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 Renesmee ( Taylor )
Renesmee ( Taylor )
Nessie comes back from the future and pretends to be Bella's sister. But she can't tell anyone that she is from the future, and that she is Bella's and Edward's daughter. But it will be hard because Edward can read her mind and find out who she is. Alice can't see her and might think that Nessie is a werewolf. And Nessie also looks like Bella and Edward and that might give the secret away. Jacob might see her and imprint on her. And she acts like a vampire.

"Taylor come on hurry up we are going to be late for school!" mom shouted while I was sneaking back into my window after a full night of hunting. "I'm coming mom!" I shouted back, and regretted saying that the moment I कहा them. At that moment I remembered that no one knew that I was Bella Swan's daughter sent from the future द्वारा the Volturi.

Suddenly that's when I heard the door open. So I quickly ran into my बिस्तर so Bella wouldn't know that I was out all night hunting. "Taylor why did आप just call me mom?" Bella asked in a mocking tone while entering my room. "Oh did I?" I asked in the mocking tone that she was using. "Ya आप did." she कहा in a wondering tone. "Oh um what I meant to say was coming Bella. Why in the world would I call आप mom? It's not like if आप were my mother." I कहा in a stern voice द्वारा the way the course of the conversation had turned."I don't know about that." she said.

I admittedly froze when she कहा that. I felt my jaw clench, my eyes widen, and hands turning in fists. So I tried to my voice stern, and serious without making it crack "Wh-What do आप mean u don't know about that?" I asked my voice cracked at the last part. "I mean that sometimes I think that आप might be my daughter." I admittedly froze again, and this time I felt my mouth pop open, but nothing came out. So I closed it and let her keep on talking. But I think the expression on my face might have कहा that she was right.And that I didn't want to talk about it. या that she was right and that I wasn't going to say anything about it no matter what.

Then out of no where dad shows up in my room. And he must have been hearing every single word that mom and I were saying. Because he continued the conversation. "I think that Bella might be right." he कहा while his jaw clenched and his hands turned into fists. But he continued, and stating the obvious. "I mean look at the obvious Taylor आप like me and Bella." he कहा through his teeth, but this time he was serious and mad at that thought. I admittedly froze again.So before they could go on with the conversation, especially dad considering that he could read my mind, and I was in hot lava. I decided to change the subject and kick them out of my room. "Ok the both of आप need to get out of my room. I need to get for school."

When we got to school I spotted Aunt Alice. She had a confused and worried look on her face. "What's wrong with Alice?" Bella asked in a worried voice while we were walking towards her. "Alice thinks that आप might hanging with the वेयरवोल्फ 24/7." Edward कहा "Why does Alice think that she knows that I'm mostly hang out with आप and Taylor." mom कहा

Suddenly I notice that everyone was फ्रोज़न and staring at something that was to far for me to see. Out of the blue there they were the भेड़िया pack. Some of them were in their भेड़िया form and some in human form. Alice was अगला to me in a second. "Speak of the devil. And the devil shall come." I कहा in a mocking tone. Dad laughed with out humor. "Edward what do they want." Alice asked looking at me with a confused look. "They want to talk to us but not here there are to many people here." Edward कहा in a serious voice.

"Why" I asked in a wondering and in a confused tone.While looking straight at Jacob. He was looking straight at me too. "Because they don't want everyone to know what's going on." Edward कहा while his jaw clenched, and his were fists now. He was glaring at Sam. Edward started heading out of the parking lot. Mom, Aunt Alice, and I started following. Aunt Alice had a cellphone in her hand calling Uncle Emmet, Uncle Jasper,Aunt Rosalie,Grandpa Carlisle, and Grandma Esme.

Every one else stayed still like as if they waiting for a fight या something to happen. Then we came to a sudden stop. And I realized that we were in the forest. And of course the भेड़िया pack was there too with Emmet,Jasper Rosalie, Esme and Carlisle. "Ok what do आप guys want to talk about?" I asked in a serious tone. "We want to talk about the trail the scent if u want to call it that. That we found it's a new scent but definitely bloodsucker." Jacob कहा in a serious tone also, and staring at me . "Alice have u seen anything coming coming lately?" Sam asked while looking at me.Jacob was looking at me in a lovey dovey way, and Sam was looking at me like I was trouble.

