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Tuff कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला Official Trailer Commercial #2
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The Nicktoons 'Nickelodeon Song' - Official Promo/Bumper with SB, Penguins and more!
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TUFF कुत्ते का बच्चा, पिल्ला Bumper: Nickelodeon Song
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“How should I know?” Maria lied. “I don’t think there’s anything going on today.” Keswick looked up at Maria again. “Then why’d आप ask the Chief to give us the दिन off?” Maria stammered. She didn’t want Keswick to figure out what the दिन was, as she wanted to make it like a normal day, but it seems Keswick might’ve started to figure it all out.

Maria stood there awkwardly for a moment, then fled into a different room, leaving a suspicious Keswick in the living room. Keswick got up, and leaned against the wall. "She told Kitty and Dudley to babysit the kids too... And...
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Episode 1: Project WOLF

*Nightmare Inc. Building*

Saga: *watching some scientists work* Where is he...

*Kevin Genesis, a masked teen with a कमीज, शर्ट that says S.n.P. on it, who's mask looks very similar a Knights हेलमेट but has two glowing yellow eyes and a यूनिकॉर्न horn on his mask, walks in with two hoodie wearing guards*

Saga: Well if it isn't my son Kevin Genesis! आप took your sweet time.

Kevin Genesis: *speaks in a cool but evil style British accent* Saga i have been busy making a new creation...

Saga: Oh?

Kevin Genesis: I shall call it...Project W.O.L.F.

Guards: *bring in a Half-Wolf, Half-Human...
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Snow glistened outside, as the temperature dropped below Zero degrees. Maria and Keswick had finally gotten the kids to school, as they were driving home. They were just pulling off out of the High School parking lot, where they had dropped off Stephanie. They were driving home, as Maria had asked the Chief to give them the दिन off, which everyone knew why, except for Keswick. “Why did we get the दिन off, again?” Keswick gripped onto the wheel. He had no idea what today was, it felt like an ordinary day.

“You’ll find out.” Maria snickered. She knew what today was, and she knew that...
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(duddley pantom x4)
young duddley pappy he was 23 when kalswick bilt a very strange machine,it was desined to view a world unseen.
(ganna catch them all cause he's duddley pantom)
when it didn't quite work kalswick just quit,then duddley took a look inside of it,there was a great big flash everything just changed,his malucules got all rearanged.
(pantom x2)
when he first woke up he realized he had blackish फर and glowing green eyes,he could walk through walls,dissapper and fly,he was much और unique then the other guys,it was then that he knew what he had to do,he had to stop all the ghost that were coming through,he's here to fight for me and you
(ganna catch them all cause he's duddley pantom x3)