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posted by bookworm4nero
Chapter 2
Bella’s bruises where healing, both Edward and Jacob were glad for the bruises reminded them of something they didn’t want to be reminded of. For Edward they reminded him of how close he had come to hurting her and for Jacob they reminded him of how he was leaving Bella in the hands of a cold monster.
Edward had gone to hunt when Bella’s doorbell rang. Bella was humming a happy tune while unpacking boxes of her and Edward’s belongings, getting settled into their new घर made her feel like she and Edward were somewhat a normal couple. She hoped it was Alice but life was cruel enough to make it to be Jacob. “What are आप doing here Jacob, please leave” she कहा softly. Jacob gave Bella a playful grin and कहा “Don’t worry I just wanna talk I won’t bite unlike some people या should I say vamps”. Bella couldn’t help but chuckle at Jacob’s little vampire joke, “You’re an idiot.”
Jacob suddenly grew serious and stepped closer to Bella and huskily कहा “He’s dangerous आप know?” Bella’s breath hitched when Jacob stepped closer to her, the heat radiating from his body was almost breaking down the barriers she had built to protect herself from his werewolf charm. ‘How can he still affect me like this?’ Bella thought to herself, ‘I am hopelessly in प्यार with Edward aren’t I?’ “Hello? Earth to Bella, are आप listening to me?” Jacob half yelled rudely awakening Bella from her thoughts. “Please Jacob, I प्यार Edward, he’s my life. He completes me, don’t do this” Bella pitifully said. Jacob almost believed her when she कहा that but the fact that she had not looked him in the eye told him a different story. “I won’t let आप go Bella, nothing can come between us” he कहा stepping closer Bella.
As if on cue, Edward suddenly appeared between them letting out a blood curling hiss “Stay away from her आप stinking dog!” Jacob was immediately aware of what he saw as a threat; the way his breath reeked of animal blood and his vice-like grip on Bella who was quietly wincing. “Let her go!” Jacob yelled and before he knew it Edward was attacking him, Edward knew he didn’t need his super-speed. Jacob had not yet shifted which meant he was vulnerable, Bella instinctively grabbed Edward’s hand to stop him. However, Edward’s inner demon had taken over and without thinking he pushed away whatever was holding his hand flinging it away like it was paper.
Jacob’s दिल felt like his was breaking into a million pieces when he saw Bella being flung across the room like that. He was not concerned that Edward was about to attack him. He was only concerned about the precious girl he loved who was now lying very still on the cold hard floor, she wastoo still. It felt like time was frozen, he couldn’t move, seeing her like that was traumatising. Edward had not even realised what he had done as he went in for the kill, with Jacob still in his human form he was sure he would finally kill the bastard. Edward leapt for Jacob, ready to end him right then and there. Nothing would stop him now.
Okay well I don't know where this is going but I hope it turns out good.
So Bella's getting ready to हटाइए into the huse that Billy gives her द्वारा the river right in the middle of the treaty line.
"Bella, आप sure आप can go live out there all alone in the middle of...nowhere?" Charlie asked concerned.
"Actually dad I never really thought about that, wow, um, I really didn't think about it!" Bella replied stunned.
So Bella calls over Seth and Leah- Bella's friend bcause they know how eacher other feel. They were perfect to live with her in her house, good company and good protection.
The boys down...
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posted by H20girlH20
i woke up like at 8:09 i was walking to the kitchen. i saw Esme and Carlise. also Rosalie and Emmett. "good moring" "hi Karina how was you're sleep?" कहा Emmett. "fine thanks for telling me" i कहा "were bella and Edward also Renesemmen?" i कहा "well Renesemmen is in her room, and Edward and Bella are outside hunting." कहा Esme. i heard footsteps it was renesemmen "hi aunt Karina.!!" कहा renesemmen. i smiled. Esme pulled out रोटी "here आप go." she कहा "thanks" i cried. i saw the door open it was Bella and Edward. "Bella!!!! Edward" i yelled i ran up and gave them a hug. "hi Karina."...
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posted by twerdx24x1
Edward comes into the house and says” What the hell is all my stuff doing in the garage?” Then i stood and looked Edward in the face and कहा “we have company who is living with us now. Don’t be rude come शामिल होइए us.” In my head i was thinking to him. ‘They just showed up and knew our names and everything about us. It was awkward at first and then i gave them a tour and Alice saw your room and wanted it. So I helped her with your stuff. Paybacks a pain in the butt, आप shouldn’t have of been mean to me while i was being transformed. Oh yeah, I heard every word आप कहा about me.’...
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Yup, the wedding.

The week passed in a blur. Alice was able to successfully invite all of the guests. Rachel, Paul and Rebecca stopped द्वारा on Monday, taking the quickest flight to Washington they could manage. Jacob had been overjoyed to see Paul (who had married Rachel last year) and they had a boys-night-out, I guess you'd say. I talked endlessly to Rachel and Rebecca, my new sisters-in-law. I loved them immediately.
Leah and Emily came द्वारा और often as well, first to try on their dresses, then to simply visit me. Emily was a sweetheart, while Leah took some और getting used to, but we became...
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posted by mrsblack_1089
Chapter 9, here we come!! =D

Aunt Rosalie drove up a little later, avoiding all eye contact. Dad kept a smug smile on his face as he read her embarrassed thoughts. She held her head up high as she tossed Jacob's keys to him. "Your engine is terrible, द्वारा the way," she said. She walked in the house, her nose still in the air, trying to hold on to what dignity she had left. I would have laughed, except I liked my head on my body. "I like it that way!" Jacob yelled after her. As soon as she was out of earshot, Jacob turned to Dad, his face falling a little. "Does it run badly?" he asked. Dad shook...
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I had an original लेख that was like 8 pages that कहा my opinion on every single scene (lol) but I decided to shorten it and put it up here ;D. Ummm... I'm pretty critical, but please don't bash me if आप don't agree. This is simply my opinion. It's not like it even matters... लोल

One Word: Disappointment. If anyone asked me to describe the movie to them, that is what I would say. It was a disappointment. And, I think that's a generous statement for how awful it was.
(Now, to the people that loved the twilight movie, I'm sorry I don't agree with you. But, again, don't get really angry......
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Hey! Do आप guys know a good twilight प्रशंसक site? Help us all out and tell us... so we can go on!
Heres the cool site I found: www.freewebs.com/twilighttrailer
I think that आप all know of stephenie's website..... stepheniemeyer.com

Oh! Also- If anyones knows of a good site to see interviews या और trailer... Tell Me!

Speaking of stephenie's website... did any of आप see the "quote of the day" thing she's doing!? I प्यार that idea! what do आप guys think? I like the idea.. and I just cant wait to read Breaking Dawn! The movie should be good too :)
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This is Twilight Behind the scenes video where the cast is shooting for the baseball scene! it has some funny bloopers and some really cool stuntwork! Enjoy
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