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posted by LexisFaith
A quick shout out! A big thank आप to shivers-zimmy for the awesome encouragement! So, this chapter is for आप :)


Febuary. Three और months of school, and I'm three month's pregnant. Edward and I are leaving school early tomorrow and going to the doctor. We get to figure out what we are having and about the time it will be due. आप don't relize why people are so excited about these things untill आप have them yourself. This is the most exciting thing, ever.
"What names have आप settled on?" Angela and I were whispering back and forth before class. I hadn't told anyone other than Angela and Mike-only because he had to know why I would need to change Wednesdays to Thursdays- so no one else at school knew.
"If it's a boy it will be Carter McShain but if it's a girl it will be Ever Leigh." Edward had come up with McShain and Ever. I came up with Carter and Leigh. "We would call the boy McShain."
"Ever Leigh! That's so pretty." She gasped. "What are आप hoping for?"
"A girl." I smiled. "Edward and I both."
"Wow. He actually want's a girl? Usually they want the football playing, fishing partner." She laughed.
"I know. I was suprised, too." I laughed with her.
"What are आप two planning to do after graduation?"
"Well, we found a condo in Seattle and are going to हटाइए in the week after. Edward contacted Summit Entertainment and is going to start composing संगीत for their movies. I'm going to go to college after the baby is around three या four months old."
"I am deffently going to help आप हटाइए in! What are आप going to go to school for?"
"I'm going to take some classes in photography. Ever since Charlie got me my first camera for my sixteenth birthday I have been i प्यार with it. He got me a professional camera for my eighteenth."
"I'm going to take classes too. Maybe we will have the same class hours." She smiled.
"That would be cool." I looked around the room. "Where is Mrs. Kennon?"
"Who knows." She shrugged and rolled her eyes. "Her and Coach Cook are probably making out in the janitor's closet."
"Ew." I laughed.
"Yea." She laughed. "Ew."


"Dude. Tomorrow is the big day." Emmett sat behind me in Trig. Coach Cook wasn't in the room yet. "What do आप hope the baby is?"
"I actually want a girl." I turned sideways in my सीट to talk to him.
"A girl? Really? Are आप sure?"
I laughed. "Yes, I'm sure."
He shrugged. "What would who guys name her?"
"Ever Leigh."
"What if ur girl is actaully a boy?"
"Carter McShain. We would call him McShain."
"McShain and Ever." He puzzled over the names. "They're different."
"That's what we were shooting for." I chuckled.
"Mission accomplished." He laughed. "So you're moving away after graduation?"
"Just to Seattle. We wanted to stay close, आप know? She's going to go to college when the baby is about four months old."
"Sounds like a plan." He nodded. "Dude! Where is Coach Cook?!" He threw his arms in the air.
I listened for his head and curled my nose. "I found him."
"Where is he?"
"With Mrs. Kennon."
"Oh, ew." Emmett gagged.
I laughed and turned back in my chair.

Alice pov

'Don't think about it. Don't think about it. Don't think about it.' I told myself. If I were to think about the...thing...I would ruin it for everyone. I'm not going to be nosey for once. I don't have to know. Not yet. It's just tomorrow. I can wait....ugh. I can wait...twenty four hours. This was going to be forever.
"Miss Cullen?"
"Yes?" I snapped my head in Mr. Varner's direction.
"Care to come back to us?"
"Sorry, Sir."
I wasn't going to make it. Just one little peak. I opened my mind a tiny bit when the vision started comming into view. No! I closed it shut. I won't give in. I must not give in. Oh, I'm totaly going to ruin this.


Aunt Rosealie. Auntie Rosealie. Aunt Rose. Auntie Rose. Aunt Rosie. Auntie Rosie.
I like Aunt Rose. Aunt Rose. I smiled to myself. Edward and Bella were going to have a baby. I smiled wider.
A beautiful bronze haired baby. Brown या green eyes? I wasn't sure. They would both be beautiful.
I couldn't wait to have a baby of my own. A baby with Emmett's dark curly hair and his blue/gray eyes.
I wanted to know if I was going to have a neice या nephew right now! I can't wait twenty-three और hours! I will go insane! Emmett won't even want to be around me. After this class we are free to go घर and I can ask her to look for me. I just know she's dying to know too. A bronze haired girl, या a green eyed boy??
I tapped my foot waiting for the घंटी, बेल to ring. Ring आप stupid bell. Ring!
Ha! Fianlly.

"Alice!" I followed her into her बिस्तर room. "I habe to know! I can't wait any longer. And I know you're dying to know too so let's just get this damn thing over with and look!"
"I'm afraid I will say something to give it away." She whined.
"I will throw something at आप if I see it coming close. Just, please, look, Alice." I folded my hands together and jutted my bottom lip out.
"Okay, fine." She sighed.
"Yay! Thank you!"
"Yeah, yeah." She smiled and waved me off.
Her face was blank for a moment, her eyes seeking something I couldn't even try to see. Slowly, a smile spred across her face. Her eyes came back to me and she smiled at me.
"Well? Don't leave me out! Tell me!"
"It's a...."
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