Hello ! I recently came accross this fanfiction and enjoyed it hope आप like it
The New Kid In Town
My first दिन at Forks High School could probably have gotten off to a better start. When I arrived at the school, which hadn't been hard to find – mostly due to the fact that आप couldn't get लॉस्ट in a town with 3000 inhabitants even if आप tried – I of course attracted all the attention that I desperately wanted to avoid.I blamed the truck. Not that I didn't like the ancient, at-some-point-red Chevy that Charlie, my dad, had bought me as a kind of 'welcome घर present', but it was about as discreet as a 747. I parked in the first available अंतरिक्ष I could find and quickly turned the engine off.Keeping my eyes fixed on the pavement in front of me, to avoid curious glances as well as the rain that was falling silently against the हुड, डाकू of my newly purchased parka, I went in खोजिए of the office. The room was empty except for a woman sitting behind a desk, sorting through a stack of papers. She looked up as I came in and gave me a welcoming smile. Her name plate read Mrs. Cope."Hi." I said, hoping that my intense unwillingness to be there didn't shine through. "I'm new here, my name's…""Isabella Swan, of course." Her smile grew wider. "Welcome! We've been waiting for you, dear, ever since your dad found out आप were coming home."Home… well, might as well get used to it. This was my घर now. At least for the अगला साल and a half, then I had every intention of relocating to somewhere a lot sunnier than the rainiest place in the US. God, I already missed Phoenix like crazy."I have everything आप need right here, dear." Mrs. Cope placed an open folder on the डेस्क between us. "Here's your schedule, your first class is English with Mr. Mason in building three, that's the सेकंड one आप get to if आप take a left right outside the doors here. I put a map in here too, the campus isn't very large, but it can be a bit confusing at first. And this is an attendance slip that all your teachers need to sign, and that I would like आप to return to me at the end of the day."I took a quick look at my schedule. English, Spanish, history and math before lunch, then biology, computer science and P.E. I groaned on the inside. Apparently Forks High valued physical activity, making P.E. mandatory during all four years. Great… just great."Thank you." I plastered a fake smile on my lips and shoved the folder into my bag. "I'll get the attendance slip back here द्वारा the end of the day.""Excellent, dear." She kept beaming at me. My jaw was starting to hurt just from looking at her. "If आप have any सवालों during the day, just drop in, I'll be here. Have a good first day!"I mumbled a 'thank you' and quickly left the room.Just as I was about to open the door to building three, I managed to trip on my own feet and stumbled to the ground. Granted, this wasn't anything unusual if आप were me, but I had desperately hoped to not have to दिखाना off my clumsiness on my first day. To add insult to injury, my tattered copy of Pride and Prejudice slid out of the bag and landed in the nearest puddle of water. Damn it! I knew that the book was practically falling to pieces, and I had another copy at home, but this was a paperback that I could carry with me – like my security blanket in a way. I angrily gathered the book and a few other things that had escaped my bag as I felt the heat rising in my cheeks."Here आप go"I looked up to see a gangly guy with greasy hair extending my wallet to me. I stood up and took it from him, trying to brush dirt from my knees."Thanks" I offered him a smile."No problem." He smiled back. "You're Isabella, right? I'm Eric."I shook the hand he held out to me and automatically corrected him."Bella.""Bella it is." He held the door open before walking behind me into the building. I followed his example and hung my जैकेट on a hook inside the door. "I guess we have English together then."Thank you, Mr. States-the-obvious."What are we working on?" I wondered. Not that I enjoyed any part of moving to Forks so far, but starting a new school after the semester had already begun really sucked."Jane Eyre." Eric replied, sighing. "We're supposed to discuss the meaning of the insane wife."I repressed a smile. Jane Eyre was one of my favorites, and I had written a paper on the character of Bertha for my English class the पूर्व semester. Maybe starting a new school would have its benefits after all.After Mr. Mason had forced me to introduce myself to the class, securing himself a spot right at the bottom of my 'favorite teacher' list, I sat down अगला to Eric. We didn't have Spanish together, so he reluctantly left me in the company of Jessica, a very talkative girl, before heading off to his अगला class.Both Mrs. Goff, the Spanish teacher, and Mr. Abrams, who taught history, simply signed my slip and showed me a seat, for which I was grateful. I spent most of their classes trying to pay attention as Jessica babbled on about some dance that was happening a few weeks later. Luckily – I was growing tired of her constant chatter – we didn't have math together, so I wandered off to find the correct building on my own.As I stood in the middle of the path, twisting the map in my hands to try to figure out which way I was supposed to go, I was approached द्वारा a shy looking girl."Hi, you're Isabella, right?" She blushed a little."Bella." I replied automatically. "Hi.""I'm Angela." She smiled. "You looked a little lost, so I thought I'd see if आप needed a hand.""Actually, I do." I studied the map again, frowning. "I can't seem to find building five.""Oh, it's right over there." She pointed to a building on the other side of the lawn. "I'm going there too."Grateful, I walked with her. She asked me a few सवालों on the way, about where I used to live and my old school. She seemed very nice, not asking because she was simply curious of the new girl, but because she was actually interested.Math was just as difficult and boring in Forks as it had been in Phoenix, and the fact that I had to stand in front of the class and introduce myself didn't exactly make it any better. But eventually, the class ended and I walked to the cafeteria with Angela. We both got our खाना and found a तालिका, टेबल in one of the corners of the room, immediately being joined द्वारा a group of people. I recognized most of them from my classes, but so far I only knew Jessica and Eric द्वारा name. A blonde guy sat down अगला to me, smiling from ear to ear."I'm Mike, आप must be Isabella.""Bella." I sighed quietly. Maybe I should make a sign and wear it around my neck…"Sorry, Bella." He grinned even wider. "I think we have Biology together after lunch, can I walk आप to class?"I frowned."How do आप know what classes I have?""It's all about connections." He smiled mischievously."Yeah right." Eric rolled his eyes at him. "I told him in math.""So can I?" Mike looked at me hopefully, ignoring Eric completely."Sure." I didn't want to make enemies on my first दिन here."Great!" To my relief, he turned to Eric and started discussing basketball, and I happily ignored the conversation.Jessica, Angela and another girl whose name I didn't remember started talking about the dance again. Apparently, it was going to be a Sadie Hawkins dance. As I chewed on my सेब and tried to keep up with what they were saying, I got the feeling that I was being watched. I looked up, and suddenly stared into the greenest eyes I had ever seen. I felt a tingle down my spine as our eyes met, and for a विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें सेकंड my brain stopped working. When he saw that I noticed him watching me, the guy quickly looked away.He was sitting at a तालिका, टेबल across the room from ours, along with four other people, two guys and two girls. I watched as he कहा something to the tiny girl with black hair sitting to his right, and quickly averted my eyes to my tray as she looked up at me. When I was sure she had stopped watching me, I looked up again. The three guys were now discussing something, and the girls were bent over a magazine of some kind on the table. Before I could look away, the green eyes met mine again, and he gave me a small, crooked smile. I blushed as I tried to smile back before forcing myself to focus on the girls at my table."…think that we should definitely go to Port Angeles to buy dresses" Jessica finished as I rejoined the conversation. "They're bound to have a lot और than that hole-in-the-wall they call a dress खरीडिए in town."

