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posted by Problematic129
Chapter 10
    The smell of young प्यार in the morning
    You’d all be happy to know that I never buried a certain Meredith Baxter, but I did accidentally hit her during our lovely game of वालीबाल, वॉलीबॉल fifteen times.
    “Hey JONES! Watch it!” She yelled furiously at me.
    “Oh sorry, I didn’t give a had enough smack,” I shrug as I put on my most innocent face.
    Meredith glared at me but कहा nothing more.
    Don’t आप just प्यार the feeling of having the last word? Because I do.
    Today is the दिन that Grey and Beth are going to that car show, I could already tell from Grey’s bright smile and Beth’s nervousness.
    I’ve also noticed that I haven’t been giving आप many tips, which SUP was made for. So I’ll be dropping some of the rules, my rules.
    But sadly I can’t stalk my lovebirds, because right now I’m being stalked as we speak. Remember Talia? Yeah, she’s outside my door, with this pie, a manic smile on her face, she’s yelling my name right now and trying to bust down the door which I bought extra locks just for her.
    Leaving this house meant facing Talia, who would take no for answer and probably follow me to where I was headed. Then I’d get into a huge girl fight, with the hair pulling, and yelling, and doggy hits, just because of her little obsession with Grey. Which is ten times worse than my infatuation with Cal, who on his page is hanging out with Meredith of all people.
    I sighed, I even thought of going out there, tearing Talia down, and running out there before anyone could pin anything on me.
    But there’s something आप should know about Talia, like I told you, she was crazy, deranged. Wonky in the head. I try to take her and I might end up in a body bag.
    Yes, she’s that bad.
    She’s so bad, that sometimes I’m scared of her, I know Grey is a little scared to of her. She’s just so…creepy, like in her smile it says that she’s been looking through आप window (even if आप don’t have one). And her eyes are always wide and fixed on you, concentrated on आप hard, like she’s trying to devour your soul.
    And sometimes she’s freaky with the way she dresses, like last time when I was leaving the house for school she appeared द्वारा my side, wearing the exact same clothes, her hair in the exact same style as mine, accessories exactly as mine, even her backpack and phone. What kind of normal person does that byu accident!
    So I just have to wait, and I’ll probably wither away waiting while Grey and Beth are somewhere doing only God knows what. Do they even know there on a date?
    They are on one, they are!
    I look at the clock with a tortured glance, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13...
    *A whole boat-load-humongous lot और सेकंड्स later*
    I’m staring at my ceiling, I think I’m dead, I haven’t felt so bored, I don’t know if Talia left ,but I can’t go out, too risky.
    So bored!
    A half a सेकंड later my door opens and a flushed Beth enters the room.
    “So?!” I yell, running to her. “How was it?”
    “It was…” She trailed off. “It was…”
    “You can finish the sentence, come on! It was…”
    Beth takes a deep breath. “Awesome.”
    I squeal, “yes!”
    Beth’s eyes narrow in suspicion, but she doesn’t accuse me, like I thought she would. “But now everything’s a bit weird.”
    “Weird? Why would it be weird?” I ask, scrunching my eyebrows.
    “Well…” Beth blushed. “I’ve never thought of Grey like…you know, romantic like. But today…he was so sweet, and he looked cute when he was nervous, and we almost kissed…ugh!”
    “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I’m holding my hands up, pushing at every whoa. “You almost kissed?”
    Beth nodded, her cheeks getting redder. “At least, I think we were going to. We were talking, and then Grey leaned towards me, we were so close…but then Meredith and Cal appeared and the whole दिन was ruined with them tagging along.”
    “Meredith and Cal?!” I screech.
    Beth nodded her eyes wide as mine’s. “I’m just as shocked, it was like they knew. It was creepy.”
    “Were they on a date?” I asked calmly.
    Beth shrugs, “didn’t look like it, Meredith and Cal barely looked at each other. But we managed to make some excuse to ditch them, than God for that.”
    I gave her a look. “Your verdict?”
    “Otherwise the crashers, it was amazing. But…I     don’t know if I like Grey that way.” Beth played with her fingers.
    “Easy, did आप wish the night with him and आप lasted longer?”
    Beth paused. “A little.”
    “Did आप find yourself looking at him without realizing it?”
    Beth nodded.
    “Did आप blush whenever he was close?”
    Another nod.
    “Did आप want him to किस you?”
    Nod. *Squeal*
    “Do आप want to go on another date?”
    “There आप have it, आप like him, and would like to go out again, which means a potential relationship, easy peasy.”
    Beth shook her head. “Not that easy.”
    I cocked my head at her, and that was when I heard Talia’s voice. “Oh हे Mr. Jones, I was wondering if आप can be so kind to let me in, to hang with your daughter?”
    “Back door?” I asked.
    “Back window,” Beth answered, wincing when she heard the door close and Talia’s excited squeal. “But I still didn’t seem to ditch her.”
    I sighed. “Young प्यार and young obsessions, brace yourself bubs, I’m calling the girl’s.”
     *Thanks for reading! Please review, या fan, and don't copy. Really appreciated :)*
 My terrifying enemy, Cat.
My terrifying enemy, Cat.
(Okay, so this is one of my weirder entries, but I just thought what it would be like for that yarn. This big thing pouncing on आप and stuff, anyway, here it is.)

