टीवी के जोड़ियाँ My प्रिय couple...add your own :D

Pick one:
Tyler & Caroline
add yours : D
add yours :D
Nathan & Haley
Added by Seddie4Ever
Damon & Elena
Buffy & एंजल
Added by jemgrl323
Brian & Justin
Spike & Buffy
Added by Ocean-star
Elena and Stefan
Added by elstef
Chuck and Blair
Added by glassco
Brooke & Lucas
Added by Dean-girlx
Mulder & Scully
Added by TeeFly
Barney and Robin
Added by ccbee1234
Lucas and Peyton
Added by AdeTiffSan
Sawyer and Kate
Added by Piria
Tony and Ziva
Added by Lie_to_Me_123
Logan and Veronica
Added by nuija
Added by cicino1
Added by Lannieluv7
Lois and Clark
Added by othpop6668
Added by Irreversible
Added by LoveBonesGlee
Added by Sparky04
Serena & Nate
Added by Dudix
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