake up Momma! Wake up! It's Christmas!" Alicen was jumping on my bed.

"Ca Caus!" Alex stood up and hobbled too.

"I'm up! I'm up!" I laughed

"Christmas! Christmas!" Alicen jumped down and started skipping down the stairs....
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posted by mmourer
All credit belongs to Stephenie Meyer. This story is based on her book series the Twilight Saga.
__________________________________________________Bella’s POV

It was 7:40 am and I was still tired I didn’t sleep much do to the fact I was still adjusting to my new room. It reminded me of a hospital room a little, simple white walls and ceiling little furniture I don’t know how I didn’t relies it before. I didn’t like it I’d have to do something about it soon. I looked at the clock on the दीवार it read 7:45 now. I’d have to hurry if I didn’t want to be late. I rushed to put on a cute...
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posted by mmourer
All credit belongs to Stephenie Meyer. This story is based on her book series the Twilight Saga.

This is my 1st time लेखन ANYTHING so sorry if its bad. What im लेखन is basically a Twilight kinda thing but writen the way I want it so ya it will sound alot like Twilight but it's all I could think to write about. Please read it and tell me what आप think. __________________________________________________
Bella's POV
I had moved to Forks to give my mom her time with her new husband. I knew it didn't bother her when I was there but I felt like she wanted और time with him. But I honestly didn't...
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posted by uniquezandy
Bellas POV
When your life is messed up... who do आप turn to? Lets just say... I had to शामिल होइए them. Not that I wanted to. The burgendy eyes, it made feel like a killer. Watching and waiting for humans. Having, to follw orders and using my powers on the innocent. Yes I am, part of the Volturi. Well, I was. I am Isabella Swan; and this is my story...

Running was my strength, however, strength was my weakness. I felt like flying when I ran. It was dark, with a full moon; and no stars were out. All that surrounded me; were trees and dirt. But behind me were the guards. "She'll be back. या she will...
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posted by karpach_14
jake sat द्वारा me and held my hand. Not like a friend, but maybe more. What am I thinking, I just broke up. This is insane. My life is like being written, everything is changed all the time, first आप think something is going to last, and then it changes its weird, but I cant change it. या can i?
“ness आप act like It was just a joke” my mother told me.
“it was a joke I was just getting too attached to it that’s all, I should have known that something so nice couldn’t be real, but I guess time will pass and I will get used to it, right jake?” I asked him and smiled at him. he looked...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 23

In the morning I woke up and got ready and helt for school. I drove to la push. I held my arm close to me and got out of the car and everybody was looking at my car.i closed it and went to class. I went to history first and sat at the back of the class. My teacher was talking and I didn’t even pay attention. I put my head on the deest and was looking out the window.
“miss. Renesme?” my teacher asked.
“are आप ok या do आप need to visit the nurses office?”
“im ok” I told her. The teacher went back to teaching and then I went to art. Jacob and embry were sitting...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 22
My mother was laughing with my aunt alice, grandma esme, and aunt Rosalie. Uncle Emmett, and uncle jasper were watching tv (what a surprise).. my grandfather was talking to my father andSvetlana was just listening. Emily was talking with Sky. And I was talking with Ivan.
“- we’ll get married, हटाइए to a huge house, and live happily ever after” he told me, planning our future. I laughed.
“no kids. No pets?” I asked him
“im not really a प्रशंसक of kids” he admitted, and I smacked him. and accidentally hit my broken arm.
“ouch”I कहा quietly.
“careful ness” Ivan told me
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 21
“who invited him?” I asked in a rude voice.
“Carlisle incsited the whole family came over” Emmett told me and I rolled my eyes. I got out of the car and wondered what was waiting on me.
“lets get Ivan out and in the house” I told uncle Emmett. He nodded. Uncle Emmett took Ivan and dragged him to my room. I was still in the car and was getting my stuff. I locked the car and put the keys in my पर्स and hrld my left hand close so it wont हटाइए an inch. I was walcking towards the house hiding my left arm so my father wouldn’t see it. But it was impossible. I walked to the...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 20
Damn when I start लेखन a story I cant stop. Please tell me when to stop..
“ivan!” I yelled in happiness. I gave him a long kiss. Ryan was walking द्वारा with his friends.
“dude I think ou’re out look at them” ryan’s firnd said.
“don’t worry I’ll be with her.” Ryan told him. I pulled away from Ivan.
“how did आप some here?” I asked him.
“you कहा you’re grandfather would be looking after me so he took me with him” he told him.
“im sohappy right now” I told him and hugged him tightly.
“its about time, आप make everyone happy and आप don’t care if आप get...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 19
Ivan opened his eyes a little and then a little और until he opened ham all the way.
“nessie?” he कहा quietly. He remembers me. I looked at him and he had a smile on his face and then I tried to put up a smile too but I failed miserably.
“ivan , how did u get in an accident?” I asked him. Eager to know.
“when I left the reservation I was driving back घर but then I remembered your face how आप looked at me before आप left so I turned around and started driving back to the reservation but then a car came out of nowhere and that’s all I remember” he told me.
“the good...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 17