So, today I was just lounging in the sewing room when this big नारंगी, ऑरेंज thing swiped a paw at me and caused me to roll out of the basket. The thing swiped at me yet again and I remembered what my parents were talking about one night. "That cat thing almost rolled me completely out of shape and into a completely flat string!"
"That must have been horrifying, honey!" My dad had replied. I wasn't paying much attention to the conversation...
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posted by hgfan5602
Almighty eagle,
Soar, soar
Soar beyond your wildest dreams.....

There's no limit
On how much आप can soar
No one can
Break your wings and kill you

Soar for the skies,
Don't let the feelin go
Just soar, soar like never before
No one's gonna stop you
From believin

There wasn't a time
When nobody could never soar
But there was a time
When people never believed

And tomorrow
Isn't the दिन to fall
And nobody's gonna push आप down
Oh almighty eagle

We're gonna be the powerful eagles
We're not gonna let anyone
Be our ruler,
We're not anyone's slave

Almighty eagle
Oh soar, soar towards the sky's height
And soar toward your dream
Let nothing keep आप away

Almighty eagle
Soar beyond your wildest dreams
And we're gonna fly tonight
Let nobody keep us down.
One dark and cloudy night, a couple of वेयरवोल्फ howled, awakening और and और werewolves. They set a curse upon the world that would destroy all humans. The people of the world had hunted millions of wolves, a great number of them werewolves, and as a result, had killed millions of werewolves. Now, the वेयरवोल्फ were seeking revenge.

As Byron woke up on a foggy morning, he was alarmed द्वारा the sound of wind rushing by, followed द्वारा loud howls. But as he looked out his bedroom window, he saw nothing. Byron raced downstairs, and seeing his parents were asleep, he went outside. Byron was ten,...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
I got घर and put the files in a drawer under my bed, it would be better if my mom didn't find them. My phone vibrated, taking it out of my pocket, I looked at the screen, “Texted as soon as I could, what's wrong?”
I sighed and sat on the edge of my bed.
“Just found out something about आप guys. Need to talk. Meet me in the woods behind my house tonight.”

That night was cloudy and cold, so I grabbed my जैकेट and headed out back. My mom wasn't home, so I didn't have to sneak out. I could hear Brett before I could see him, odd. “Julie, what's up? What's going on?” He was standing...
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posted by alicia386
Just to let आप know I was attacked last night. They tried to burn me द्वारा setting my house on fire. My husband was scared so he left me alone. He took the children also. I don't think I should continue with this story but the sad thing is that I can't stop. I won't stop. I will do what my aunt wanted me to do and I will finish this story but I miss my husband and son so much right now.

It took weeks but Jade was finally able to track down where this secret club stayed and had their meetings. They might be demigods but they weren't hard to find. It just took patience. "You thought आप could just...
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posted by dragonsmemory
There are many different Kinds in Eden, and each has its own language. Since the geography of the planet forced the Kinds to coexist, many words are shared between tongues, albeit with changed meanings. This लेख focuses mainly on the language of the dragons.

Draconian is one of the most difficult languages to learn to write. The placement of certain letters and accents changes the meaning of the various words and phrases. There are few beings willingly to teach this strange tongue, and few of them reside on Earth.

The word eht, in Draconian, means "love." However, with the addition of a...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
The अगला दिन nearly everyone at school was asking me what happened. Does anything in this town stay a secret? I went to all my classes and द्वारा the end of the day, I just wanted to be left alone. I walked to my jeep in the parking lot, my mom had driven me to the hospital in the अगला town to get it back. I told her that my friend drove me घर and I had forgotten it there. I got in and was about to start it up, when a piece of paper floated into my gaze. I grabbed it and flipped it over. It was the address to Dylan's studio. I sighed remembering that I was suppose to talk with him. I started...
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Chapter (12):
Abbie and Leo were walking in the hallways during study hall, they stopped because Leo had to grab his French book , Abbie spotted Susie and Brad in the crowd of students, Susie was whispering something to Brad, after she was done his eyes widened and he glared at Susie, "Does your mom know?" Abbie heard him say, "Shh!" कहा Susie, then they were both whispering again, "Ab!" कहा Leo, "That's the third time I've spotted आप like this!" he said, "I'm sorry" she said, "What are so interested in?" he asked, "Susie" she whispered, "Susie Gellar, Lily's sister?" he whispered, "Yes"...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
“What are आप doing here?” I asked as he walked into my living room and stood beside Sophie. “Sophie wanted to visit, so here we are.” He replied. He put his arm around Sophie's waist which annoyed me. Sophie was my best friend and he was just someone who likes stalking girls. Remembering my mom's rule about being a good host, I closed the door and asked them if they wanted anything to drink. “Ya, I'll have a double mocha cappuccino.” Sophie said. I knew she was joking because she was having a hard time keeping a straight face. We looked at each other, then burst out laughing. “I...
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posted by Problematic129
Chapter 10
    The smell of young प्यार in the morning
    You’d all be happy to know that I never buried a certain Meredith Baxter, but I did accidentally hit her during our lovely game of वालीबाल, वॉलीबॉल fifteen times.
    “Hey JONES! Watch it!” She yelled furiously at me.
    “Oh sorry, I didn’t give a had enough smack,” I shrug as I put on my most innocent face.
    Meredith glared at me but कहा nothing more.
    Don’t आप just प्यार the feeling of having the last word?...
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