टीवी के जोड़ियाँ In your opinion,which is the best? [add your own,but NO opposite couples. for example: Leyton over ब्रूकस etc.]

Pick one:
Most प्रशंसकों perfer Ross/Rachel over Mondler या Phoebe/Mike.
Most प्रशंसकों perfer Leyton या ब्रूकस over Naley.
Most प्रशंसकों perfer Chair over Derena,Natessa,Nenny,or Serenate.
Most प्रशंसकों perfer Seth/Summer over Ryan/Marrisa या Ryan/Taylor.
Most प्रशंसकों perfer Tim/Lyla over Matt/Julie,Tyra/Landry,or Eric/Tami.
Most प्रशंसकों perfer Brenda/Dylan over Brandon/Kelly या Donna/David.
Most प्रशंसकों perfer FAB या प्रशंसक over Smeghan.
Most प्रशंसक Prefer Huddy Over Chameron & Foreteen
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Most प्रशंसकों prefer स्केट या Charlie/Claire over Jack & Juliet
Most प्रशंसकों prefer Tony/Ziva over McGee/Abby या Jenny/Gibbs
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