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posted by anna0789
bella's pov

i quickly felt asleep when we arrive घर

i was in the woods
i was wearing my प्रिय dress it was a white cotton dress i wasn't wearing any shoes and my hair was free the sun make it look like it had red in it and the wind make it हटाइए ......
this was my happy place
then i saw that edward was standing द्वारा a पेड़ in the shadows
i run towards him and he open his arms
i jump and hug him tightly he hugg me द्वारा the waist also tighlty and sigh happily

"i प्यार आप edward" i कहा he smile brightly at me
he हटाइए clser until our lips touch when our lips touch i suddenly felt uncomfortable his lips felt hard and harsh i pull away confuse this किस reminded me of..
when i look at edwards face i realize it wasn't edward anymore it was james i yelled in horror but he continue to किस me

i wake up gasping and cover in sweat
it was just a dream ... i told myself

but i was too scare to sleep and dream of james किस well attack again so i hop out of my बिस्तर to open my window it was still night probably 2 am

i walk out to my balcony and decieded that i would go to the garden ...but then i realize my mother would find out i was in the garden if my night गाउन got filled with dirt i sigh

wait i could used my white cotton dress i used this morning it was already dirty i happily change

then i walk quietly down the stairs to the garden

i went to my प्रिय spot at the garden it was the part of the white गुलाब and in the middle of it there was a beautiful fountain

i sat on the edge of the फव्वारा and play with the water

i heard some bushes हटाइए i look at them scare
"who is there" my voice shook i was terrify what if it was james या my mother ...

i heard i chucled i would recongnized that chucled everywhere

i felt silly but i कहा "edward?"

edward step out of the bushes he look a little bit embarased as when i little kid is caught doing something he isn't suppose to do

i laugh at his face

he stay there and i run and hugg him

"i miss you" i कहा happily
edward laugh and कहा "me too Bella और than आप imagine"

i look down embarassed i really just known edward what 1 दिन पूर्व and i was already अभिनय and felling like this.... this wasn't like me but

i look at edwards eyes he took my hand and pull me the फव्वारा i sat besied him

"Bella i have to confess something to आप ..." he कहा and then his forehead wrinkle
"well i have 3 things to confess to आप but 1 thing i can't never tell आप because i प्यार आप too much and if i tell आप , आप would ran away from me and am too selfish to allowed that am sorry of that Bella but आप could run away from me now "
he talk really fast i concentrate to get it all
he sigh heavily and took both my hands in his
"it all started....."
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