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I Have A Challenge! Are आप In?

I प्यार Harry Potter And Twilight! In My Opion, They're Equals! So I Joined The "Twilight vs. Harry Potter" प्रशंसक Club! I Was Hoping To Find Someone Who Thought The Same Way As Me! I Didn't Find It! What I Did Find, Is Shocking!

I Looked At A सवाल That Says "I think Twilight is better than Harry Potter, agree?" The टिप्पणियाँ Were So Amazingly Rude! I Want To Come To Twilight's Defence!

A Girl कहा That "Harry Potter actually has 1,000 reasons why it's better than Twilight." (they actually do have a post of that on the "Harry Potter" प्रशंसक club) "No Twilight lover can actaully give 1,000 reasons why they प्यार it. They just say, 'Because Edward Cullen is sexy' and 'Jacob Black has nice abs'"

I Don't Agree To What She Said! I Left Her A टिप्पणी दे Telling Her I'd Give Her 1,000 Reasons Why We प्यार Twilight!

So, Twilight Fans, This Is Up To You! Please Give Me As Many Reasons As आप Want! I Need At Least 1,000! (I could do it द्वारा myself-because Twilight is great, but I want some और प्रशंसकों in on it)

So Are आप In?

Please Note That Any Reasons That Say That Twilight Is Better Than Harry Potter, Will Not Be Used! Think Of It As This- I'm Team Switzerland For The Harry Potter vs. Twilight Thing!

This Post Will Be On All The Twilight प्रशंसक क्लब्स I'm In! So If आप See This On और Than One Club, Don't Be Surprised!

It Doesn't Matter What Team You're On, It Matters If आप Truly प्यार Twilight, You'll Help! :)

 I Have A Challenge! Are आप In?
 shivers-zimmy posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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a-jforever said:
1. Its a प्यार story
2.Insperational? (S.M's a good Author)

I have a really blank mind at the moment I'll post और when I can think straight.x
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Rashel01 said:
1.vampire's are awesome 2.edward is sexy 3.Jacob is a fluffy werwolf 4. were else would u find a Renesmee? 5.Emmet has dimples!! 6. rosalie is emmets wife 7.alice is sooo cute ! 7.jasper has mood powers 8.esme is a loving mother 9.charlile is a awesome doctet 10.bella is down to earth 11. renesmee is special 12. वैंपायर are immortal 13.thyre fast 14. वेयरवोल्फ 15.edward is prince charming in disgiuse 16.jacob has sexy abs 17. edward sparcles in the sun! 18.alice is as gracefull as a litle danser 19. THERE IS A PORCHE IN THE MOVIE 20.theyve got style (IM SORRY I JUST NAMED बिना सोचे समझे IDEAS)
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who's charlile???? Oh and the porche was a very very hot car. Oh and I agree with आप on the jacob is fluffy thing.
Karipoof posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
K लोल
shivers-zimmy posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
ladywyze said:
shivers-zimmy, आप don't need a reason why आप liked a thing. Just like me. I don't know why I प्यार twilight. It's just I became like an addict to it. (joke...) It just changed my habits.
When I didn't knew 'bout Twilight, I doubt I'm tuned in here now...
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K लोल
shivers-zimmy posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
TrueTwi_hard said:
1.Twilight is a story about true love.
2.Bella is a thoughtful and overthought charakter.
3.Stephenie actually came up with new idea's!
4.There's a प्यार त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज in the book.
5.It's a wonderful book to read and a even better movie to watch.
6.Reading the first book changed my life. It made me think about my way of looking at things.
7.There are strong charakters and thoughtful places in the book, they are not random.
8.Bella and Edward प्यार eachother so much that they would hurt themself, to make the other safe.

I'm kinda blank, but I'll ad और if I know some.

this is my main reason:
I like twilight because of the storyline, the sentences and the actions.
When I read twilight, i think of my choises, and what I would do. I think of how I दिखाना my loved ones that I प्यार them, and I think about what I would do for true love.
When I read New Moon, I think about what I would do for the people i truly love. And I realize, that I would hurt myself. I would do everything for them. I know that I would make sure they are happy, and if that's द्वारा making myself ripped apart, I would happily be ripped. I would match them to my enemies, if that's the way to make them feel love, without being hurt.
When I read eclipse, I imagen how it would be to be on the same front as my enemy, and I have desited, that it doesn't matter. As long as being on that front, would make sure my loved one is save, I would go through eveything, see them किस in every possible way, just to make sure she won't get hurt.
When I read Breaking Dawn, I realize, ones again, That I would happily live through every pain people can imagen, to प्यार my loved ones. When that means that my ribs are broken, my lungs half beaten and my stumach ripped apart, I would be glad. That means I'm still alive to see my loved ones. I would welcome death, if it saved my family.
The whole sage, makes me think about life, and how less I care about my own. I think, and I know, that, as long my loved ones are still alive, I would walk straight in the arms of death.

also because of this:

It makes me look at my live because I imagen myself in her live. When I do that, I see the things I do wrong. I see what I should, and would, do for everybody around me. Bella is quite selfish. When I read Eclipse for the first time, I realized I am too. I wás quite selfish. Now, I ask my family and फ्रेंड्स to tell me when I go that way again. It helps. I'm not that selfish anymore. A lot of Bella's bad things I have to. When I read her mistakes, I see what I can do to don't make them myself.
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K, Thanks! :)
shivers-zimmy posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
your welcome
TrueTwi_hard posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
bella is down to earth and so are आप
twilight_quirk1 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
twilight_quirk1 said:
1. emmet is a bad ass
2. blondes and the rich can relate to rosalie
3. for anyone who likes superheroes with a twist
4. vampire boyfriend= protection
5. who doesn't like the idea of eternal love?
6. passion
7. beautiful wedding
8. special powers (like edward can read minds and alice can see the future)
9. victoria's revenge
10. scary volturi
11. action packed, fast paced
12. jacob also प्यार bella
13. jacob also loves renesme
14. these people are nice and beautiful
15. their uniqueness is of the soul and body not just wands and words
16. it's nice fantasy, not witchcraft
17. robert pattionson and taylor lautner rain hotness and reign on the entertainment hottest list, no comparison to daniel radcliff
18. bella, alice, rosalie या esme's beauty divided द्वारा 1,000 would probably be prettier than hermione (soory emma watson !!!)
19. who doesn't want to be bitten (tyra banks didn't mind it)
20. robert makes girls swoon, so does taylor
21. sexy is sexy
22. twilight has been in the चोटी, शीर्ष position for years teenagers प्यार it
23. it's और exciting and oddly realistic than harry potter
24.all-star cast!
25. special effects
26. 4 romantic novels + short सेकंड life of bree tanner and midnight sun
27. carlisle, the head of a family
28. who would not fall in प्यार with a vegetarian, under control vampire
29. did i mention there are beastly werevolves
30. werevolves that morph into humans and back that protect the land
31. the वैंपायर and werevolves are enemies fighting for a human oddly enough
32. who will the girl choose in the end?
33. twists and turns in the series
34. who knew a vampire could conceive with a human
35. everyone wants revenge
36. sparkly skin, glowing eyes, hair and teeth
37. awesome movies

Hope I Helped आप out a little

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angielol said:
those two फिल्में have different plots and also the hunger games chose which one आप like u can like em both if आप want 2
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 those two फिल्में have different plots and also the hunger games chose which one आप like u can like em both if आप want 2
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