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आप started pacing and Alice just watched you. आप heard a car door slam. आप ran to the door and saw the guys with the little girl. She was smiling at you. आप saw Jaspers worry face. आप looked at Edward and thought.
You: Why is Jasper looking worried?
Edward: Human.
आप nodded and the little girl jumped from Emmett's arms and ran to you. She hugged your legs and आप smiled to yourself. आप felt so protective of this girl. आप picked her up and she kissed your cheek.
Girl: आप are my new mommy?
आप looked at Emmett and he nodded.
You: Yes. What is your name dear?
Girl: Sabrina
You: Well how old are आप Sabrina?
Sabrina: I am 7.
आप nodded and let her down. She ran into the house and sat on Edward's lap. He started tickling her and she giggled. आप smiled and felt Emmett लपेटें his arms around your waist. He kissed your hair and sat his chin on your shoulder. आप sighed and watched Sabrina and Alice play. आप went to the रसोई, रसोईघर and looked out the window. Suddenly feeling down. आप looked out the window and think.
You: What if I slip and hurt her? I can't do that. I feel to protective of her. Like my own Daughter.
आप heard someone walking in. आप turned and saw Sabrina. She put her arms around your legs and hugged them.
Sabrina: I प्यार आप Mommy.
You: I प्यार आप too. Are आप hungry?
She nodded and आप went to the fridge. आप saw some chicken. आप smelled it and it was good. आप cut it up. Made some stuff to make chicken strips. आप cooked them and made some fries and carrots.
Sabrina: Thats my fave.
You: Well, it is done. Here आप go.
आप sat the plate at the तालिका, टेबल and sat her in the chair. आप got her a glass of दूध and sat to watch her. आप sat there and then got up and checked on the family.
Em: Where is Sabrina?
You: Eating. I fixed her some खाना and she is eating.
Jazz: So are आप doing okay?
You: Yes. I feel और protective like she is my own blood.
Edward: That is good.
आप nodded and got up and checked on Sabrina. She was finishing and saw you.
Sab: I am full. Thank आप mommy. It was good.
आप smiled and took her plate.
You: Glad आप like it. So, what do आप want to do now?
आप took her plate and cleaned it.
Sab: I want to spend time with आप and Daddy.
आप heard someone coming in. आप saw it was Emmett.
Em: So, what is on the agenda?
You: I don't know. Wait, I have to get her somethings for school and clothes and stuff like that.
Alice: Us girls are going shopping in a bit since it is only noon. So, आप want to go shopping Sabrina?
Sabrina jumped up and down and said.
Sab: Yay.
आप whispered to Emmett.
You: Another Alice.
Emmett laughed and Alice gave आप guys a glare. She walked into the living room and आप went in there. आप got into a जैकेट and all आप girls went shopping. आप guys shopped for so much from school supplies to clothes to toys to a bed. आप guys got back and आप all took the stuff in. Esme told आप that Sabrina will be staying in your old room. आप nodded and Emmett picked up the bed. He took it to the room and आप took Sabrina's stuff to your old room. आप put the stuff up and Sabrina came to her room. She jumped up on the बिस्तर and laid down. She fell asleep and was out in about 10 minutes. आप put your old teddy भालू in her arms and kissed her forhead. आप went to your room and found Emmett with his कमीज, शर्ट off. आप smiled and pounced on him. He laughed and kissed आप feircely. आप kissed back and deepened it. आप ran a hand down his chest and stomach. आप felt him pulling on your shirt. आप took it off and smiled. There was a knock at the door. आप put your कमीज, शर्ट on fast and answered it. It was Sabrina.
You: हे sweetie whats wrong?
Sabrina was crying lightly.
Sab: I had a nightmare.
आप let her in and Emmett picked her up. She cried into his shoulder and आप sat beside them and rubbed her back.
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