Then that's when I remembered that Jacob imprinted on me when I was born, and he had that same look on his face. Uh-Oh I'm in trouble now. Because now he was going to protective of me now. He was usually hates vampires. I forgot that Alice was until she started to talk . "No,I haven't been able to see anything. Bella I can't see your future anymore." Aunt Alice कहा in a worried, and confused tone. Now she looking at me too. "Alice I mostly hang out with you, Edward, Taylor, and sometimes with the werewolves." mom said.

"I know Bella. I can sometimes your future. Wait did आप say that आप hang out with your sister?" Alice asked in a asked in a confused tone. "Ya. Why Alice?" Bella कहा in a confused tone also. "Because I can't see her future. She is a blank spot. Like the werewolves." Alice कहा in a confused tone. Damn it I can't believe I for got about that. "Why can't can't आप see her?" Dad asked "I don't know."Aunt Alice कहा in a depressed voice. Before this chat could go any further I had to go on to a different discussion. "Ok are आप वेयरवोल्फ sure about the scent आप guys found." I asked until Uncle Jasper changed the subject back to the Why Aunt Alice can't see me discussion.

"Wait are आप a werewolf Taylor." Jasper asked in a wondering tone. "No I'm not a werewolf. I don't explode into giant dog. And when I get mad I don't start shaking like they do." I कहा in a stern, and serious tone. "Then what are आप because you're definitely not human?!" Sam asked in a serious and acid tone almost like screaming. I suddenly froze my eyes widened, jaw tightened, and my hands turning to fists. "What makes आप think that I'm not human? I just because Alice can't see me it doesn't mean that I'm not human."I कहा in the same acid he was using. I lied will not entirely. Because I am half human anyway. So I guess that counts as being human. So I wasn't completely lying. "So can we go on about the new scent the वेयरवोल्फ found?" I asked pushing the subject of me spilling my guts and telling everyone who I really am a side. And making the subject of the new mysterious scent that the भेड़िया found और important.

Everyone nodded and I asked again the werewolves. "Are आप वेयरवोल्फ sure of the new scent आप guys found." I asked while I was glaring at Sam "Ya we followed it. But it must have known that we were following it." Paul कहा in a angry tone. "How do आप know that it must have known आप following them?" Grandma Esme asked. "Because we लॉस्ट the scent in Mexico. But who ever it was they were looking for someone या something." Jacob कहा in serious tone now glaring and eying at dad. Aunt Rosalie laughed with out humor. "I wonder what they want. And who are they?" mom said. I heard dad's teeth snap once mom कहा that.

"How do आप know that it was a vampire?" Uncle Emmet asked in a excited tone. I bet he was excited because he might have to fight some vampires. "Because it smelled like a vampire." Quil said. "And looks like the blood sucker is on a killing spree world wide." Embry murmured in a disgusted tone. Suddenly we all heard a sound. It sounded like a howl and something else but I couldn't tell what it was. "Did one of आप do that sound?" Bella asked "No but we are going to find out what it is." Jacob कहा in a confident tone. "Ok back to the bloodsucker killing spree." Sam said. I guess he wanted to end this meeting as much as I did.

I had completely forgotten that grandpa Carlisle was here. He was the only one that wasn't making remarks and टिप्पणियाँ या anything until he started speaking. "Ah yes, we know all about the killing spree. We also are tracking it down but keeps changing its mind. I think that it senses that someone it after it. So there for it changes its mind. It goes in a different course.Making it और hard and confusing for us to track it down. We think it might be a coven of new born vampires. But we think it not be new born vampires. And that they might not after Bella. That they might be looking for someone else. But who could they be after? And what do they want from them?" Grandpa Carlisle कहा like if he was talking to himself.

"Ok now that we know और information we can track them better now. We'll take it from here." Edward कहा in a serious and angry tone. It's probably because he thinks that who ever it is that's on the killing spree is after Bella. I wouldn't blame him if he was thinking that. With mom's luck who ever smelled या tasted her blood would go after her.

"We are still going after who ever it is. Rather आप want us to या not." Jacob murmured in a threading tone. "That's fine. And if we have to fight together to kill them-" Sam interrupted Grandpa Carlisle "We shall help each other. आप help us track the vampire that is doing this down. And we'll help आप track down the vampire. Agreed?" Sam asked while holding out his hand to shake it with Grandpa Carlisle if he agreed to the I help you, आप help me method for hunting down the vampire on a mayor killing spree. "Agreed."Carlisle कहा while taking Sam's hand and shaking and it.