"Definitely." The girl whose name I didn't remember said, nodding. "And we should go pretty soon, या all the good dresses will be gone."

"Angela?" I कहा quietly. She looked over at me. "Who are they?" I nodded at the तालिका, टेबल where the guy with the green eyes was sitting. It was Jessica who answered.

"That's the Cullens and Hales." She half-whispered. "The blonde guy is Jasper Hale, and the girl with the swim suit calendar body is Rosalie, his sister. The big guy's Emmett Cullen, he's Rosalie's boyfriend. Alice Cullen, the tiny girl with black hair, is Jasper's girlfriend, and the guy with the bronze hair is Edward Cullen." She indicated the green-eyed guy with her chin. Luckily, his attention was still on his brother and friend, so he didn't notice."I think I remember the blonde girl from when I spent the summers here." I कहा thoughtfully."Yeah, Rose and Jasper have lived here their whole lives." Jessica confirmed. "The Cullens just moved here a साल and a half ago, though. They used to live in LA." She shook her head, as if she couldn't imagine how anyone would prefer Forks to Los Angeles. Actually, neither could I."How old are they?" I asked."Jasper, Rose and Emmet are seniors and Edward and Alice are juniors like us." Jessica replied. "I think Edward and Alice are twins, but I'm not sure. But all three of them are adopted." She कहा the last part as if it was some kind of scandal."Well, duh!" Lauren rolled her eyes. "Doctor and Mrs. Cullen aren't old enough to have kids in high school. What are they, like thirty?""Something like that." Jessica nodded. "I heard that Doctor Cullen is really their uncle, and that he and his wife adopted them when their parents died."I understood that not much happened in Forks, if the kids could still find it interesting to discuss whether या not the newcomers were adopted after a साल and a half. I desperately hoped that I would slip out of their conversations a lot faster."And they all live together!" Jessica added. "A couple of months ago, Mrs. Hale just up and left, and doctor Cullen took in Jasper and Rosalie as foster kids. It's just… freaky!"I shot a glance over at the guy, Edward. A bit of an odd name, very old fashioned. But somehow it suited him. As I looked over, he and the others left their तालिका, टेबल and walked out of the cafeteria."Don't even bother." Jessica huffed, apparently having noticed me looking at him. "He doesn't date.""He had a girlfriend in LA who broke his heart." Lauren added.“You just think that because he wouldn't go out with you!" Jessica smiled evilly, and Lauren blushed."Something must have happened, why else would he not have shown an interest in anyone since he moved here?" She replied haughtily."Whatever!" Jessica took her tray and threw her trash in the bin before leaving the cafeteria. I looked at my watch and realized it was almost time for class, so when Angela also stood up, I followed her. We had made it halfway to the science building when Mike caught up with us. I had completely forgotten that I had promised him he could walk me to class."So, how are आप liking Forks so far?" He asked, trying to put his arm around my shoulders. I quickly shrugged it off."It's wet and cold." I replied dryly. "Not much to like.""Right, you're from Arizona, I forgot. Not a lot of rain there.""Nothing compared to this place." I looked up at the grey sky. "Does the sun ever shine in January?""Not a lot." Angela admitted. "But the summers can still be pretty nice.""Plus, आप get snow!" Mike practically glowed as he mentioned it. "Snowball fights!""I think I prefer the rain, thank you." We had gotten to the classroom द्वारा then, and took our jackets off.As Mike and Angela went to their respective seats, I walked up to the teacher's डेस्क and handed him my attendance slip."Welcome." He signed the paper and gave it back to me. "I'm Mr. Banner, the biology teacher. Here's your book, and if there's anything you're having trouble keeping up with just let me know." He quickly scanned the classroom. "The सीट अगला to Edward is free, so why don't आप sit there?"I turned around and followed Mr. Banner's eyes to where Edward Cullen was sitting alone at a डेस्क at the back of the classroom. He was rummaging through his bag, putting the biology book down on the तालिका, टेबल in front of him. He didn't notice me staring.I started walking down the aisle, moving my eyes to look at the तालिका, टेबल in front of him to avoid staring at him in an obvious way. Of course, since I didn't pay attention to where I was putting my feet, I tripped on someone's bag and fell forward. Luckily, I was close enough to our तालिका, टेबल so that I didn't tumble to the ground, but instead ended up sprawled half-way across the wooden surface. A blush quickly spread on my face. Twice in one day. Not a personal record, but embarrassing enough."Are आप OK?" I looked up and found those amazing green eyes looking at me with concern."Yeah, I'm fine." I got to my feet. "And the klutz of the साल award goes to…" He laughed quietly, and I managed to pull off a small smile."I guess we're lab partners then." He acknowledged as I rounded the तालिका, टेबल and took my seat."Looks like." I nodded, putting the book Mr. Banner had दिया me down on the तालिका, टेबल before retrieving my notebook and a pen from my bag."I'm Edward.""Bella." I said, returning the smile. The first one who hadn't called me Isabella… progress."I remember too well what it's like to be the new kid in school, so I won't bother आप with the standard questions." He continued, and I felt a wave of gratitude."Thanks. All day, it's been 'oh, what's Phoenix like?' 'Do आप like Forks?' 'What was your old school like?'. It gets old pretty fast.""Tell me about it." He nodded."So, I guess I'm not the only one missing the sun?" I said, before realizing that I probably shouldn't know where he used to live. I blushed instantly."I see the gossip queens got to you." He half chuckled."Sorry." I apologized."It's OK." He frowned for a moment. "I guess I do miss the sun at times. But Forks grows on you." I raised an eyebrow at that, and he chuckled again. "It does.""I'll take your word for it." At that moment, Mr. Banner decided to start the class.Since I had taken an advanced biology course in Phoenix, I was already familiar with the subject we were covering. I decided that it was probably best if I took notes, anyway. Every now and then, I felt Edward's eyes on me, but every time I looked up, he was watching the teacher intently.As the class ended, Edward waited for me to gather my things in my bag before accompanying me out of the classroom. Luckily, Mike was discussing something with his lab partner and didn't notice us pass him."So how come you're in Forks?" He asked as we walked out of the room. "If आप hate the rain so much.""I thought it was time to live with my dad for a while." I replied evasively."But your mom still lives in Phoenix?”"She's actually on the road with Phil, her new husband at the moment." I answered."Is he a rock तारा, स्टार या something?" He wondered in an amused tone."Baseball player.""Aha." He was quiet for a moment. "So that's why आप moved here? So she could go with him."I stopped and looked up at him. How could he read me so easily?"I guess." We started walking again. "She was staying घर with me, but I knew it was making her unhappy to be away from him, so I thought I'd make her decision a little easier.""That's extremely unselfish of you." He noted."I figured I could survive a साल and a half in Forks.""Unless आप drown." He joked, and I laughed."Well, there is that." We had left the science building now and he paused on the pathway."What do आप have next?""Computer science and then P.E." I replied, having memorized my schedule."I've got Spanish, but my sister Alice is in your computer class." He pointed at a building अगला to the