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Chapter 4 is now up please read and टिप्पणी दे below. Chapter 5 is coming soon and so is the wedding with a few funny bits from Emmett in them. Look out for it.

Alice's POV
As I braked the car in a perfect posistion right outside the front door, I caught it. It was a vision I had whilst I was thinking about how to get Bella to co-operate without a fuss.
In my vision I plainly walked into the room, dress in my hand, in plain sight,as to not scare her with the unknown. As my vision self walked to the edge of the room her दिल had suddenly increased. She had tried to run out, when Edward had walked in blocked the door and her excape route. His turning up suddenly had scared her. She fainted.
I didn't see what happened अगला as I didn't know what we could possibly do at that particular moment. I would have to figure out another way to get the dress in and keep Edward out, all without scaring Bella. Now I had my hands full. From what I'd just seen if I took the dress in, Bella would run. If she ran and I grabbed her then Edward would be there in a second, wrestling me off her. It was time for the complicated stuff. I'd have to run in, pin myself behind the door to stop Edward from coming in. Doing all of this whilst calming Bella down. That wasn't an easy task on it's own.
Sure the plan had it's faults, but like everything I did improvisation took a big part. I glanced at Edward hoping he hadn't seen the continually changing expressions on my face. He was staring at me, eyes wide, and mouth slightly open. I'd been so distracted, I'd forgotten he could read my mind. Great now he'd seen my whole plan.
Well like I said, improvisation took a big part. I'd just make up the plan as I went along.
In a सेकंड we were up, running, racing each other, both trying to get to Bella first. As we ran inside, Esme came out of the living room.
"Edward, Alice," she कहा sounding shocked at our sudden, animal-like movements. Her shock turned into worry as we oushed and shoved each other up the stairs. "Everything okay?"
"Fine, mum," we कहा in union,"Just need to find Bella, आप know missed her while I was being dragged around द्वारा this little one.Bella upstairs is she?"
"Well she knows आप कहा to wait for आप both up in Alice's room but she [prefered to wait in yours, Edward, she's used to it आप know? Edward I believe she wanted to talk to you. Apologise for something, wouldn't tell me what. She was shaking, started crying just telling me that. Don't be too hard on her whatever it was." Esme talked after us all the way up to Edward's room.
When we opened the door, we saw her there, curled up on the bed, fast asleep.

Edward's POV
A sudden wave of guilt swept over me. Wow I loved her. Why, why did I have to be so overprotective of her? I knew why, because if something, even one small insignificant thing, happened to her, i'd kill myself with guilt.
She was still sleeping peacefully as I climbed into the big, white बिस्तर beside her. I was so careful not to touch her, but the movement of the बिस्तर under my body made her stir and awake. Just one glance at her made her start of crying.
"Sshhhh," I whispered gently, "It's alright honey."
Are आप made?" She mumbled, probibly और to herself, not expecting me to hear it. She was such a forgetful human, but that just made me प्यार her more. Luckily my extra sensitive hearing caught her every word perfectly, as if she was yelling it in my ear.
"No, I'm not mad," I said. She jumped, not expecting me to answer. "Get some sleep, you'll need it for the wedding tomorrow. I won't be here when आप wake up, Alice won't let me see आप on the day, she says it's unlucky."
Alice sighed thinking,Great now we won't be able to try on the dress until tomorrow morning, don't आप think the actual wedding दिन is a little bit late to be trying on the dress for the first time. What if it doesn't quite fit perfectly, या what if she doesn't like it.
She stormed out and I placed a किस on the चोटी, शीर्ष of Bella's head, as she slept on और deeply.
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