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posted by lollipopszx3
Sadistic_Vamp has logged on.

HuntYouDown has logged on.

Sadistic_Vamp: Hey.

HuntYouDown: Yo.

Sadistic_Vamp: Yo?

HuntYouDown: Yeah. Some chick from Cuba was talking 2 me and teaching me to be fly. I fit right in.

Sadistic_Vamp: Yeah I'm sure आप do.

HuntYouDown: Yeah. I've already been asked out द्वारा 3 ppl. Tho I'm sure 1 is a guy.

Sadistic_Vamp: That'll be awkward.

HuntYouDown: Nah. I'm sure he has a girl so we can double.

Sadistic_Vamp: o.o ohh I see then we can suck out their blood. smart.

HuntYouDown: No! आप will not suck out BiGuy093's blood!

Sadistic_Vamp: Well that's an awkward name.

HuntYouDown: Oh well.

StrongerThanYou has logged on.

StrongerThanYou: हे mi peeps.

Sadistic_Vamp: Who keeps teach आप guys these things?

StrongerThanYou: People. You're just jealous because we have friends.

Sadistic_Vamp: Yo. Peeps? I don't think I'm jealous.

StrongerThanYou: w/e we just कूलर than you.

Sadistic_Vamp: What to say that again? I'm in a burning mood.

StrongerThanYou: At least I have friends!

Sadistic_Vamp: Oh is that right? Invite some and we'll see about that.

StrongerThanYou: Okay w/e

HuntYouDown: I'll inivite Bi!

MikeBoy has been invited to this conversation.

BiGuy093 has been invited to this conversation.

Jessie_ has been invited to this conversation.

AngelaaWeb has been invited to this conversation.

NessCullen has been invited to this conversation.

MikeBoy: हे Jessica!

Jessie_: Oh... हे Mike.

BiGuy093: HuntYouDown... How are you? ;)

HuntYouDown: Hey... (: he taught me the smiley.

AngelaaWeb: हे Stronger. Who are these people?

StrongerThanYou: That's my bro Demetri, sis Jane.

NessCullen: Wait a second...

LittleLamb has been invited to the conversation.

SparklingLion has been invited to the conversation.

LittleLamb: Angela? Mike? Jessica? Nessie where did आप meet them?

NessCullen: Oh. I met StrongerThanYou at a vamp chatroom. He invited me to this convo.

LittleLamb: Felix?

SparklingLion: Ness! What did आप do?

HuntYouDown: Who are they?

LittleLamb: Demetri? Let me guess Jane and Alec are here too?

Sadistic_Vamp: Just me. Alec doesn't like it.

SparklingLion: Okay new convo. I'll invite. No humans.

MikeBoy: WTF?

SparklingLion: Okay pass is the country आप guys are in.

SparklingLion has left the conversation.

LittleLamb has left the conversation.

NessCullen has left the conversation.

Sadistic_Vamp has left the conversation.

HuntYouDown has left the conversation.

StrongerThanYou has left the conversation.

MikeBoy: What was that?

AngelaaWeb: That was Bella and Edward!

MikeBoy: Cullen? I had a chance to find out where she is!

MikeBoy has left the conversation.

Jessie_: ...

AngelaaWeb has left the conversation.

Jessie_: Fine then. I'm gone.

Jessie_ has left the conversation.

BiGuy093: Where did आप guys go o.o?

AlecVolturi has logged on.

AlecVolturi: Jane? Where are you?

BiGuy093: हे Alec... ;D

AlecVolturi has logged off.

BiGuy093: 0.0 Guys he wasn't interested...

BiGuy093 has left the conversation.
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