cafeteria. "It's in that building over there.""Thanks." I smiled at him gratefully."And I'll see आप in P.E." He winked at me before turning and heading in the opposite direction.I stood फ्रोज़न for a moment, then sighed and headed in the direction he had pointed out. Great. Not only would I be making a complete fool of myself in P.E., but he would be there to see me do it. Mike had already told me we would be playing volleyball. Wonderful. Just what my दिन needed – me released among my fellow class mates with a deadly volleyball.As I walked into the computer classroom, I desperately tried to figure out a way to get out of P.E. I didn't have a habit of cutting class, and I was definitely not about to start on the first दिन at a new school – but maybe I could make an exception just this once... The good-girl part of me quickly disregarded that idea. I would just have to try to stay out of the way of the ball, my team mates and the net… and try to avoid tripping over my own feet. या at least try not to drag anyone down with me when I fell."Hi, I'm Alice!" A cheery voice interrupted my negative musings, and I looked up at the tiny, black haired girl from the cafeteria."Bella." I greeted her with a half-smile."I know." She laughed. "You're all everyone's been talking about ever since school started up again. It's nice not to be the center of attention for a change.""Right, आप just moved here a साल and a half पूर्व या something?""Yeah." She leaned closer to me and looked around as if to check that nobody was within hearing distance. When she spoke again, it was almost a whisper. "But to these people you're practically an outcast until the third generation या something.""I can imagine." I shivered a little. I would probably never be accepted in this place."But don't worry." Alice continued. "You're practically a local anyway, your dad being from Forks and everything.""Right." I wasn't so sure that a triviality like that mattered to the good people of Forks."Anyway, I thought आप might appreciate a little help with settling in here. आप know, where to get the best take-out, where to खरीडिए – not anywhere in town – and stuff like that.""Thanks." I felt a wave of gratitude towards her. "Everyone's been really nice to me so far, but it feels like they're just doing it to be able to brag to their फ्रेंड्स about hanging out with the new girl.""I know, we got the same treatment when we moved here too." She assured me. "Don't worry, it passes. Not for a while, but eventually they get tired and हटाइए on to something else.""Good to know." I sighed. There was nothing that I hated और than to be at the center of attention.We took our seats as the teacher entered the room. The class wasn't very challenging; we had already covered this in Phoenix.As the घंटी, बेल rang and we left the classroom, Alice grabbed my schedule."Great, we have P.E. अगला together. My brother's in that class too." She directed our steps towards the gym."I know, he told me."She gave me a peculiar look.“He did, did he?""We had Bio together earlier." I explained."OK." There was something in the tone of her voice that I couldn't quite place. "Right, here we are."We walked into the gym and I spotted a few guys warming up with a volleyball. I winced."What's wrong?""I just… my hand-eye coordination isn't what it should be.""Don't worry." She encouraged as we walked into the girls' locker room to change. "You'll be fine.""It's not me I'm worried about." I mumbled quietly.When we had finished changing, Alice dragged me out of the locker room and across the gym to where Edward was standing, talking to a couple of guys. He looked up and smiled at us."I hope you've taken good care of our newest addition, Alice?""Of course I have, we're taking the grand tour this weekend." She said, beaming."Uh, guys?" I interrupted. "I have been here before, I don't actually need the grand tour. Plus, the town's only that big. I don't think there's even room for a grand tour.""Oh, I'm not talking about Forks." Alice giggled. "We're going to Port Angeles. I need to get a dress for the dance, anyway, and I'm betting you'll want to get out of town द्वारा then."She wasn't wrong about that.Before Alice had a chance to elaborate on our plans for the coming weekend, coach Clapp blew his whistle and motioned for us to gather around him. He let us form our own teams, and Alice, Edward and I were joined द्वारा Eric, Jessica and Mike, who was glaring at Edward. I frowned at that. I hoped I hadn't gotten an admirer. Or, और accurately, I hoped I hadn't gotten an admirer in Mike.The घंटा actually passed without too much humiliation. I kept away from the ball as much as I could, and, when I couldn't, only focused on not hitting anyone in the head with it. I, of course, managed to trip over my own feet a few times, but amazingly enough, Edward always managed to catch me before I hit the ground. Every time his hands closed around my arms to steady me, I felt the tingle from the cafeteria, only multiplied about a hundred times या so. I wasn't sure if he felt it too, but he had an intense expression in his eyes every time he looked at me.When the घंटी, बेल rang for the last time that day, Edward and Alice walked with me to the parking lot. When we got there, I spotted their older brother and the Hales standing a few spaces away from my truck, द्वारा a silver Volvo."So that was आप then." Edward noted, as he saw me approaching the truck. I glared at him."Not a bad word about my truck." He chuckled at my defensive attitude."Just pointing out that आप know how to make an entrance." He smiled that crooked smile I had already gotten used to. "Not what I would choose if I wanted to blend in.""Well, not everyone can afford shiny, new Volvos." I muttered. He only laughed at that."See आप tomorrow." He walked off towards the Volvo with Alice in tow."Bye." Alice called over her shoulder. "Don't forget about this weekend!""I won't. Bye." I called back before getting into the truck and starting the engine. I winced at the sound. It really was loud. To try to drown out the noise of the engine, I turned the stereo as loud as I could and let David Gray's Be mine guide me home.I was just putting रात का खाना on the तालिका, टेबल as Charlie came home. We both sat down at the तालिका, टेबल and ate in silence for a moment."So, how was your first day?" He wondered after a while.“All in all, OK actually." I replied. I had, after all, survived without any major injuries. Being me, that was an accomplishment."Did आप make any friends?""A few." I didn't count all the attention seeking people who had just wanted to share my fifteen मिनटों of fame."Anyone in particular?" He inquired, and I sighed."I had math with Angela Weber, and then I sat with her and her फ्रेंड्स at lunch. She seems really nice." I hesitated for a moment. "And I talked some with Alice Cullen and her brother Edward.""Doctor Cullen's kids." Charlie nodded. "I haven't had anything to do with them in person, they're well-behaved kids, but their dad has sure been an asset to this community.""Alice actually asked if I wanted to go to Port Angeles with her on Saturday." I took his positive attitude towards Dr. Cullen as confirmation that his kids were suitable company."That should be fun for you." Charlie encouraged. "It's supposed to be quite nice on Saturday too, and I was thinking about going fishing with Billy.""Great." I smiled. "We both have plans then.""I'm glad you're settling in, Bella." He कहा as I started clearing the table. "I know you're not the biggest प्रशंसक of Forks, but if आप just give it a chance I think you'll learn to like it here."I nodded as he left the room, and realized that it wasn't just to avoid hurting his feelings. I was actually beginning to enjoy it here. As I pondered that, a flash of green swept through my mind, and I sighed. This could not end well.

