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Who would आप cast for the Denali Coven?

Three sisters: Tanya, Kate and Irina. Carmen and Eleazar are together.

Tanya, she has long curly स्ट्रॉबेरी, स्ट्राबेरी blonde hair, pale skin and has slight Russian accent.
Kate, she has long blonde, pale skin and can shock people द्वारा touching them.
Irina, she has chin length silver blonde hair, pale skin.
Carmen, she has long black hair, जैतून tone skin, originally from Spain.
Eleazar, he is tall and dark haired, जैतून toned skin. Originally from Spain. Can read whether या not if someone has an ability and classify it.
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TanyaDenali23 said:
I Like To Be Tanya In Breaking Dawn
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