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 My Fanmade Cover of The Avengers of Literature and Beyond! :D (I AM SO BORED)
OHMYGAWD I AM SO BORED D: So I made a cover for a story I MIIIIIIGHT write. Took me a while and badly edited but I प्यार IT ANYWAY :D THOUGHTS?
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Yay! A part 3, because of your encouragement and all, I have decided to continue on my Inpsried series. This one is called beautiful truth :), first of all I don't own any of these pictures, I've found them on various tumblr's. Some pictures in particaulr is from the little reasons to smile tumblr and the learnlovelivelife tumblr, so आप should check them out, it's really nice. I own non of these pictures, this is just for inspiring my lovely people out there. टिप्पणी दे what आप think! And प्रशंसकों appreciated ;) Again I own none of these pictures :) I don't know if I'm supposed to post a genre, and what genre this is, so sorry.
I own nothing!
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Source: Google,Just Type लेखन Inspiration!
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