– Crush
My सेकंड दिन at Forks High started better than the first one. Only half the students that filled the parking lot when I arrived at the school looked up at the sound of my truck, and even less bothered to linger to get a look at the new girl. A sigh of relief escaped me. Maybe I wouldn't be the center of attention for too long.As I slammed the door to the truck shut behind me, I spotted Alice across the lot, waving at me. I waved back and started making my way over to her, but halfway there I was ambushed द्वारा Jessica. Great."Hi Bella." She greeted merrily, and looped her arm in mine. "Did आप have a good first दिन in Forks? आप disappeared so fast after P.E. that I didn't get a chance to talk to you, but I was wondering if आप wanted to go with me and Angela and Lauren to Port Angeles अगला weekend. We're getting dresses for the Sadie Hawkins dance, and I thought आप might want to go with us. I mean, the dance is still a महीना and a half away, but there's really nowhere in town to get a decent dress, and we would…""Jessica!" Since she didn't seem to be planning to pause any time soon, I interrupted her. "I'm not even sure I'm going to the dance. Never mind the fact that I have two left feet, the whole 'girl asking boy' has never been my thing.""Oh." Jessica frowned. "But आप still have plenty of time to change your mind. And, I mean, come on. Every guy here would be happy to go with you." I thought I detected a carefully hidden tone of resentment in her voice."Maybe, but anyway, I already have plans अगला weekend." OK, that was technically a lie… at the moment. I could make plans to get away from hanging out with Jessica and Lauren. "Thanks for asking though.""Oh, no problem. See आप in Spanish." She waved as she walked away from me, and I waved back halfheartedly.Before I had a chance to enjoy my freedom, Mike took Jessica's place beside me and threw an arm around my shoulders. I had forgotten that we had English together first period, since Eric had claimed all my attention the पूर्व day. I discreetly slipped away from him – I didn't want to offend him, but I definitely had no intention of encouraging this crush या whatever it was that was going on. He shot me a disappointed look, but didn't say anything."So आप survived your first दिन in Forks." He noted, grinning."Well, obviously." I replied dryly. "Though it was touch and go there for a while during the वालीबाल, वॉलीबॉल game.""I noticed that." He chuckled. "You're not the most coordinated person around, are you?""Understatement of the century." I laughed with him. I had long पूर्व stopped being offended when people called me clumsy. It was better to just laugh with them. "I have actually put people in the hospital.""Other than yourself, आप mean?""Oh yeah." I winced as I remembered when we had gotten a new P.E. teacher in Phoenix. I had explained my… situation to him, but he just wouldn't listen. After fifteen मिनटों of tennis, my team mate had ended up in the ER with a concussion and a bump the size of an नारंगी, ऑरेंज on her forehead. "I won't go into any details, but it involved a टेनिस racket.""Ouch." Mike groaned. "I'll be sure to keep away from आप when we हटाइए on to sports including weapons, then.""Good decision."We had gotten to the English classroom at this point, and I let Mike lead me to a डेस्क halfway to the back. He did seem nice enough, if I could just discourage whatever crush he thought he had on me – no doubt induced द्वारा the novelty and nothing else – he might make a good friend.Eric glared at us as we sat down, and I suddenly realized that I might have और than Mike's crush to worry about. What was it with these guys? I had never attracted any attention in Phoenix.We were still discussing Jane Eyre, and the period went द्वारा quickly. Mike insisted on walking me to my अगला class, where I was met द्वारा Jessica. She looked after Mike as he left to head to math."So, Mike seems to like you." She noted, and I again heard the faintest hint of resentment in her voice. So that's what was going on. She had a thing for Mike and didn't like that he was paying और attention to me than to her."He does?" I shrugged."You should ask him to the Sadie Hawkins dance." She suggested, apparently encouraged द्वारा the fact that I didn't seem to have noticed his interest."I don't think so." I frowned. "I mean, he's nice and all, but… we're just friends.""Oh." She seemed relieved द्वारा this. As Mrs. Goff entered the room, I could see Jessica's eyes narrow as something occurred to her. "So… is there anyone else that you're, आप know, interested in?"A flash of green quickly swept through my mind, and I blushed involuntarily."No! I mean, come on, I only got here yesterday."I could tell that she didn't buy it, but apparently decided not to push."OK."I was relieved when history was over, and Jessica headed off for her English class – all her chattering was giving me a headache. I met Angela outside the building, and we walked to our math class together."How's your सेकंड दिन so far?" She asked."Definitely better." I replied. "I haven't tripped yet, so that's a definite step up." She laughed with me. I should have known I was pushing my luck simply द्वारा saying it.

As the घंटा ticked away, and lunch approached, I felt तितलियों taking up residence in my stomach. I was pretty sure that Alice had every intention of being my friend, but would he still want to talk to me? या had the attention yesterday just been because I was new? Lauren had कहा that he hadn't been interested in anyone since they had moved here, how could I think that I would cause a different reaction?Angela seemed to notice my mood change, but she didn't pry as we walked to the cafeteria. I was beginning to like her और and more.Luckily, our class had run a little late, and neither Mike nor Jessica were waiting for us outside the cafeteria. We got in line to get our food, and I focused my eyes on the floor in front of me, desperately trying to avoid looking over at his table. After a minute, Angela nudged me."I think Alice is trying to get your attention." She mumbled, and I looked up. Sure enough, Alice was waving like crazy, and when she saw me looking she motioned for us to शामिल होइए them."Is it OK if we sit with them?" I quickly asked Angela."Sure, I don't mind." She shrugged.I nodded to Alice, pointing at the register to say that we were just going to pay for our खाना first, and she gave me the thumbs up. I couldn't keep myself from glancing over at Edward quickly before turning back to Angela. He was talking to Emmett, who was sitting across the तालिका, टेबल from him, and didn't notice me looking. My stomach plummeted a little.This was not good. I had only been here for a few days, and I was already crushing on a guy way out of my league. I had let myself believe that he paid attention to me because he was somehow interested, when in reality he was just being nice, या maybe curious about the new girl. I really had to get over this stupid infatuation thing before I made an even bigger fool of myself. I pushed my tray towards the register, and felt the तितलियों crash-land in my stomach. Angela nudged me again."Edward's looking at you." She half-whispered, so that the kids surrounding us couldn't hear. I felt the तितलियों flap faintly again, and turned to check her statement. My eyes met his green ones, and again a tingle crept down my spine. He smiled, and I think I managed to do the same."That's 3 dollars 45, honey." I snapped my attention to the lady behind the register, and fumbled with my money. When I had paid, I waited for Angela to do the same before we started making our way across the cafeteria. I saw Mike and Jessica gesturing for us to शामिल होइए them out of the corner of my eye, but didn't look over at the तालिका, टेबल we had sat at the पूर्व day.I was sure that Alice had been sitting अगला to Edward when she had waved at me earlier, but when we got to the table, she was sitting on Jasper's other side, leaving a सीट free between him and Edward."Hi Angela." Alice greeted, motioning for Angela to come sit अगला to her, leaving me to sit द्वारा Edward. "You know everyone, right?" Angela nodded."Hi guys." Everyone greeted her back.I put my tray on the तालिका, टेबल and sat down, glancing at Edward and smiling nervously. He returned the smile."Bella, this is my brother Emmett." Alice introduced, and Emmett gave me a wide grin. "And this is Jazz and Rose." They both smiled at me too."I hope we didn't steal आप away from your friends." Edward said, looking over at the तालिका, टेबल where Jessica, Mike, Lauren, Eric and some other kids were sitting. Mike and Eric looked disappointed, Jessica seemed rather pleased, and Lauren had a resentful look on her face."Oh, no, it's a relief, really." I replied."Jess already nag a hole in your head?" Emmett asked in a booming voice, and everyone laughed."I am actually starting to wonder if she's ever quiet." I admitted."She's not." Angela replied, and I gave her a surprised look. She seemed far too nice to complain about her friends. "I mean, come on. It's like she's being paid a penny a word या something.""If that were the case, she would be the richest person in the western hemisphere." Jasper chuckled."And Mike's कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला look?" Alice giggled. "You must be pleased to get away from that for a while."I shot a glance at Edward as she कहा that, and saw that his eyes narrowed at the mentioning of Mike. I wanted to think that it bugged him that another guy was दिखा रहा है an interest in me, but was afraid to assume anything.

