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Hello, My Name Is: Death
Volume Two
    "Let's take her to the Room." Tabra कहा and Haus lead the way.
    "I counted seven in that room," Tabra whispered. I nodded.
    "Welcome to my new, refurbished Room." There were weapons along the walls, and there were even a few tortured people laying on the ground almost dead. It reeked of fish. Ew. "Put Cydnee in the chair."
    The chair lay in the middle of the Room, and it was blood stained, with a bullet hole in the back of it. Tabra put me in the chair and cuffed me down, but not all the way, hopefully Haus didn't notice that.
    "Now, come here," Haus कहा and Tabra looked a bit nervous and awkward, but went over to Haus.
    Haus grabbed Tabra and gave him a kiss!? WHOA! Ew.
    "Just like I remember," Haus कहा and smiled, so did Tabra.
    "Do आप किस all of your slackies like that?" I asked Haus and he laughed.
    "Only the guys, sorry, आप are out of luck." Haus is gay!? Whoa! Ew.
    "Oh darn," I कहा sarcastically and he laughed.
    "I like her, she's fiesty."
    "Yea, Cyd always is." Tabra looked at me and winked as if saying 'we'll attack soon.'
    "Always?" Haus seemed curious.
    "Yupp." Tabra asked.
    "How so?" Haus asked him, turning his back to me.
    "Like this," Tabra grabbed Haus and head butted him, turned him around and put him in a choke hold. "Now, Cyd!"
    I jumped up and...
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