Time flew so quickly that I didn't even notice that it was dark outside. After the meeting with the वेयरवोल्फ that took the whole दिन was over.Me, Bella went घर in Edward's Volvo. "I'm going to look around your house when we get there." Edward murmured "Why? Is it because आप that who ever it is that is on this major killing spree might have come to our house to look for whoever of whatever it's after?" Bella asked in a concerned voice "Yes, Remember what happened with Victoria and other newborns?" Edward asked in a serious tone while looking straight at mom not even paying attention to the rode ahead.

"Yes. Ok I guess I see your point about that." Bella कहा in a understanding tone."Exactly." Edward कहा while now gazing at the me. "You are so protective over Bella. A bit too over protective. Loosen up god it's not like she was dying."I कहा while the words just were flying out of my mouth. "Well I can't. Remember the crazy wild vampire that is on the loose. And if my over protectiveness bugs आप well it's going to bug आप even more. Because I'm also going to be watching over आप too." Edward कहा in a serious tone. "Great. Just what I always wanted for someone to be super over protective of me." I कहा in a sarcastic tone and rolling my eyes.But Edward didn't see it "Can आप two please stop arguing? Taylor Edward is just looking out for us. Give him a break." Bella murmured under her breath. "Fine. Sorry Edward." I कहा "Apology accepted." Edward said

When we got to Grandpa Charlie's house the porch light was on and Charlie's car was in the drive way. Charlie was asleep on the couch. So we just let him sleep there for the night. "What the hell are आप doing ?" I asked looking at Edward. "Someone was in the house in the when it was empty today." Edward कहा "That doesn't answer my question." I कहा getting impatiently "Relax Taylor. Edward is just looking around to see if he smells anything out of the ordinary. Like a new scent that he doesn't know." Bella कहा while going to up stairs to her room. "Ok. That brings me to a another question. Why do आप think that there was someone in the house?" I asked while going to Bella's room to tell her that Edward thinks that there is a new scent.

But he was already there before me. "Both of आप go check if आप are missing anything."Edward murmured in a serious tone. "Why there is there a new scent in the house?" Bella asked this time and this Edward finally answered the question. "Yes and I don't recognize it. Maybe the वेयरवोल्फ know the scent.I'm calling Jacob to come and check the scent out."Edward कहा while dialing Jacob's number. Bella and I looked at each in disbelief that Edward was finally "Didn't Carlisle say that आप guys were also tracking the scent down?" I asked in a wondering tone.

If they were tracking the scent down then why would Edward not recognize it? It doesn't make sense to me at all. "Yes Carlisle did say that. But this scent is different. It's not vampire, and it's not werewolf या even human.That's weird the scent isn't in this room." Edward कहा in a confused tone,and looking at me."Maybe whoever it was didn't come to this room. Because maybe they didn't need anything from this room. And there for for they might be after Bella. They're after someone else.But who are they after? Why are आप looking at me with that I know आप are behind all this look?" I asked "Because I think आप behind या at least involved in all this.You have a point there. Maybe they are not after Bella. But now we need to also find out who is this new scent that we just found in the house." Edward कहा in a confident tone, like if already knew he was right.

But I doubt that he is right. Well expect for the me being involved part. I think I am involved but like if I was the target of the vampire that is looking for something या someone.And I have a feeling that they are looking for me. Which is so not good at all.That's when finally Jacob answered the phone. "Hello Jacob it's Edward there was someone in Bella and Taylor's house.I don't recognize the scent." There was a short pause.And I wondered what Jacob was saying."Taylor aren't आप going to check if आप are missing things?" mom asked "Ya, but not now. Do आप have anything missing ?"I asked "No, But I'm still looking."she murmured. Then dad started talking again and I listened in the conversation.

"So I need आप to come here and check and see if आप recognize it. Yes Bella is doing that now. No Taylor hasn't done gone to her room and check to see if she is missing anything. The weird thing is that the scent is not in Bella's room. I don't know if the smell is Taylor's room. The smell is not vampire,or werewolf या even human. Ok can u get your fury werewolf butt here." Edward कहा getting now impatient."Ok I'll tell her to go खोजिए her room."Edward कहा hanging up the phone. "Ok I'm done checking. Nothing is missing in my room. What did Jacob say?" Bella asked "He कहा that he'll be here in a few minutes. Also that he is bringing someone with him. And that Taylor go check her room to see if anything is missing. And to check if the smell is in her room." Edward कहा looking at me.