“my mother couldn’t unleash the powers but I did” I कहा quietly not even a vampire could have heard me..
“ivan y did u guys have thefight?” I asked him calmly.
“I actually don’t know he started it, I was defending myself” Ivan answered.
“and that’s y I प्यार u u don’t get into fights so I don’t have to worry u getting killed या anything, like this
“ I said.
“but the good this is that im okay” Ivan said. everyone went back to what they were doing.
“nessie y didn’t u दिखाना me that?” my father asked me I swallowed.
“because u really didn’t know who my...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 16

“she didn’t want to tell आप because she didn’t want to make people think she’s different that’s all” I told them.
“well obviously she would have been different if she told us she was a wizard” uncle Emmett said.
“exactly and u would treat her differently but she doesn’t want that” I told them.
“nessie today not tomorrow!” my father yelled.
“I got to go , so jake wen can I come?” I asked him.
“today if आप want” he told him.
“u’re the best” I told him and hugged him. I ran towards the house ivan following me.
“wat do u want?” I asked him....
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 15

“relax” Ivan told me. I looked at him confused I was late for school not for a party या something.
“ur aunt alice and the rest of ur family is coming over to tell आप something” he toold me.
“oh, them ima get dressed and eat some breakfast” I tol him I got an outfir. Since it was sunny I wore a mini स्कर्ट and a t कमीज, शर्ट I went downstairs to make myself some breakfast but I went through the spells that my mother wrote down for me. Some of them were really good like trap someone in a room या make someone agree with u for six hours, but then she wrote use these spells carefully...
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 14
`”jake!” I cried and ran up to him.
“I know everything nessie, and we’re going to try to save ur family” jake told me.
“its too late to ssave it they’re divorced” I told him
“there’ alwaay still a chance” jake told me. And I nodded..
“but first wheres ur mother?” sam asked me.
“she’s near carlisles” I told him.
“she’s not there”he told me.
“what do आप mean shes not there? I just saw her there aa couple मिनटों ago” I told them.
“when I went to carlisle’s house, he कहा that she stepped ouside and didn’t come back” jake told me.....
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posted by karpach_14
Chapter 13

I introduce them.
“nice to meet you” my father said.
“niced to meet आप too” ivan replied.i wondered if he knew that ivan was a vampire. But there would be no guessing.. my father didn’t know that I lovve ivan.. so its going to be a shock to him .eric went to the cafeteria and then s couple secconds later the घंटी, बेल rang.ivan hurried to class, while I stood there with my father and aunt.
“dad ivAN IS COMING TODAY TO MEET MY FAMILY”I TOLD HIM AND BEFORE HE COULD SAY anything aunt alice grabbed to to class. After school aunt alice rode in her car and me ivan and eric rode...
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posted by karpach_14
 nessie in my imagination
nessie in my imagination
we walked upto jake and he just looked at eric. i wondered what he was planning to do but i wasn't really good at guessing so theres no help. i looked at jake. his eyes were burning with anger.
"jake whats wrong?" i asked him. no answer, only two of them staring at each other, it was like a staring competition. them i saw sam and seth come to the school. then i knew there was going to be danger for sure.
"sam!" i yelled. he walked up to and started whispering something to seth.
"what is it nessie?" he asked me.
"whats happening with jake?" i asked him. he didnt look worried at all, like it was...
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posted by karpach_14
they looked at me like i was saying something that they didnt understand. i felt bad, but i didnt know why. maybe my father was right that me and jake will never be together. but maybe i would be better off being just friends. i still didnt understand what प्यार really feels thats what hurts me. my parents felt प्यार in high school too but still.
"you guys okay?" i asked them. i was worried, because they froze.
"you guys!!!" i shouted. and this time they unfroze.
"what?" they asked at the same time.
"so do आप guys want to hang out?" i asked them.
"not with him" jake said.
"jake आप chose be friends...
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posted by karpach_14
"uncle emmett when i कहा i can keep an eye on everybody i meant, i can keep an eye on everybody except my parents" i told him, and my parents relaxed.
"how can आप have two powers?" my grandma esme asked me.
"three" i corrected her. her eyes widened. then i got an idea.
"uncle emmett wanna fight?" i asked him. and he turned to me with a great big smile.
"nessie no" my mom said.
"this is the best part of my power, relax mom" i told her.
"i'd प्यार to fight, and i'd प्यार to warn u watch your back," uncle emmett told me. i nodded. we went into the backyard to fight.
"you start" i told uncle emmett. he...
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