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jasper and emmett were at my sides at the same सेकंड please let me edward i will do it quick emmett really wonted to kill him bella was to him like a little sister he loved her और then any of us not rosalie but और then alcie या me infact so he really wonted to kill him.
"no " bella stummbled foward to cling on to me i turned to fsce her.
"i just need to talk to him bella" i reached up and strocked her dace with my hand thats when i caught jacobs toughts he was still aloud to touch her like that after everything he has done to her "dont strain yourself" i pleaded "we will both be back in a few minutes" i didnt wont her to get to woked up.
she stared at me for a long moment trying to read my face then she sat back on the सोफ़ा, सोफे rosalie followed her. i was just about to ask घंटी, बेल if she was alright but she was staring at jacob. aand whispered when she caught her eye.
"behave and then come back" she told him. i wasnt going to promise anything not today. he thought.
i kept walking and i dint check to see if he was following right now i didnt care i couldnt hold it in anymore. "im not ready for आप to kill me now jacob black" i tried to get away from the house as quick as i could and i didnt wont them to hear me "you will have to have a little patence"
"patence isnt my speashialty" he growled under his breathe.
i kept walking till i could walk no more.
and stopped i turned slowly to face him his face turned in shock. the agony was there clear on my face i could see it there through his eyes. i could see what i looked like in most peoples eyes thats why i kept it away from bella.
i lifted my hand i i was here never herting while she was in there dieing i scrapped my hand down my face so hard it hert a little. it wasnt enough. it only took a मिनट for jacob to gasp the reson
"its killing her isnt it?" he asked i couldnt listern to him much longer she was dieing and i could do nothing about it. apart from this wasnt my fault. was the last bit i caught.
"my fault" i whispered and my knees gave in. i was on the floor in seconds.
"yes" i whispered in to the ground " its killing her" and me.
i thought back to the days where i would do anything to protected her i would still. but this thing was killing her right infront of me and i could do nothing about it. she was my would my soul. my life. with out her i was nothing.
"so why hasnt carlisie done anything about it he is a doctor right? get it out of her>" he growled the way he कहा this should make me angry but i dditnt have enough energy for that.
i had no energy for a lot of things. so i looked up at him my eyes must of been worse then i thought because his face went a little well not jacob " she wont let us"
it took him a few minustes ontil he got it jees she was true to the form die for the muten spawn it was so bella.
he knew her well how he got it as soon as i कहा it when i didnt.
"you know her well" i whispered " how quickly आप see ........... i didnt see. not in time. she wouldnt speake to me on the way home. i thought she was frightened - that would be natural. i thought she was angry at me for putting her frew this. for andanmgering her life. again. i never imagened what she was thinking. what she was resolving. not ontil our family met us at the airport and ran right into rosealies arms rosealies! then i heard what rosealie was thinking. i didnt know ontil that yet आप understand almost straight away. " i sighed. and groaned he understood her better then me how was this i know in the past he was there for her..... when i couldnt.
"just back up a sec she wont let you" his voise was thick with sarcasum. havnt आप noticed that she is exsactly as strong as a normal hundred and ten pound human girl? how stupid are आप vamps? hold her down and knock her out with drug" he wasnt so clever i liked this thought.... but it wasnt enough.
" i wonted to" i whispered" carlislie would have" no carlisle would never allow it it was againest what he knew and what he belived in.

sorry its like late i was really busy लोल hope आप like it please rate
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