"Ok ok I'll go check my room." I कहा while heading to my room. When I got my room I found note on my bed. That had my real my real name and my nick name on it: Renesmee Carlie Cullen aka Nessie Cullen. That was super weird because no one knew my real name. I never told anyone my secret या my real name या anything. I was just about to open it and read it. When the someone knocked on the door. "I got it!"I shouted while shoving the note into my pocket. But before I went to open the door. I searched my room like crazy. Up, down, and all around my room. To check if I was missing things. I was missing things. I missing a lot of things. I was missing all my stuff from the future.

All the stuff that the Volturi had दिया had me when they sent me here was missing. Now I was really dead. Whoever has those things can will find out who I really I'm. The worst part was that if they did find they might tell everyone about me, about vampires, werewolves,and everything else. Which was against the rules for anyone to know about those things. Someone knocked on the door again. So this time I went to open it. It was Jacob and Sam. "So आप do what I told Edward to tell आप to do? Did आप check and see if आप were missing any stuff." Jacob asked in serious tone. While Sam looked around. "Shh! आप are going to wake up Charlie." Bella कहा while coming down the stairs.

"Oh sorry. Well did आप do it या not?" Jacob asked impatiently. "Ya we did check and see if things were missing. I'm not missing anything." Bella said. "I'm not missing anything either." I lied. I wasn't going to let anyone else find out my secret. "The smell is too light here. Which room is the smell stronger." Sam asked "In Taylor's room." Edward कहा while coming down stairs. "Are आप sure?" Sam asked "Positive. I was just in her room. आप can go check if आप want." Edward कहा while looking at me. "Ok I'll go check it out. And Jacob आप check Bella's room, and Charlie's room." Sam commanded या ordered Jacob to do that.

Jacob nodded and went up stairs. "Taylor where is your is room? So I can go check it out." Sam asked "Follow me." I कहा and showed him the way to my room. Once I opened the door Sam's nose wrinkled. I guess that the smell went into his nose once I opened the door. "Jack pot." Sam कहा while laughing. "Jacob come over here." Sam called out. "I'll go get him. He's never been in my room. He might end up in a closet या something." I कहा while leaving my room.

"Jacob Sam found the smell. Come on he wants आप to check the smell too." I told him. "So whoever was here is after you. द्वारा the way now I really am go to look after आप like I'm going to be super protective of you. आप might think I'm following आप around. But don't worry I'm not." he mumbled. So I decided to ask something that he would have to deal if he was planning to be as protective as he says. Even if I hated it when someone tried to protective of me. "You do know that means आप will be around a coven of वैंपायर aka the Cullens. They will be looking after me too. So what are आप going to do about that? I asked "What do आप mean?"He asked in a curious tone.

"I mean the vampire smell. To आप and all the वेयरवोल्फ the Cullens smell. So what are आप going to do? Wear nose plugs? If आप do that how will आप track the scent? I laughed at the thought of Jacob wearing nose plugs and trying to track the scent. To my surprise he laughing too, but he started laughing the सेकंड I कहा that. And for once Jacob didn't look like Sam. He looked like the Jacob I knew since the दिन I was born. The crazy, funny and sometimes protective Jacob. That reminded me right away of someone from the future that Jacob yet didn't know about. And I didn't plan on telling him either unless that person showed up here. Especially since no one knew me. या what happens in the future with me and Jacob. Which my family was upset about, and so was the pack when it happen. And which pissed off the Volturi. Jacob and I had a son. And that pissed everyone off. And Jacob just reminded me of him. Which I doubt it that our son was coming here considering that the Volturi would go check on him.

