टीवी के जोड़ियाँ My couple challenge/opinions: Which do आप agree with the most?

Pick one:
Cutest Pairing: Neal and Emma
Pairing with lots of sexual chemistry: Stiles and Derek
Pairing I will never understand: Sam and Castiel
Rooted for since the beginning: Booth and बोन्स
Pairing with the best proposal: Kurt and Blaine
Pairing I dislike that most people like: Clarke and Lexa
Pairing I like that most people dislike: Xander and Cordelia
Pairing I didn't think I'd like but do: Klaus and Caroline
Pairing I liked but ended up not caring about: Tyler and Caroline
Most believable relationship: Angela and Hodgins
Very first ship: Tony and Kate
प्रिय pairing with a tragic outcome : Jack and Ianto
प्रिय pairing with a tragic outcome : Merlin and Arthur
Pairing I think I'd ship if I watched the show: Oliver and Felicity
Pairing I absolutely can't stand: Sam and Dean
प्रिय 'hate to love' relationship pairing: गढ़, महल and Beckett
Most interesting प्यार triangle: Spike/Drusilla/Angel
Pairing that needs to happen now : Daryl and Carol
Pairing that needs to happen now : Bellamy and Clarke
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