टीवी के जोड़ियाँ My All-Time Favourite Couple Scenes, Which Is Your Favourite?(In No Order. None Of The Artwork Is Mine)

Pick one:
Seth/Summer 2x14 Rain किस
Seth/Summer 2x23 Make Up
Seth/Summer 3x08 "I'm Going With You."
Chuck/Blair 2x25 I प्यार आप
Brooke/Lucas 3x09 "Forgive You/I प्यार You's"
Brooke/Lucas 3x13 Rain Kiss/Speech
Brooke/Lucas 3x22 Fight "Why Won't आप Ever Just Let Me All The Way In"
Brooke/Lucas 3x22 Dance/Kiss
Jake/Peyton 2x22 Jake Leaves "Forever Still Wouldn't Be Long Enough"
Nathan/Haley 3x01 "I Still Do प्यार You"
Nathan/Haley 3x07 " The Roots Are Still There"
Ross/Rachel 3x16 Breakup
Monica/Chandler 6x25 Proposal
Sawyer/Juliet 5x08 "You Were Amazing Today/Kiss"
Sawyer/Juliet 5x16/17 "Don't आप Leave Me"
Sawyer/Juliet 6x01/02 Juliet Dying
Sawyer/Juliet 6x17/18 Reunion
Spike/Buffy 6x09 Sex Scene
Spike/Buffy 6x10 Morning After
Spike/Buffy 7x20 "You're The One Buffy/Laying Together"
Spike/Buffy 7x22 "I प्यार You/Spike Dying"
Rory/Jess 3x08 किस
Rory/Jess 3x10 Snow Walking/Kiss
Rory/Jess 3x18 "You Looked It Up"
Jackie/Hyde 6x01 किस
Jackie/Hyde 6x02 Make Up
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