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posted by CharmedVamp101
I stepped out of the car. We were facing Jo Ann Fabrics, they had the best selection ever. Alice and I walked side द्वारा side. She was wearing a pair of sun glasses. So, I wore some too. We walked through the double doors and Alice smiled at the unsuspecting husbands, who got dragged along with their wives, who couldn't help but notice her beauty. I must have looked plain अगला to her. We walked right up to the only employee we saw, which happened to be a guy, (how weird?) who gawked at Alice.
"What can I help आप with, ladies,"he asked, barely able to get the words out.
"Can आप direct us to the white fabric, the kind used best for wedding dresses?"
"Of course, ladies, follow me,"he stuttered.
He inhaled deeply, then slowly exhaled before heading toward the white fabric. Even though I couldn't read his mind, I could just tell that he couldn't keep his thoughts straight. His eyes kept straying back to Alice. She smiled.
"Alice," I whispered, "you shouldn't taunt them like that."
She laughed.
"I can't help it,"she whispered back," it's just so fun to mess with them."
Finally we reached the aisle of white. I almost fainted at the sight of all the beautiful fabrics. The sales dude turned back around to face us.
"If आप need anything else, just ask,"he looked directly at Alice as he कहा this. If I were a vampire, I would have been able to hear his दिल stutter when she winked at him. He blushed and quickly walked away.
I smiled at Alice, who was already smiling at me.
We walked down the aisle at a slower than normal human pace. Studying and feeling different fabrics. Finally, I came upon a beautiful, satin fabric. It felt as light as water on my skin. It felt like a liquid.
"Alice, this is the perfect fabric."
She felt the satin, "I totally agree, this would look gorgeous on you."
"Now we need a type of see-through fabric, to go over top."
We walked further down the aisle and came upon see-through fabrics of white color. Some of them having glitter या sequins on them. I looked at several silver glitter fabrics, choosing one of these was harder. I finally decided on butterflies. I प्यार butterflies.
"So आप want a spring wedding?"
"Of course, that's my प्रिय season."
We grabbed that fabric and added it to the cart. Then we left the aisle and went to the front.
"Where's the aisle with the purple fabric,"I asked the sales dude.
He just pointed, without looking up, to the third aisle.
We headed that way. Then we studied those fabrics and I found a fabric just like the satin for the wedding dress. So we got that, then we went to the first aisle to look at the decorations. We found some purple glitter butterflies, that would go on the bridesmaids dresses.
After the fabric was measured and paid for we went to the mall. I needed some new clothes. Alice and I went into the different stores, buying tons of clothes. Of course, they all made me look good, which made me happy. Usually when I went shopping, I barely found anything that looked good on me. So I was ecstatic when we found so much. Plus we got tons of colors. I loved colors. Then we went and got shoes to go with the outfits.
After we had all of the accessories bought and paid for, Alice let me go get some books. I got a bunch, most of them from my प्रिय show, Charmed. Plus some others that caught my attention.


When we were away, the rest of the family had been adding a closet to Edward's room. I found that out, when I got back. The closet was as big as my room back at my apartment. My eyes almost dropped out of my head just looking at it. Alice helped me organize my clothes and then Edward's clothes on the other side of the closet. Half was mine, the other half Edward's.
Finally, when Edward and I were alone, we talked.
"I didn't get to क्विज़ आप yesterday, या today. So I'm not letting आप get away tomorrow, so beware. I will get my answers."
"Okay," there was no point arguing, and I had agreed to answer his questions.
Then we kissed, long and hard, but eventually he did break the kiss. Then he pulled me downstairs to the kitchen, where he ordered a cheese पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा for me.
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posted by BiteMeCullen107
As we left the apartment building the sun hit us like a beam of light. I look to the side, I saw Jason putting his hand in the face of the sun like he was going to die from it.
“Are आप okay?” I asked concerned that it was to much for him. He looked down at me and smiled. “Ya I’m go, I just have to get my sunglasses on. My eyes are just really sensitive to the light.” I nodded waiting patiently for him. He slipped on a pare of black sunglasses. The kind आप see know a days on मशहूर हस्तियों when the go out. “Nice.” I कहा with a warming smiled. He looked back down at me and smiled....
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posted by jamiesue00
I never left our house; I never left my बिस्तर for too long. Alice and Rose would come द्वारा and try to get me out of बिस्तर but, it never worked. I would end up screaming at them and throwing what was closest to me at the दीवार अगला to them. I knew I should feel bad for being so mean to them, but I couldn’t really feel anything. Everyone was trying to push me to get on with my life. Mom, Rose and Alice would come द्वारा everyday and try different methods to get me out of bed. Sometimes they would sit and not say anything. Other times they would get angry and try to force me to get out of bed. It just...
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posted by qtpievy
I was totally unprepared for what I was about to face. How could I leave my one true प्यार alone so fragile and unprotected, but surly she could stay out of harms way without the वैंपायर in town. I knew that it would be a while before she actually hinted that I was leaving and I knew that she would cling with every thread of hope. But this was for the best, I think.
I pulled into Charlies spot not wanting to look at the empty house so I spent the few मिनटों it took for Bella's truck to come billowing around the corner, with my love.
Holding her warm hand, I was so attuned to her that I could...
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Ok. so I found this as a group on फेसबुक and totally agree... I mean who wouldn't want a guy, या *vampire* like Edawrd? So here's the list.

1. Be inhumanly attractive
2. Drive 200 km/h
3. Save आप from death
4. Have an amazing body
5. Be incredibly wealthy
6. Be too much of a gentlemen
7. Have an elegant way of walking
8. Be inhumanly strong
9. Crooked smile
10. Have an extended an sophisticated vocabulary
11. Be really smart
12. Good taste in music
13. Smell extraordinarily nice
14. Suddenly appear out of nowhere and किस आप passionatley
15. To tell आप that आप ARE beautiful, not that आप look beautiful...
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I प्यार this video!! It makes me so excited about Eclipse. I was sitting on the edge of my सीट the whole time. Hope ya like it...I sure did. lol.
Twilight Movie T-shirts at Borders!
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