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posted by renesmeblack
YAY!!! Bella is a vampire, right? Wrong.
Lets see whats going on.

I grazed my teeth against her throat, afraid to break her skin. Her दिल was racing. I was really nervous. How can Bella want this life, just to be with me, a monster? Bella has been dreaming about this for about a year, ever since she learned what I was. What we are.
I felt a small hand on my shoulder. Alice pulled me away from Bella.
"Don't," she said. I saw a stream of visions go through Alice's head.
The Quileutes will attack, because I would break the treaty. Bella will be in pain for days, and I'll be suffering with her. And then I saw a new vision flow into her head. Victoria was running, with many pieces torn off of her body.
I followed my instinct. I grabbed Bella and ran. That's when I found Victoria's scent. No. I will not let go of Bella. This may be a trap. I looked to Alice for enlightenment. She looked skeptical.
I can't see anything, she complained in her head.
Then, before I could tell her to, she darted into the trees, following the scent. I set Bella down. She looked around her.
"Edward, what's going on?" she asked.
"Victoria escaped. The भेड़िया ran off."
"No! Jacob would never cower away from a fight. There must be something wrong."
Before I could answer, Alice appeared. Bella jumped.
"Edward, I found her," she exclaimed. She pulled me into the forest, leaving Bella alone. We were half a mile away when I heard what I was afraid to hear.
"Edward, she left the area she was in. She's closer to Bella than we are!" Alice yelled. I ran back, faster and faster.
Uh, oh.

I was still running when I heard the scream. I finally made it to where I left Bella, only to find the area empty. I followed a new, fresh scent into the forest again. There I found Victoria sucking the blood from Bella's throat. I yelled and tackled her to the ground, making her drop Bella. I felt a hot hand on my shoulder, but this hand didn't pull me away. I looked up. Jacob was towering over me.
"Get Bella and run," he said. I did as I was told before Jacob shifted and attacked.
I looked at the human in my arms. She लॉस्ट a lot of blood. Bella was unconscious, with tears in her eyes like she knew I was looking at her so sadly.
The scent of her blood hit me. But for the first time ever, I was no longer thirsty. I used the scent to make me stronger. We were flying through the forest together, my मेमना, भेड़ का बच्चा taken from me, almost slaughtered. I took her to our meadow. There, I brought her into the sun, to warm her already-cold skin. My skin glittered, and the bright light woke Bella. Her eyes opened.
"Edward..." she कहा before gasping in pain. I held her tight and calmed her down every time the pain would come back to her.
I set her down on the grass, and she would whisper to me what happened during my absence. Being with her now erased the pain, but I could feel that not only the venom was hurting her.
"Bella, आप don't have to tell me," I said.
"I just... Need to get rid of the past," she gasped.
The अगला two days blew द्वारा quickly. We were no longer lion and lamb, but lion and lioness. My mate arose, and we embraced for the first time as equals.
The years ticked by. I finally took Bella as my wife. Jacob has met someone else. Rose learned to accept Bella, now that she was a vampire. I believe it's because Bella didn't have a choice. I had the pleasure of watching Bella beat Emmett in arm wrestling for the 50th time. Even Jasper raced her from time to time. I still can't read her mind. I wish I could. I'm tired of hearing from Alice that Bella adored shopping when really Bella looked ready to kill Alice when she ordered her to model the clothes for me.
I always felt I needed to protect Bella, and it feels strange to know that she needs no और protection.
Oh, and Charlie? He learned from Jacob what we were. Jacob revealed his own secret as well. I think he handled it really well.

This is just the beginning of the story, and its just getting good.
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posted by dinosteph
Want an explanation? I've been busy, and bored. I got a little लॉस्ट in my story, and all the other stories being पोस्टेड on here. There are some people who can write and write and write, and get so much accomplished, and it takes me forever. I guess I get a little discouraged when I see some people are already on chapter 30 and I barely have 10 chapters.I also started लेखन other things, which got in the way. I'll try to force myself to stick with this, and continue to write.

PS - Thank आप to everyone who bothered to write to me, asking me when I was going to update. It's आप guys that remind...
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posted by luvrob
i kinda deleted it द्वारा mistake so i put it up again...

“Stop biting your lip so hard, Bella. आप will hurt yourself” Edward ordered me in his soft, velvet voice. I did as he said. We were in the car on our way to Charlie’s house to give him the news. I was so nervous. I wonder how my दिल must be beating. I thought of asking Edward but then let it drop.
“Let’s go out for रात का खाना today.” Edward suggested. As if 'we' will have dinner. He always wanted a way to spend money on me and take me to fancy places but I never allowed him. But now as things were going to change, I agreed to it....
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posted by bluefeet
 The Cullens
The Cullens
Twilight must be one of the most लोकप्रिय teenage पुस्तकें of all time and not only was it such a hit for the teenagers, but it was going well for various adults. The main gender that reads the series would be female, but it is widely read द्वारा males, too.

The movie was very well done. I thought it captured the main facts of the story. The actors were excellent, and all of the characters suited the ones that were imagined द्वारा millions of people worldwide. It really drew me in, caught my attention, and not once could I take my eyes off of the screen.

I think they rushed the movie a bit. I...
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(Notes: This section is self-gratification at its very worst. I was just having a blast being all pink-ribbons-and-bows girly with the prom thing. Enter at your own risk.)

Extended Prom Remix

"When are आप going to tell me what's going on, Alice?"
"You'll see, be patient," she ordered, grinning deviously.
We were in my truck, but she was driving. Three और weeks and I'd be out of the walking cast, and then I was going to very firmly put my good foot down about the chauffeuring business. I liked driving.
It was late May, and somehow the land around Forks was finding ways to be even और green...
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