टीवी के जोड़ियाँ {Round 24}LAST ROUND ! My प्रिय couple in every TV shows I प्यार . Pick your LEAST favorite.

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Logan and Veronica (Veronica Mars)
Seth and Summer (The OC)
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1. Seth and Summer (The OC) WINNER !!!
2. Logan and Veronica (Veronica Mars) 57¨%
3. Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls) 37%
4. Sun and Jin (Lost) 52%
5. Jessica and Hoyt (True Blood) 37%
6. Abby and Jimmy (Harper's Island) 44%
7. Nathan and Audrey (Haven) 32%
8. Freddie and Effy (Skins Generation 2) (tied with Dean and Jo from Supernatural) 29%
9. Dean and Jo (Supernatural) (tied with Freddie and Effy from Skins Generation 2) 29%
10. Amber and Steve (ParentHood) 35%
11. Chris and Jal (Skins Generation 1) 33%
12. Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl) 35%
13. Beth and Mick (Moonlight) 24%
14. Alex and Izzie (Grey's Anatomy) 28%
15. Ross and Rachel (Friends) 24%
16. Wren and Spencer (Pretty Little Liars) 24%
17. Violet and Cooper (Private Practice) 30%
18. Mike and Susan (Desperate Housewives) 22%
19. Navid and Adrianna (90210 Next Generation) 27%
20. Baze and Cate (Life Unexpected) 16%
21. Dan and Marti (Hellcats) 24%
22. Auggie and Annie (Covert Affairs) 20%
23. Will and Emma (Glee) 17%
24. Ben and Amy (The Secret Life Of The American Teenager ) 38 %
25. Stefan and Elena (The Vampire Diaries) 33%
26. Lucas and Peyton (One Tree Hill) 35%
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Eirinaki_b_13 picked Seth and Summer (The OC):
I just love Logan and Veronica!!!
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Sparky04 picked Seth and Summer (The OC):
I never watched The OC. I'm fairly neutral about Veronica/Logan. I liked them in the 1st season, but just got a bit tired of them.
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Evanescent picked Seth and Summer (The OC):
So hard! SS are my 4th, but LoVe... 3rd. xD
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hotgod92 picked Seth and Summer (The OC):
I love Logan and Veronica a lot more.
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