"That's what he reminds me off." I realized. "Our neighbor in Phoenix had this golden retriever, and the dog used to have that exact look.""He used to follow me around like that, making कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला eyes." Rosalie shuddered, and leaned into Emmett. "Thank God आप put a stop to that.""Happy to oblige." He chuckled. "No guy is going to be putting the moves on my girl.""I hope आप haven't forgotten our plans for Saturday." Alice reminded me. "I've got it all planned.""Of course I haven't." I assured her. "I'm really looking आगे to it. Charlie's going fishing, so I would have been left to fend for myself if it wasn't for you." I took a bite of my पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा slice."Excellent." Alice beamed. "Wear comfortable shoes, there will be walking, and I hope आप have money to spend." She turned to Angela. "Do आप want to go with us? We're going to Port Angeles.""That would have been fun, but I'm watching my brothers on Saturday." Angela replied. "My parents are going to some anniversary party in Seattle या something.""Maybe अगला time." Alice suggested, and Angela happily agreed."What's on the agenda then?" Edward wondered."Just your average shopping trip." Alice said, shrugging. "I really need to get some new jeans, and these shoes are practically falling apart." She contemplated her red कॉनवर्स sneakers, which looked perfectly fine to me."I should probably warn you." Edward turned to me. "Alice is a very… enthusiastic shopper.""That was nicely put, bro." Emmett chuckled. "Insane is another way of expressing it.""Just because I don't have the fashion sense of a raccoon." Alice stuck out her tongue at him, and he quickly threw a fry at her, which she managed to बत्तख, बतख at the last second. "Don't listen to them, they're guys, what do they know about shopping anyway?"I nodded and managed to pull off a smile, but was actually starting to worry. Not that I didn't like shopping, but I had spent whole days tagging along with Renée when she was on the hunt, and it wasn't really my style. A couple of stores, sure – preferably at least one containing books. I tried to convince myself that आप couldn't spend too much time shopping in a town with less than 20 000 inhabitants, but I was starting to suspect that when it came to Alice, आप never knew."Anyway, it's not like it's LA, या even Seattle." Alice continued, as if she had read my mind. "There is only that much to do in Port Angeles. We'll do some shopping, have lunch and maybe catch an early movie before heading home.""That sounds great, Alice." I smiled genuinely at her."Oh, and do आप think Charlie'll stay away all day?""Probably." It had been a while since I had spent a summer in Forks, but from what I could remember, Charlie would keep fishing until it was too dark to see your hand in front of you. "Why?""I wanted to invite आप for रात का खाना after our little road trip." She replied. "You really have to try my mom's chicken cacciatore, it's absolutely amazing.""That sounds great." I accepted, grateful that I wouldn't have to spend Saturday night doing laundry like a complete loser. I would get that over with on Friday."Well, time to go, bell's about to ring." Emmett noted, and everyone got up to leave.Angela, Edward and I walked together towards the science building. I spotted Mike a bit ahead of us, but he didn't stop to wait for us. Instead he kept glancing at us over his shoulder, a frown on his face. Oh well."What did आप mean when आप कहा that Alice is 'enthusiastic' when it comes to shopping?" I asked Edward."It's not really that bad." He replied, chuckling. "She is a complete fashion freak, and loves dressing the rest of us up in what she thinks we should wear. Set her free in LA या New York with an unlimited budget, and आप probably won't see her for a week. But Port Angeles isn't exactly the fashion capital of the US, and I doubt even Alice will be able to keep going all day. If आप get tired, just tell her so.""I'm sure it'll be fine. I do need to get some stuff, and I would really like to find a bookstore. There should be one, right?""There's a great one on East First Street, ask Alice to दिखाना you." Angela contributed.

"Then my दिन is saved. I can put up with pretty much anything as long as I get a little quality time with some books." It was only partially meant as a joke.Biology went द्वारा quickly; we were doing a lab that I had already done in Phoenix. Edward and I finished long before any other teams, and spent the rest of the period discussing the advantages of snow versus rain, since fluffy, white snowflakes had started falling outside the window. I came out strongly in favor of rain; even if I hated the wet, snowballs seemed much worse. Edward argued for snow, starting to prepare to ambush Emmett and Jasper after school. I quickly decided that I would linger for a while after P.E., to avoid getting hit in the chaos that would most likely ensue when everyone left the school grounds. I wasn't in a hurry to get home, anyway.Like the दिन before, we walked together out of the science building before going our separate ways."See आप in Gym." He called as I headed towards the computer class."I'll be the one ducking." I called back, and got a chuckle in return.