"No. I think I can handle it. But if the smell starts burning my nose I'll go outside. I might have to if I want to hang out with you." he mumbled under his breath. "Why would आप want to hang out with me? I hang out with a coven full of vampires. Don't आप hate vampires?"I asked already knowing the answer. "Ya I do but I handle it. I just want to hang out with आप ok. Don't take this the wrong way but-" I cut him off. "You imprinted on me." Jacob looked surprised that I knew that he imprinted on me. "Ya, How did आप know?" he asked while starting to blush "Ah. The way आप were looking at me in the forest. When everyone had that meeting about the smell आप वेयरवोल्फ found. आप were looking at me with goo goo eyes. So that's when I knew आप had imprinted on me." I lied but he believed it. "You noticed that. I thought आप were wondering why I was looking at आप that way." he admitted in a shy voice. "Does the pack know about आप imprinting on me?" I asked probably knowing the answering

He sighed "Yes. They are really upset because of it. They think that आप are the one that the bloodsuckers doing all that is after. But they are also glad that I imprinted on आप because that means that I was going to be protective of you. Which means that I wouldn't let anyone hurt you. And they're right.I don't care what they think of you. But I will do anything so the bloodsuckers don't get you. Even if it means being around the Cullens too. Can आप do me a favor Taylor?" he कहा in a low voice. "Ya. What is it?" I asked "Don't tell anyone about what I told आप ok." he muttered

"Ok. We better get to my room before Sam and Edward start looking for us. And don't worry I won't even think about it. So not even Edward knows that आप imprinted on me या anything about this little talk we had.But don't आप have to tell the pack about this when आप are in भेड़िया form? Why do आप think that who was in my room is after me?" I asked, and I promised I won't tell. "Thanks. Ya we better get to your room before they start looking for us. I won't think about the talk we just had either. I promise. I think that who ever was in your room is after आप because they were in your only. They didn't come to this room. And everything else that has happen connects to them being after you. So where is your room?" he pretended to lock his कीट and throw away the keys. "Follow me." I gestured to the door.

"What took आप guys so long? We were going to look for the of both you." Bella asked When We got to my room. "Um we were just talking about who might be after me." I lied. From the corner of my eye I could see Jacob give me a two thumbs up and he mouthed "Good job." I took out my tongue the same way that Alice sometimes to dad. "Ok. This room definitely smells. But it's not vampire या werewolf. And it's not even human. Then what is it?" Jacob asked in a wondering tone. "I don't know what it is. But will find it. Wait did आप say that आप weren't missing anything Taylor?" Sam asked

"Ya.Why?" I lied only about not missing things. I was wondering why he asked that. Jacob was the one that answered. "Because it's weird that someone would come here and not take anything." he muttered while shaking his head like he was think of something. "So आप think that who it is that was in this room is after Taylor." Edward said. "Yes all that has happened so far connects to whoever it is they are Taylor." Jacob mumbled. "I really hate saying this up I think आप might be right. Now that I think of it whoever it is after Taylor." Edward muttered Bella and I looked at Edward in shocked way. Like did he really just that? I think that Edward might be starting to like the वेयरवोल्फ finally.

"I don't know. But we better leave before Charlie wakes up. Tell us when आप find anything else. And we'll tell if we find anything." Sam mumbled while leaving. "Wait. Was the smell in Taylor's room the same one आप guys found, and followed to Mexico?" Bella asked running to block the front door. So they couldn't leave until one of them answered her question. "No and that's weird. We only thought it was one person. It's a different smell. But now it seems that someone else is also after Taylor now. But who and why are they after her? But who ever it is we will find them या the Cullens will. So don't worry we can handle it." Jacob hissed and gazed at me. "We'll do the best we can. But we need to find out who they are and why they want Taylor, and what they are." Edward promised. "We will also keep a eye on that too." Sam promised.

When they left Bella went to bed. I went to my room and sat on my bed. I took the note out of my pocket and started to read it. The note said: "RUN! THE VOLTURI ARE COMING FOR आप SOON! I took your stuff so they don't find soon. Try to find a back to the future द्वारा yourself. RUN NOW! BEFORE THEY FIND YOU. आप don't have much time to run. So do it now unless आप want them to find you." There was no name on the note from whoever it was that wrote the note. But I have a feeling that who it was that wrote the note was the one that was in my room. Then it dawned on me that the Volturi was after me. Uh-oh the Volturi is for coming for me. I was seriously dead now. But who was my visitor that warned me? Why did they take my stuff to give me time to run? Why would they warn me? How did they know that I was from the future? Who were they? I couldn't answer any of those questions. But I was determined to find out. No matter what happens. I was going to find out one way या the other.
 Renesme ( Taylor ) and Bella
Renesme ( Taylor ) and Bella
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