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It's Complicated Chapter Sixty One
I say in the living room with Ella and Troy. They still haven't left yet.
"We are having a family रात का खाना tonight; will आप come," Ella asked.
I had no idea what to say. I knew Jacob would be there.
"I don't know," I कहा shyly as Ella sighed angrily.
"Why don't आप think about it and just text me if आप come या not," Troy said.
He sounded so understanding. Why could my own step sister not sound like this. Maybe I heard him wrong.
"What," I asked again.
"Why don't आप think about it and text me your answer later," Troy said.
Ella whispered something to him.
"What is it Ella," I asked.
"Get over it. I want आप to come tonight and I want आप to be in this wedding. But आप can't do that until आप put the past behind and forget about it," she कहा loud and clear.
"I'm sorry that I can't forget about Jake trying to kill. I can't help but miss the days before everything went up in the air and came back jumbled," I said, "I wish things could go back to the way they were but they can't. Not unless आप can undo my deafness!"
"Stop playing the deaf card! I'm sick and tired of आप being so self centered about this. आप are always of poor deaf me, deaf this and dead that," she said, "just get over it!"
I looked at her with my eyes wide. They were full of tears. I blinked and they all came spilling out.
I looked at her then at Troy. I slowly got up and walk away.
I went to the गेराज and put my motorcycle gear on. I hoped on and felt the vibration of the bike as I turned the key. I turned the throttle and felt the bike's vibrate even more.
I wasn't sure where I was going but I had a full tank of gas. I passed the exit sign for Forks and entered into La Push. I could go to the beach. The secluded one; the one place where I could be myself.
I got there and took off my helmet. I took it with me as I made my way to the beach. I found a good spot to sit at and then stared out at the water. I watched the waves come in. I forgot how pretty this समुद्र तट was. I was sweating in my boots and जैकेट but I was way to lazy to take it off.
I couldn't believe it but Jacob walked right in front of me.
"Having a bad day," he asked.
"It's none of your business of what kind of दिन I am having," I stated.
"Well, Ella called me asking why we can't get along. I told her I could get along with आप but आप just aren't having it," he said.
"I'm sorry my near death experience with आप is getting in the way of our friendship," I कहा sarcastically.
"Ella is very upset," he stated.
"Well, I am too," I said.
"Stop being so selfish. आप need to make her happy so dad will be happy and he won't be upset with me anymore," Jacob said.
"Okay I'm being selfish द्वारा not forgiving you, so Billy will be happy with आप once we go to रात का खाना together," I asked.
"Right," he said.
"Wrong! I'm not the selfish one," I said, "I am not selfish at all. I'm looking out for myself. आप and Ella are being selfish!"
Jacob started coming at me. He was really angry. I swung my हेलमेट at his head and took off running. I got my cell phone out of my pocket as I was running. I quickly opened it up and called Carlisle as Jacob tackled me. My हेलमेट and phone went flying out of my hands.
"Stop, someone help me," I screamed.
Jacob flipped me over on my back and held me down.
"Help," I screamed.
Jacob was saying something but I couldn't hear him. My hearing aides must have fallen off. I tried to wiggle out of his grip but he had a hold on me.
I kept screaming until he held his hand over my mouth. I felt my head press into the rocks and sand beneath me. I started punching with my fist but he still wasn't budging. I don't even think my fist were reaching his face.
I felt his hand come off my mouth and I started screaming. Then I felt a blow to my eye. It only made me scream more. I could fill my face was wet with tears and the salt air. Jacob got off me and started dragging me द्वारा my jacket. I quickly tried to unzip it but it was too late. He had another hold on. I scream louder. No one was here. My chances of surviving were over. This was it. Jacob kept dragging me into the water. We where at the shoreline. The waves were crashing on shore. He held me back down force my head underwater. Every time a wave would pass I would get a short breath. But I needed a lot और air from screaming and fighting so hard. I didn't give up, I kept fighting.
Soon enough Jacob was off of me and I say up. I started gasping for air. I saw Carlisle holding Jacob at gunpoint. Esme and Jasper rushed my side. I was crying and I was scared. I saw Troy, Edward, and Emmett all surrounding Jacob.
I took off my जैकेट since it was fully of water. Charlie and a bunch of other cops were running down here. A आग truck and balance had showed up to.
I could tell there was a lot of noise around but I couldn't hear any of it. Everything just seemed to be going really slow. Like it was slow motion. I just watched as people I didn't know crowded around me. They were all EMT but I was too shocked, exhausted and unable to hear what was going on around me. I just stared at Jacob who was being taken off in handcuffs. After I couldn't see him anymore I looked over at Troy. I don't know what made me look at him but I did. He was headed towards Ella and he didn't look happy at all. She looked upset. But soon I was being forced to go somewhere but I had Jasper's hand in mine and I knew it for this moment it was okay to relax.