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Bellas POV
I am at school just like normal. I've been mainly chatting to my friends; but they got their own lives and boyfriends. And yet- I haven't got one. I am perfectly fine with that; but I can't help wondering what it would be like if I had one. Mike is just a good friend, so is Tyler and all the other guys at school, but Edward... was different. I met him on my first दिन in class, (in bio,) cause we are parteners. But I don't know because we are kinda rivals in a way because he hates me for some reason. I done nothing to him, but he judges me before he even knows me. He doesn't speak to me but today; while I was getting पुस्तकें out of my locker; he asked to speak to me. "Hi Bella I am just trying to let आप know, that it isn't सुरक्षित for us to be friends." Confused I spoke "We are friends? आप should rethink that because आप never even spoke to me, आप never कहा hi. " I just did. But I
got to go." That was all of the convosation. Who is he? I am really confused....

So after school, I was walking घर as it was a nice दिन when a familiar voice called out to me. Suprise, suprise it was Edward. Another conversation began, (well और of an argumant,)
"You know I just wanted to warn you," He made his point. "I don't know आप Edward, for all I know आप are trying to hurt me." "I would nver hurt आप Bella." He spoke और calm. "Oh yeah?" I just had to question. "Yeah." He replied. What was weird was that he then grabbed me and kissed me. Which I didn't get at all. But I was helpless, and I was enjoying it. For the first few सेकंड्स I was trying to get out of his hard,safe, firm and yet cold grip, but I was really weak like a helpless lamb, while he was a mighty lion. What was weird was I started चुंबन him back. It really was weird but romantic and he made me blush and grin. Hopefully, it was and wasn't a dream because चुंबन him feels like heaven, but then I saw his family from school, (ooops forgot to mention he has family in the school. Emmett, Rosalie, Alice and Jasper and their parents are Esme and Carlise.) Anyway, his family was there while we were चुंबन and I didn't notice till Emmett spoke "Well bro आप know how to pick them and make the dame swoon." He was only joking, but I could tell Edward was sensetive and growled at his comment. "But why didn't आप tell us?" Rosalie and Jasper कहा in unison. I was a bit hypnotised द्वारा Jaspers voice cause I never heard him spoke before. He is really silent. Edward had to confess. At least they know me at school, but they never spoke to me either. Finally, He informed "I wasn't sure, but I felt something when I was with her in class. But I kept away for obvious reasons cause I wasn't sure as I just said." They all understood and took it in, but then I saw Alice with a smug smile. I was to scared to ask why she has got that look on her face, but I think her siblins knew the answer. "Edwar-" Alice began; but Rosalie cut her off. "We got to go घर now. Edward come on." Oh well at least we finished चुंबन before they spoke; but somehow, I wanted more- और of him. Edward suddenly said, "Bye see आप soon Bella. My helpless little lamb." And gave me a wink. How did he know?...
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