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posted by angelas_price
So, for the past couple of years numerous teenagers and even adults *Gasp* (like myself)have been totally captivated my Stephenie Meyer and her Twilight Saga.

I must say, I प्यार to read, but I had never read a 'Vampire' book until my cousin suggested Twilight. I started पढ़ना the book and was instantly hooked.

I felt an instant connection to all the characters. I immediately went out and got a copy of New Moon and read that too. 3 days is all it took me to read both of them. I was disappointed in the fact that I would have to wait months for the 3rd installment of the series, Eclipse. Needless-to-say, as soon as it came out, I read it too. But again, I had to wait for the release of Breaking Dawn.

I had become a Twi-Hard! I was searching गूगल and visiting प्रशंसक sites daily for any info about the पुस्तकें and what others thought about them. I skimmed over the ones that पोस्टेड spoilers... I wanted to read the book without the rumors and other reader's expectations. I did however find a मंच on FanPop that allowed Twilighters (like myself) to speculate and to come up with our own theories and to discuss the other books. I thrived on पढ़ना their ideas and came up with some pretty good ones myself (atleast I thought they were good, LOL! I was right about the syringe of venom thing, so I was happy.) I even wrote some fan-fic, which I enjoyed doing, even if it was just to bide my time until the release of Breaking Dawn.

I went to a release party and got the book. I hurried घर to read it, though at this point I had heard some spoilers via the other Twilighters at the Midnight release.

Truthfully, I didn't care who Bella ended up with या how it happened (Yeap, I was Team Switzerland!). I just wanted all the characters to be happy and wanted closure at the end of the book.

I thought the book was very good. And I was surprised that others didn't feel that way. Sure, I had my qualms (I thought the whole pregnancy thing was rushed a bit) but I was happy with the ending. Perhaps it is because I knew and had accepted the fact that there was no way Stephenie Meyer could make EVERY reader happy. And if she (Stephenie) was happy with the ending, then so was I.

As an aspiring writer myself, I can understand when Mrs. Meyer कहा the story wrote itself.

Just like a dream आप would have, आप may know the people in your dream but आप can't control them या the decisions they make, आप just go with the flow and hope the dream ends happily.

I just wish और of the readers would have had a और open mind. Perhaps there was just too much 'hype' revolving around the final installment of the series. Too many expectaations. Too many people that wanted it THEIR way या no way at all.

Cudos to those of आप that enjoyed the book and didn't bash Mrs. Meyers. And for the readers who didn't like it, perhaps try पढ़ना it a 2nd time before coming to any rash decisions.

Just my opinion.
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I प्यार this video!! It makes me so excited about Eclipse. I was sitting on the edge of my सीट the whole time. Hope ya like it...I sure did. lol.
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I thought this was super funny! and he reads Twilight!!! he talks about new moon , and bella, and the plots. and whats going on! this guy is kinda funny i hope आप guys do too =D
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