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Chapter 9 Father Knows Best (Edward’s P.O.V.)

“Bella do आप really think that we should interfere?” I certainly wanted to intercede but I had my doubts as to what my daughter would think of our little road trip to La Push. “Edward, we are going. I am not going to watch Renesmee in pain any longer.” Bella sounded determined as she stared straight ahead. “I thought that आप didn’t want them together and that आप wanted her to have options.” I reminded the प्यार of my life as gently as I could. She snarled sarcasitcally, “Well it seems like options are doing her a lot of good right now. Do आप remember when आप left me?” I cringed at the memory, in a pained voice I said, “Bella I did what I thought was in your best interest.” “I know that”, she reassured placing her hand over mine “but that still didn’t stop the pain that I felt in your absence. Jacob is doing the same thing to Nessie and I can’t भालू to watch. Naheul is new to her and I am not sure what will come of their relationship but she has known Jacob her whole life. I cannot भालू to imagine the pain she is feeling,” She whispered as she briefly closed her eyes. She looked at me seriously, “Edward that दिन that I jumped off the cliff I was prepared to welcome death with open arms I was just happy to hear your voice and be rid of the pain.” I cringed again at the memory of what I had thought was Bella’s death. It was unbearable to revisit. “I do not want this for our daughter I do not want her in pain. I think it is time for Jacob to tell her the truth and let her work it out.” Bella took her hand off of mine and ran her hand through her radiant hair as she looked out the window. I sighed, “I agree with you. I am not thrilled about that mongrel being with her but in all honesty I don’t know anything about Nahuel. I feel better at least knowing that there could be another set of eyes watching her with Jacob.” We pulled into the dirt driveway of Jacob Black’s house. I always felt odd setting foot on the reservation, although the treaty is no longer in place and we are at peace with the Quileute people I always enter this land with a sense of trepidation, I suppose it is due to decades of bad blood that existed before my wife and daughter managed to unite us all. Bella got out first and was knocking on the door, I sighed in resignation at what was about to do. Billy let us in he was friendly but I couldn’t help but notice him eyeing me with a little suspicion. “Hi Billy where is Jacob?” Bella asked as she walked in the door. “He’s in his room; he hasn’t stepped out all night या even this morning. Did he have a fight with Nessie?” He asked in concern. “That’s why we are here.” I told him. Billy raised an eyebrow as we walked past him. “Don’t worry Billy “Bella smiled “We come in peace” she कहा with a wink. The old man smiled fondly at her, Bella has always had a way with people and now in her vampire form she is even और radiant and powerful. She knocked on his door and then slowly opened it. Jacob lay on his बिस्तर staring at the ceiling. “Jake?” Bella asked timidly. “Go away.” Was his reply, “Jake we want to talk to आप its Nessie…” He looked up, “is she ok? Damn! I can’t even keep myself from caring isn’t it bad enough I went through this with आप Bella? I can’t lose her to a bloodsu” he stopped himself and looked at me “It’s quite alright I कहा I know you’re upset I’ll let आप take a shot this one time.” Jake smiled a tiny bit. “I can’t live through this again I barely made it through the first time Bells.” He कहा quietly as he looked down. “I think that आप need to tell her what is going on Jake”, Bella कहा “tell her about the imprinting.” Jake shook his head and I stood over him. “I think आप should too I कहा with a sigh.” Jacob and Bella looked at me in surprise. “I hate to say it but I don’t trust Nahuel. I don’t know him, when he is around me he controls his thoughts perfectly. He never so much as thinks anything of Renesmee. I find it very odd. Not that I enjoy your thoughts dog, but at least आप are an open book and आप have known my daughter her entire life.” Jacob looked at me in shock, “You are actually batting for me leech?” He asked mildly pleased. “Don’t get too comfortable with the idea”, I growled “I also want to tell आप that my daughter has been in horrible pain for the past दिन over you. She is heartbroken she is concerned that she hurt आप and thinks आप will never talk to her again. आप need to make this right Jacob. At the very least explain it to her, she doesn’t understand. She thinks आप are being overprotective and ridiculous. If she knew it was because आप lo-” I couldn’t finish as I didn’t like the taste of the words in my mouth. He looked down hopelessly “It’s no use I saw how she looks at him. I am not mysterious and exciting she has never once looked at me the way that she looks at him.” He कहा miserably “there is no competition.” “First off, Bella countered, “As gross as it is for me to admit I HAVE seen how Renesmee looks at you, she loves you, respects आप and most importantly she trusts you. She doesn’t look at आप like that because आप have no secrets from her. That builds a और meaningful relationship than anything.” “Really? He asked her with a sad pitch to his voice, “then why don’t आप explain the decision आप made yourself Bella. It’s the same thing it is happening all over again.” Bella let out a gasp as though she had been punched. I moved to her protectively,” No”, she mumbled “he is right”. Then she looked at Jake with a renewed confidence, “I am so sorry that I hurt आप Jake. But that was a different time and a different place. Renesmee is special Jake she is not me. आप imprinted on her, आप were made for each other. Nobody can come between what आप have with her. On her birthday the imprinting will be sealed. She will notice the feelings and she needs आप to explain it to her. If it is meant to be Nahuel won’t be able to stand in the way.” Jacob thought for a moment. “Ok, I will talk to her, but he कहा as he stood up to me “this will be done on my terms, I don’t want आप पढ़ना every thought and being ready to interfere.” I growled at him, “Don’t give me limits with my daughter dog, I trust आप but don’t push it.” We stared each other down for a moment, Jacob’s thoughts were scattered but I made out what I needed to know, that I could trust him and he loved my daughter almost as fiercely as I did. Bella stepped in between us, “Jake it’s fine Edward will give आप some space, just don’t abuse it and be careful with her आप know how she gets if आप are too pushy.” “Bells,” he said, “I प्यार her I only want her to be happy. I will talk to her and if she decides to choose Nahuel I will disappear, don’t worry, I won’t be here to watch it this time”. With that he walked past us and disappeared out the door. Bella gave me a stern look and growled, “BEHAVE,” as she led me out the door waving to Billy. I sighed and thought as I got into the car and drove home. Of a few things, I was convinced, my daughter was growing up there is nothing I could do to change that and keep her as my little girl, I needed to let go a little so that I didn’t lose her fully. Jacob was annoying but harmless and loved my daughter, that was plain as day. Nahuel on the other hand, had saved my daughter’s life but there was something about him that made me uneasy and all too willing to allow Jacob to pursue her instead of him.
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