But I didn't even make it to P.E. As Alice and I approached the building after our computer class hadended, I slipped on a patch of ice and fell backwards, instinctively reaching out to ease the fall. And I felt something snap."Bella? Are आप OK?" Alice asked in a distressed tone and crouched down अगला to me. Pain was starting to spread up my left arm, originating in my wrist."I don't think so." I mumbled faintly. She looked around for someone who could help."Edward!" She called, and I spotted him walking towards us. When he saw me on the ground, he hurried to our sides."What happened?" He asked worriedly."Ice." I replied quietly. The pain was intensifying, and I bit my lip."I think your wrist's broken." Edward कहा after inspecting it closely. "Does it hurt?"I only managed to nod. And then I made the mistake of looking at my arm. It didn't look like my hand was attached to my arm द्वारा बोन्स anymore, and at the sight I promptly fainted.When I started to come to, I felt completely disoriented and my head was spinning. I was afraid to open my eyes, in case I fainted again, so I tried to get a feel of the situation with my eyes closed. I was definitely moving, but it felt almost like… flying? I wasn't walking, was I? Nope, legs not moving. The spinning in my head ceased a little, and I decided to risk it. When I opened my eyes, I met Edward's, worry evident in their depths. And I realized why it felt like I was flying. He was carrying me."Put me down." I tried to order, but the words were barely audible."No. I'm taking आप to the nurse."“I can walk." I insisted, a little louder. He raised an eyebrow at me."You're barely conscious." He replied. "I'm not going to put आप down so आप can fall and break something else.""I won't, I promise. Just put me down.""We're already here, anyway." He walked through the door to the main office, and I saw Alice holding it open. She looked just as worried as he did."Oh my, what's happened here?" Mrs. Cope wondered as we entered the front room. Edward kept walking towards the nurse's office, Alice hurrying ahead of us to open the door."She slipped on some ice and fell." Alice informed Mrs. Cope. "We think her wrist's broken.""Oh dear." But we were already in the nurse's office, and Alice closed the door behind us. Finally, Edward put me down on the narrow cot that stood against one wall. He and Alice stepped back to give the nurse room."Oh, yes, this is definitely broken." The nurse कहा after only a look at my wrist. "There's not much I can do here, really. She'll need to go to the hospital. Do आप need me to call an ambulance, या can आप drive her there?""We'll take her, but since she fainted I thought we'd better stop द्वारा here first." Edward explained."Oh, of course." The nurse looked at my pale face for a moment. "Are आप feeling dizzy now, dear?""Only a little." I replied, which was true. If I could only avoid looking at my arm again, I should be fine. But the pain was starting to come back, and it seemed like it had brought along some friends."Alright. Why don't आप lie down for a moment while I get आप some नारंगी, ऑरेंज juice, just in case." She left the room, and I obediently lay back on the cot. "This really isn't necessary." I complained. I would much rather get to the hospital where all the nice drugs lived."Bella, आप fainted." Edward reminded me."It was just because I looked at… it." I tried to explain."Not surprising." Alice said. "It looks horrible.""Thank you." I कहा dryly."It'll be fine." Edward assured me. "We'll take आप to the hospital and Carlisle will fix आप right up.""Great." I moaned. "I'm going to have to wear a cast, aren't i?""Most likely." Alice nodded. "Don't tell me you've never had one before." I glared at her. "Sorry.""It could have been worse." Edward tried to comfort me."You're right." I agreed sarcastically. "I could have actually made it to P.E., maimed some innocent bystander with the वालीबाल, वॉलीबॉल and then fallen and broken my wrist. Thank आप so much for putting it in perspective for me.""At least you'll get out of Gym for a while now." Alice noted."Wow." I smiled. "A silver lining." The smile quickly disappeared as the searing pain reached a new level. I bit my lip and squeezed my eyes shut."Bella? What's wrong?" Edward's voice seemed to come from somewhere far away."Oh dear, that wrist must be quite painful द्वारा now." The nurse had come back into the room. "Here आप go, have a sip of this and then your फ्रेंड्स can take आप to the hospital." She put a paper cup in my right hand, and I brought it to my lips, gulping the रस down quickly. It didn't do anything to ease the pain, but at least my head felt a little clearer. I opened my eyes and shakily got to my feat. Edward was immediately द्वारा my side, his arm around my waist."Come on." He guided me to the door, and Alice walked in front of us out of the office and to the parking lot. Edward was helping me into the passenger सीट of the Volvo when I spotted my truck across the lot."My car."Alice rummaged through my school bag, which I only now noticed that she had in her hands, and found the car key. She gave me the bag."I'll drive the others घर and then Jazz can follow me to your place and we'll leave the truck there." She said. "I don't need to go with आप to the hospital anyway.""You don't have to do that, Alice, I can get the truck later." I tried to protest."Well, my only means of transportation is about to leave, so I actually need your truck." She gave me a किस on the cheek. "I'll leave it at your house with the keys in the ignition. Nobody would want to steal it anyway.""OK." I agreed, not even up to arguing with her about insulting my truck. She closed the passenger door, and waved as we drove away.Within a few मिनटों we were at the hospital. Edward parked and quickly came around to open my door and help me out. I wasn't feeling faint anymore, but the pain was making me a little dizzy. When he put his arm around my waist again, I gratefully leaned into him and let him lead me into the hospital."Hi Edward. Are आप here to see your dad?" A middle-aged woman standing behind the डेस्क in the reception area asked as we entered the building.“Yeah, but I brought some work for him." The woman looked over at me. "I think her wrist's broken, Carlisle will know what to do.""That looks painful. Do आप need a wheelchair, या can आप walk?" She looked at me like she was afraid I'd faint on the spot."I think I can walk." I said, though the wheelchair did sound like the safer alternative."Come on." Edward pulled me with him through a set of double doors into what seemed to be the emergency room. There were only a few other people in there, none with what appeared to be fatal injuries. "Wait here." I sat down on the बिस्तर he had indicated, and he disappeared through another set of doors. A few मिनटों later, he reemerged, followed द्वारा a handsome, blonde man in his mid-thirties."Hi, Bella." He extended his hand to me, and I shook it. "I'm Doctor Cullen, as I'm sure you've figured out." He pulled up a स्टूल, मल and sat down. "Can I look at your wrist? I'll try not to cause anymore pain."I lifted my left arm, which had been resting in my lap, and winced at the pain. He gently examined the wrist, and then placed it back in my lap. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Edward hovering behind his father."What happened?" Doctor Cullen asked."I slipped on some ice and fell backwards." He nodded."It's definitely broken. We'll have to get an x-ray to see if the fracture's simple या if we'll need to operate." Doctor Cullen waved a nurse over."Operate?" I कहा faintly."Only if there are several fractures." He explained. "It looks like a simple break, but we need to be sure. Are आप in much pain?""Yeah."
"I'll just give आप something for that before we take care of the x-rays then." The nurse handed him a syringe, and I looked away. I wanted the drugs, but if I looked at the injections I would undoubtedly faint again."All done." I looked back to see him handing the syringe back to the nurse. "Will आप take Miss हंस to radiology, please?"As I stood to follow the nurse, Edward reclaimed his पूर्व position अगला to me."Dad?" Doctor Cullen looked up at him."Why don't आप go with Bella." Doctor Cullen suggested. "I'll call Chief हंस and let him know she's here." Edward nodded and we made our way out into a hallway.We had to wait in a couple of plastic chairs outside the radiology for a few minutes, but compared to what I remembered from when I broke my leg in Phoenix when I was nine, this was a walk in the park."Benefit of a small town." I mumbled, a little groggy since the pain killers had started to kick in, and Edward looked curiously at me. "When I broke my leg a couple of years ago, we had to wait for hours in the emergency room.""Why am I not surprised?" He said, shaking his head. "What did आप do?""Fell out of a tree." He chuckled."I'm starting to wonder how you've managed to stay alive as long as आप have." I glared at him. "I just mean that आप seem to be very prone to accidents."I sighed. I couldn't really argue with him, but it was still a little humiliating."Miss Swan?" A radiology nurse came into the hallway, and we stood up. "I'm sorry, Edward, but you'll have to wait out here."Did he know everyone in this place?It only took ten मिनटों to take the x-rays, and then Edward led me down the hall to a small cafeteria. I leaned against him a little heavier than before, the drugs taking away most of the pain in my wrist but also affecting my already limited sense of balance."Carlisle will find us when the x-rays are finished." Edward said, pulling a chair out for me at one of the tables. "I'm going to get something to drink." He went to the register and came back with two Cokes."I'm not really thirsty.""You need the sugar." He insisted, unscrewing the cork of one of the bottles before handing it to me. "You still look very pale.""I'm always pale." I countered."Paler, then." He amended. "And that's saying something."I didn't have the energy to argue, so I took a few sips.“So, do आप hang out here a lot?" I asked after a few मिनटों of silence."Not really." He replied."Everyone seems to know you." I pointed out."Carlisle has had everyone over for रात का खाना at one time या another. Esme loves entertaining guests.""That's nice."Before we had time to find another subject of conversation, Charlie burst into the cafeteria."Bella? There आप are." He rushed to my side. "What happened?" He glared at Edward as if he somehow was the cause of this."I slipped on some ice. I'm fine, really." I tried to reassure him."That hand doesn't look fine to me." He frowned. "Did they x-ray you? Because that looks broken.""It probably is." Edward slipped into the conversation. "But Carlisle thinks that it's only a simple fracture, so she'll probably just need to wear a cast for a few weeks.""Just wear a cast?" Charlie कहा angrily."If it had been a और complicated fracture, they would have had to operate." Edward explained.At that moment, Doctor Cullen came into the cafeteria."Chief Swan, good to see you." They shook hands. "It's a shame it's under these circumstances." He gave me an amused look. "You've only been here a few days, and we've already managed to break you."“I don't really need any help in that department." I mumbled quietly, my cheeks turning red. I heard Edward chuckle softly across the तालिका, टेबल from me.

