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posted by Problematic129
Chapter 10
    The smell of young प्यार in the morning
    You’d all be happy to know that I never buried a certain Meredith Baxter, but I did accidentally hit her during our lovely game of वालीबाल, वॉलीबॉल fifteen times.
    “Hey JONES! Watch it!” She yelled furiously at me.
    “Oh sorry, I didn’t give a had enough smack,” I shrug as I put on my most innocent face.
    Meredith glared at me but कहा nothing more.
    Don’t आप just प्यार the feeling of having the last word? Because I do.
    Today is the दिन that Grey and Beth are going to that car show, I could already tell from Grey’s bright smile and Beth’s nervousness.
    I’ve also noticed that I haven’t been giving आप many tips, which SUP was made for. So I’ll be dropping some of the rules, my rules.
    But sadly I can’t stalk my lovebirds, because right now I’m being stalked as we speak. Remember Talia? Yeah, she’s outside my door, with this pie, a manic smile on her face, she’s yelling my name right now and trying to bust down the door which I bought extra locks just for her.
    Leaving this house meant facing Talia, who would take no for answer and probably follow me to where I was headed. Then I’d get into a huge girl fight, with the hair pulling, and yelling, and doggy hits, just because of her little obsession with Grey. Which is ten times worse than my infatuation with Cal, who on his page is hanging out with Meredith of all people.
    I sighed, I even thought of going out there, tearing Talia down, and running out there before anyone could pin anything on me.
    But there’s something आप should know about Talia, like I told you, she was crazy, deranged. Wonky in the head. I try to take her and I might end up in a body bag.
    Yes, she’s that bad.
    She’s so bad, that sometimes I’m scared of her, I know Grey is a little scared to of her. She’s just so…creepy, like in her smile it says that she’s been looking through आप window (even if आप don’t have one). And her eyes are always wide and fixed on you, concentrated on आप hard, like she’s trying to devour your soul.
    And sometimes she’s freaky with the way she dresses, like last time when I was leaving the house for school she appeared द्वारा my side, wearing the exact same clothes, her hair in the exact same style as mine, accessories exactly as mine, even her backpack and phone. What kind of normal person does that byu accident!
    So I just have to wait, and I’ll probably wither away waiting while Grey and Beth are somewhere doing only God knows what. Do they even know there on a date?
    They are on one, they are!
    I look at the clock with a tortured glance, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13...
    *A whole boat-load-humongous lot और सेकंड्स later*
    I’m staring at my ceiling, I think I’m dead, I haven’t felt so bored, I don’t know if Talia left ,but I can’t go out, too risky.
    So bored!
    A half a सेकंड later my door opens and a flushed Beth enters the room.
    “So?!” I yell, running to her. “How was it?”
    “It was…” She trailed off. “It was…”
    “You can finish the sentence, come on! It was…”
    Beth takes a deep breath. “Awesome.”
    I squeal, “yes!”
    Beth’s eyes narrow in suspicion, but she doesn’t accuse me, like I thought she would. “But now everything’s a bit weird.”
    “Weird? Why would it be weird?” I ask, scrunching my eyebrows.
    “Well…” Beth blushed. “I’ve never thought of Grey like…you know, romantic like. But today…he was so sweet, and he looked cute when he was nervous, and we almost kissed…ugh!”
    “Whoa, whoa, whoa,” I’m holding my hands up, pushing at every whoa. “You almost kissed?”
    Beth nodded, her cheeks getting redder. “At least, I think we were going to. We were talking, and then Grey leaned towards me, we were so close…but then Meredith and Cal appeared and the whole दिन was ruined with them tagging along.”
    “Meredith and Cal?!” I screech.
    Beth nodded her eyes wide as mine’s. “I’m just as shocked, it was like they knew. It was creepy.”
    “Were they on a date?” I asked calmly.
    Beth shrugs, “didn’t look like it, Meredith and Cal barely looked at each other. But we managed to make some excuse to ditch them, than God for that.”
    I gave her a look. “Your verdict?”
    “Otherwise the crashers, it was amazing. But…I     don’t know if I like Grey that way.” Beth played with her fingers.
    “Easy, did आप wish the night with him and आप lasted longer?”
    Beth paused. “A little.”
    “Did आप find yourself looking at him without realizing it?”
    Beth nodded.
    “Did आप blush whenever he was close?”
    Another nod.
    “Did आप want him to किस you?”
    Nod. *Squeal*
    “Do आप want to go on another date?”
    “There आप have it, आप like him, and would like to go out again, which means a potential relationship, easy peasy.”
    Beth shook her head. “Not that easy.”
    I cocked my head at her, and that was when I heard Talia’s voice. “Oh हे Mr. Jones, I was wondering if आप can be so kind to let me in, to hang with your daughter?”
    “Back door?” I asked.
    “Back window,” Beth answered, wincing when she heard the door close and Talia’s excited squeal. “But I still didn’t seem to ditch her.”
    I sighed. “Young प्यार and young obsessions, brace yourself bubs, I’m calling the girl’s.”
     *Thanks for reading! Please review, या fan, and don't copy. Really appreciated :)*



Chapter 1

Kikikyo stared straight ahead as he flew. Clutched in one foreclaw was a book of centaurian poetry. His father, King Parthurnax, disapproved of the centaurian प्यार poems contained within the book.

