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*by Stephenie Meyer*

NEW MOON - chapter 3 - THE END

द्वारा the end of the day, the silence was becoming ridiculous. I didn’t want to be the one to break it, but apparently that was my only choice if I ever wanted him to talk to me again.
“You’ll come over later tonight?” I asked as he walked me - silently - to my truck. He always came over.
It pleased me that he seemed surprised. “I have to work. I had to trade with Mrs. Newton to get yesterday.
“Oh,” he murmured.
“So you’ll come over when I’m home, though, right?” I hated that I felt suddenly unsure about this.
“If आप want me to.”
“I always want you,” I reminded him, with perhaps a little और intensity than the conversation required.
I expected he would laugh, या smile, या react somehow to my words.
“All right, then,” he कहा indifferently.
He kissed my forehead again before he shut the door on me. Then he turned his back and loped gracefully toward his car.
I was able to drive out of the parking lot before the panic really hit, but I was hyperventilating द्वारा the time I got to Newton’s.
He just needed time, I told myself. He would get over this. Maybe he was sad because his family was disappearing. But Alice and Jasper would come back soon, and Rosalie and Emmett, too. If it would help, I would stay away from the big white house on the river - I’d never set foot there again. That didn’t matter. I’d still see Alice at school. She would have to come back for school, right? And she was at my place all the time anyway. She wouldn’t want to hurt Charlie’s feelings द्वारा staying away.
No doubt I would also run into Carlisle with regularity - in the emergency room.
After all, what had happened last night was nothing. Nothing had happened. So I fell down - that was the story of my life. Compared to last spring, it seemed especially unimportant. James had left me broken and nearly dead from loss of blood - and yet Edward had handled the interminable weeks in the hospital much better than this. Was it because, this time, it wasn’t an enemy he’d had to protect me from? Because it was his brother?
Maybe it would be better if he took me away, rather than his family being scattered. I grew slightly less depressed as I considered all the uninterrupted alone time. If he could just last through the school year, Charlie wouldn’t be able to object. We could go away to college, या pretend that’s what we were doing, like Rosalie and Emmett this year. Surely Edward could wait a year. What was a साल to an immortal? It didn’t even seem like that much to me.
I was able to talk myself into enough composure to handle getting out of the truck and walking to the store. Mike Newton had beaten me here today, and he smiled and waved when I came in. I grabbed my vest, nodding vaguely in his direction. I was still imagining pleasant scenarios that consisted of me running away with Edward to various exotic locales.
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!!!!!!!!!WARNING!!!!! ONLY FOR ADULTS!!!!!!

“I’ll have to buy Esme a new बिस्तर frame,” I confessed, glancing over my shoulder. She followed my gaze and I saw shock on her face. Didn’t she notice that at night? Me, destroying a bad, made a lot of noise. But actually, our attention was involved in some other activity.
“Hmm. You’d think I would have heard that.”
“You seem to be extraordinarily unobservant when your attention is otherwise involved.”
“I was a bit absorbed,” She admitted, blushing a deep red, I felt the warms of her skin and her heartbeat accelerated again. She was...
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Okay, आप know that extensive trip my dad told me about? Well, I found out from Alice that it wasn't France at all! It's this area called Isle Esme. Whatever that means. Jasper had to come over last night to calm Jacob down enough to sleep. Talk about embarrassing! I called renesmeblack to come over tomorrow, because she was on an Australia expidition या something. She's coming back घर tonight. Here's what she'l probably talk about:

1. The totally hot surfers she saw
2. The खाना she tried there
3. The totally hot lifeguard that saved her when she "drowned"
4. The service at the hotels
5. The totally hot boy that stayed in the suite across from her
6. My Uncle Emmett (He and Rosalie are there for a "honeymoon.")
7.The totally hot surfers she saw the अगला day
8. The toilets flush backwards.
9. Blabbity Blab Blah... Did I mention the surfers?!!!

Okay, the phone's ringing and I bet that's her. Later!
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Meaningful phrases from Bella and Edward in Twilight
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Breaking Dawn backstage - Rob laughing while trying to bite Bella over and over again:))
ब्रेकिंग डॉन
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