"You always have been quite accident prone." Charlie noted"Well, then, I am happy to say that आप will get off with only a cast today." Doctor Cullen said. "The fracture is simple, and the बोन्स should heal fine without surgery. We'll need to keep an eye on them, of course, but I don't think you'll have any problems.""Great." I sighed in relief.
"Let's just go to one of the treatment rooms, I'll put the cast on and then your dad can take आप home.”The cast in place, Edward walked with us to the parking lot. He stood back as Charlie helped me into the police cruiser, but seemed ready to step in if something went wrong. As we drove away, I could see him standing द्वारा his car, watching us until we were out of sight.We stopped at the pharmacy on the way, to pick up some और pain killers that Doctor Cullen had prescribed for me. It wasn't late when we got home, but I felt exhausted. Charlie made me a सैंडविच which I devoured gratefully, not having eaten since lunch. Then I took two of the little white pills and went to bed. I fell asleep almost immediately, and dreamed of flying with a green-eyed angel.

3 – Ambushed

The rest of the school week went द्वारा quickly, and everyone was being excessively helpful. Since Charlie didn't trust me to drive myself safely to school with only one hand – neither did I, honestly – he took me in the police क्रूजर, लैंड क्रूजर every दिन before he went to work. When he dropped me off the दिन after the accident, Mike, Eric, Jessica, Angela, and, for some reason, Lauren, were waiting for me in the parking lot. Mike offered to take my bag, but I assured him that I was perfectly capable of carrying it myself. I was और worried about getting from class to class with my पुस्तकें later. This didn't seem to discourage him, however, and he and the others tagged along as I walked towards the school.When we got to my locker, I found Alice and Edward waiting for me. I noticed that Mike didn't seem to like this, since he glared at Edward, and I gave him a big smile that made Mike glare even more."Hi." I greeted."Hi, sweetie, how's your arm?" Alice gave me a careful hug."It might be broken, but I'm not made of glass." I told her, returning the hug और forcefully with my good arm."Right." She giggled."Did आप sleep alright?" Edward wondered. "Are the painkillers working OK?""Yeah, they knocked me right out when I got घर last night." I told him, and he seemed relieved."Come on, Bella, we have to get to class." Mike कहा curtly. "I'll carry your books." I glared at him."Why don't आप go ahead with Eric, Mike?" I suggested dryly. "I'll catch up with you."He glared at Edward once और before trudging off towards English, Eric and Lauren in tow."See आप in Spanish." Jessica कहा before she and Angela left too."You shouldn't have done that." Alice sing-songed as I stuffed my bag in my locker and started trying to gather the stuff I needed for English. "Now he's going to be pissed at आप all day.""So?" I कहा a little irritably since the पुस्तकें weren't cooperating. "They were totally smothering me. I'm not some kind of invalid.""I'll get that." Edward offered, grabbing the book that was eluding me in the locker. He gathered the things before holding them out for me so I could carry them on my right arm. "Need anything else?""Nope, I'm all good, thanks."They walked me all the way to English before heading in the direction of their own math class.Alice had, however, been wrong about Mike being mad at me all day. After English, he helped me gather my things and walked me half-way to Spanish, where Jessica took over. It was a bit like being baby-sat, but I tried to remember that they wanted to be helpful.As Angela and I walked from math towards the cafeteria for lunch, she asked me what had happened the पूर्व day, and I told her everything, including Edward taking me to the hospital."That was very nice of him." She commented, and I thought I heard an underlying meaning in her voice."Yeah, he's a very helpful person." I said.

"Are आप sure that's…" She started saying, but at that point, we both spotted the object of our discussion leaning against the दीवार outside the cafeteria. He smiled when he saw us, and quickly took my पुस्तकें from me.This routine continued all week, and before I knew it, it was Friday night. Mine and Alice's shopping trip to Port Angeles was still on, despite Charlie wanting us to postpone it until my cast was off. I had told him that I needed a diversion to take my mind off my damaged wrist for a while, and since Doctor Cullen had कहा that it was fine he really didn't have a case.I spent the evening doing some much needed laundry, talking to my mom and checking out new CD-releases on Amazon. Nothing interesting, but I still hadn't gotten the latest Three Doors Down album, so that was on the shopping सूची for the अगला day. It was already past ten द्वारा the time I had finished the last load of laundry so I decided that I might as well go to bed. Alice was picking me up at nine, so we could get an early start. I read a few chapters in Wuthering Heights before turning the lights off and then drifted into a dream filled with windy moors and पेड़ branches scratching against my window.The अगला morning I was awoken द्वारा the sun shining in through my window for the first time since I had moved to Forks. It was a little after eight, so the sun was still low in the sky, but it was definitely there. The unexpected sunlight improved my already good mood, and I skipped down the stairs after having showered and gotten dressed.Charlie was standing at the रसोई, रसोईघर counter, waiting for the टोअस्टर, टोस्टर to return his slices of bread. He looked up when he saw me, and chuckled when he noticed the big smile on my face."Excited about the shopping trip then." He concluded."And the weather is nice." I added, getting a bowl from one of the cupboards and pouring cereal and दूध into it."I told आप it would be, didn't I?" He put some मक्खन on the टोस्ट and joined me at the table."Sunshine in Forks is not something I'm going to believe until I see it for myself."He chuckled at that."It's still pretty cold out, though, and it might be a bit icy on the roads." He warned me. "I know the snow's gone, but tell Alice to drive carefully anyway.""We'll be careful." I promised. I had just finished brushing my teeth when I heard Alice honking outside. I quickly grabbed my पर्स and threw on my कोट before leaving the house.I expected to see her in the Volvo, but instead there was a violently turquoise Mini Cooper parked on the driveway. Alice waved at me from the driver's seat, and I got into the passenger seat."Nice car." I admired as she pulled out of the driveway."Birthday present." She smiled. "Mom and dad got us each a car when we turned sixteen.""That's generous of them." I noted."Well, it was that या driving us everywhere, since we live in the middle of nowhere." She explained, turning onto the highway."Oh." I realized that I didn't know where they lived. "You live outside town then?""A couple of miles, yeah." She nodded. "It's great, but since public transportation is essentially non-existent here, आप really need a car.""Tell me about it." I had felt very limited the पूर्व couple of days, since I couldn't drive anywhere."And dad knows this guy in Seattle that usually gives him a good deal." Alice shrugged.We drove in silence for a while."Alice?""Yeah?""Can I ask आप something?" I wondered. "You don't have to answer if आप don't want to.""Sure.""Why is it that आप live with Doctor Cullen? He's your uncle, right?" She nodded. "I'm sorry, आप don't have to talk about it. It's