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posted by Bella_Swan3

Eventually, we had to leave Isle Renesmee. It had been 3 weeks, and I really missed my mom and dad.

* * *

As we boarded the plane, I flipped through the huge pile of snapshots I'd taken. I barely glanced at most of them before I placed it in the small square box.

I paused at one, and felt slightly irritated.

"You take pictures of me when I SLEEP?" I asked Jacob, slightly teasing.
"You're adorable when आप sleep," he grinned.
"Idiot," I muttered, and hearing this, he started laughing.

* * *

I wasn't sure how, but when we landed, we didn't head for the connection flight that we were supposed to take. Jacob insisted we get on the one to MIAMI. When I asked him why, he कहा I had to meet someone. Who was I supposed to meet and WHY?

Since we'd be spending the अगला few hours on a plane AGAIN, I insisted we buy 3 empty scrapbooks to put the pictures in. I had to do SOMETHING on the way there.

JaKe didn't really mind, but then we had to run to get there in time.

Why were we going to FLORIDA of all places?
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