टीवी के जोड़ियाँ प्रिय out of my प्रिय kisses?(Yeah i'm just copying everyone's picks now hahah ;S)♥

Pick one:
Nathan and Haley♥First किस
Nathan and Haley♥First Rain किस
Nathan and Haley♥Rain किस on Car
Nathan and Haley♥Dream Rain किस
Nathan and Haley♥Under The Sprinklers किस
Nathan and Haley♥"Any room in there for me?"
Lucas and Brooke♥I प्यार आप किस
Lucas and Brooke♥Rain किस
Lucas and Brooke♥Dance किस
Lucas and Brooke♥Beach किस
Jake and Peyton♥First किस
Deb and Dan♥ "I want you" किस
Brooke and Mouth♥"I always wanted to do that"
Chuck and Blair♥Limo किस
Chuck and Blair♥I प्यार आप किस
Chuck and Blair♥Wedding किस
Chuck and Blair♥"I'll pretend she's you"
Nate and Serena♥White Party किस
Ricky and Amy♥First किस
Ricky and Grace♥"Does this count as oral?"
Karl and Bree♥"My knees haven't buckled yet"
Monica and Chandler♥First किस
Monica and Chandler♥Engagment किस
Carrie and Big♥"Carrie you're the one"
Freddie and Effy♥First किस
Naomi and Emily♥First किस
Rory and Jess♥First किस
Rory and Jess♥Last किस
Victory and Joe♥Engagement किस
House and Cuddy♥First किस
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