just, Jessica and Lauren were talking, and I don't want to trust the rumors, so I thought I'd ask.""It's OK." She assured me. "It was a long time ago, I'm OK talking about it."I waited as she thought for a moment."My mom was Carlisle's older sister. She married my dad right after high school. A couple of months after their wedding, Emmett was born, and a साल and a half later Edward and I came along too." She smiled to herself. "I think they were happy. We lived in LA, my dad owned a car repair खरीडिए and my mom stayed at घर with us. Anyway, Emmett had just turned six and Edward and I were four when they were hit द्वारा a drunk driver. They were killed instantly.""I'm so sorry." I felt horrible for bringing it up."It's OK." She sighed. "Carlisle had just started med school at UCLA, but he didn't even hesitate to take us in. He and Esme had been together for a few years, and they moved into our house. Esme even took a couple of years off from school to stay घर with us until Edward and I started first grade. Luckily, my grandfather – Carlisle's dad – had left quite a lot of money to my mom and Carlisle when he died, and we had dad's shop, so we got द्वारा fine while Carlisle finished his education.""It must have been hard, losing your parents like that." I only knew how much I missed my mom, and she was just a couple of thousands miles away."I don't remember much about them, really." Alice bit her lip. "I remember my mom's eyes, they were the exact same color as Edward's. And her laugh. Dad always smelled like motor oil, and he used to pick me up and throw me up in the air when he came घर from work.""I'm sorry, I didn't mean to…""It's OK, Bella, really." She interrupted. "It's nice to talk about them every now and then. Carlisle and Esme are my parents in every way that counts but one, but I still like to remember from time to time.""OK."Silence once again filled the car, but it wasn't uncomfortable in any way. I liked the fact that Alice and I could be quiet together, to me that was a sign of real friendship."By the way." Alice कहा casually after a few minutes. "I hope आप don't mind, but I told Jasper and Edward that we'd meet them for lunch later."I felt my दिल leap."They're going to Port Angeles?" Stupid question."Yeah, Edward needed to get some part या other for his baby." She rolled her eyes."Is there something wrong with the Volvo?" I wondered."No." She कहा hesitantly. "Oh, right. No the Volvo's mom's car, really.""Oh. I just assumed, since…""No, we've just been taking it to school this week since Emmett's Jeep's in the shop." Alice explained. "We wouldn't all fit in this one, and Edward would never drive his baby to school, even if it had been big enough for the five of us. Too many careless teenagers who don't know how to treat real cars." She imitated his voice perfectly. "So mom let us take the Volvo.""OK." I found myself strangely curious as to what kind of car he would care so much about. "What kind of car is it?""A -67 Chevrolet Camaro." Alice told me, which didn't help much."I don't know much about cars." I admitted."It's fast and black." She giggled."That's better." I joined in on the laugh.The drive to Port Angeles took a little और than an hour, and when we got there, Alice parked in a lot close to the main shopping street.Whether because I had been warned द्वारा Edward, या because Alice was taking it easy on the cripple, the shopping experience wasn't as horrible as I had expected. Sure, we went to every store there was – some twice – but we had fun. I even forgot to ask about the bookstore.When we were leaving Necessities & Temptations on North लॉरेल Street, Alice's cell phone rang. I checked my watch and realized that it was already a little after one."Hey, baby." Alice answered the phone after checking the display. "Sorry, we must have लॉस्ट track of time… that's fine द्वारा me, hang on." She covered the phone with her hand. "Is Mexican OK with you?" I nodded. "We're just a couple of blocks away, meet आप in a few. Bye." She flipped the phone shut and put it back in her pocket. "There's this great place on East Front Street, they have the best enchiladas.""Just lead the way." We crossed the सड़क, स्ट्रीट and headed down East Front Street, the way we had come earlier.Jasper and Edward were waiting outside the restaurant. Alice greeted her brother with a किस on the cheek before practically attacking Jasper. I averted my eyes from their very public make-out session."I see she hasn't bored आप to death yet." Edward noted."Not yet, but my feet just might get the job done for her soon." I joked back, and he laughed with me.As we made our way into the restaurant, I could see that he looked a little uncomfortable though, and I silently cursed Alice. Not only did he have to put up with me every दिन at school, now his sister ambushed him with me even on the weekend. I wondered for a सेकंड if my infatuation was so obvious that Alice had decided to help me out द्वारा throwing her brother at me. I hoped that was not the case.
I ordered the chicken enchiladas, following Alice's advice, and they were really good. Conversation over the खाना was light, and centered around school, homework, the latest blockbuster movie and a new sit com on CBS.When we walked down the सड़क, स्ट्रीट after leaving the restaurant, I saw Alice give Edward a pointed look out of the corner of my eye. I wasn't sure, but I thought I saw him give her an almost imperceptible shake of the head in return. Before I had the chance to wonder what that was about, Alice let out a deep sigh."I'm sooo sorry, Bella." She gave me an apologizing look. "I completely forgot that I have an appointment to get my nails done with Rose in an घंटा and a half.""Oh." I wasn't sure how to respond to that. "Well, it's OK. We can head home, I don't mind.""No, no." She shook her head. "We haven't even been to the bookstore yet, and didn't आप want to get that CD?""Yeah, but it's not…" I was going to say necessary, but she interrupted me."Why don't I go back with Jasper, and Edward can give आप a ride later?" She raised her eyebrows at her brother. "You don't mind दिखा रहा है Bella the bookstore, do you?""Of course not, Alice." He turned to me. "As long as that's fine with you?" For a सेकंड I had difficulties forming a rational thought. Then I realized he was waiting for me to say something."No, that sounds fine." I looked away quickly, trying my best not to blush. "But didn't आप want to get a dress for the dance?" I reminded Alice."There's nothing good here anyway. You'll just have to go with me to Seattle, a lot और to choose from there.""I guess, but…""Great." Alice was already skipping away from me and Edward, Jasper in tow. "Just remember; dinner's at seven. See आप later!"And then we were alone on the sidewalk, and the तितलियों that had been making guest appearances in my stomach all week were suddenly back in full force.What the hell, Alice?As I tried to think of a way to make Alice pay for this, I heard Edward chuckle quietly अगला to me. I gave him a curious look."Is it just me, या was that और than a little obvious?" He asked, and my stomach dropped into my feet. He had noticed.“I'm so sorry, I swear I didn't ask her to do that." I felt like I needed to explain."I know." He sighed. "I mean, I get that she's just trying to help, but could she have been less discrete?""Probably not." I agreed, desperately trying to figure out where he was going with this."She just knows me way too well." He shrugged."She… huh?" I was completely lost. He didn't look at me as he replied."I've been wanting to ask आप out all week, and Alice