"Love? Bah! In my day, we didn't have anything called love. आप modern ड्रॅगन्स aren't tough," his father had कहा the week before. Kikikyo could remember thinking, <Here we go again. Another speech on how the ancient ड्रॅगन्स were better.> Between his young son (at the tender age of ten-and-seven) and...
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added by h3rmioneg
added by h3rmioneg
I own everything in this video, except for the Mattel and Simpson corporation. Other than that, the music, dolls, and editing are all mine.
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added by h3rmioneg
added by h3rmioneg
added by hgfan5602
posted by alicia386
Chapter Seven
Book Three- Zoe


      I stayed घर all दिन today. I observed Shane as he inspected the forest. It was like he created work from himself so that he could stay here longer. I could just stroll out here and demand why he was still here but Emma came या appeared. I was up in the basement and she stood right alongside of me. I had gotten use to her just materializing whenever she pleased. "Hey Emma," I greeted without removing my gaze from Shane, "What brings आप by?"
      "I need you,...
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posted by rory2011
Jack and Kevin left the room ,leaving their father's thinking
Kevin looked at jack " what ? ,what did I do ? " Jack कहा
" are आप really happy , with making Paul leaving this house ,and I know that Paul was right about the drugs thing " Kevin कहा
" first ,David is the one who told Paul to leave ,second आप have no clue that I'm taking drugs " Jack कहा
" no I have a clue ,your hand ,just look at yourself jack ,you're eating a lot of sweets and sugar ,you sleep a lot ,you're lazy ,and our money just disappeared without spending it on anything " Kevin कहा
" well if आप told dad ,he won't do...
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posted by hgfan5602
Ever wish आप got a shoulder to lean on?
Ever wish आप weren't always cryin' in the rain?
Ever wish आप weren't always so lonely, girl?
Ever wish आप could fly?

In the darkness,
I've always leaned on my shoulder
Who always saw who I really was
Never mistook me for someone else

I'm just a small shadow
Cowering in the rain
But once I got my shoulder
Boy, I feel so strong

The shoulder who always saw through me
The person who always knew what I felt
The person who always stayed द्वारा my side
My faithful friend through rain and hail

Did आप ever know आप were my shoulder?
Did आप ever know I would never be
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posted by sadiebugz00
Life can be hard. Especially for me, Lily West, your almost-average 16-year-old girl. Most people think it's weird I'm bald. Others think I'm going to die. Then there's the occasional person who tries to take pity upon me. I'd rather they not, because some say it like I'm a helpless little कछुआ, कछुए on its back. Sometimes I wish I die already, and sometimes I wish that I was a completely different person. Yes, it's tough having cancer. I just wish that they would respect me for a person instead of a helpless little bug.
posted by wantadog
Chapter 4

Juliet quieted. It was apparent that she was too weak to break the grip, and if this person really was friendly, fighting and screaming would only complicate matters. After a मिनट of her staying limp in the person’s grip, he let her go. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves and twisted around to see who it was. She couldn’t contain herself.
“Steve, आप bastard! What the hell!”
“Quiet! They’ll hear you,” he whispered frantically.
“Wait, so this is…real?”
Steve looked down. “Sorry, but yes, it’s real.”
Juliet clapped her hands to her mouth. “It can’t...
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added by alicia386
posted by SweetHoneyBunny
Tears were rolling down my face. My दिल hurt, and my thoughts were scrambled.
It was a दिन that reflected my emotions. The clouds covered the sky completely and were threatening to rain, the wind was howling and my family was being ripped apart.

My parents were both suicidal, and were always having what they call “accidents”. One week, I found my mother cutting her wrists in the bathroom. Her blood was puddling on the floor, and she was crying. I called her therapist, who talked her out of it. Again. My father was no better. He tried to thrown himself out the third story window of our...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 7 : Tragedy

The अगला days sun rose, as नीलकंठ, जय, जे knew what he had to to do...

"Welcome!, Lady's and Gents, i give you: नीलकंठ, जय, जे vs Cole!" The announcer screamed!

"Ready to die?" Cole कहा as they Unleashed a giant लोमड़ी, फॉक्स Form Kitsune! It lunged at नीलकंठ, जय, जे and he dodged it. When नीलकंठ, जय, जे looked at the towering Kitsune he noticed something: Whip Marks! Then he knew what to do.

"Shhh, it's ok" कहा कहा as put his hand on it's head and it started whimpering, "It's ok, i won't hurt you".

Then नीलकंठ, जय, जे heard something: Screams! Then he saw what happened. King George stabbed Amber through the दिल at the चोटी, शीर्ष of the Colosseum!...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 6: Amber?

One week after her सेकंड beating, नीलकंठ, जय, जे had an idea. He went to the Kitsunes cage with clothes.

"Put these on, आप will look like a human, and आप can see the outside world!" नीलकंठ, जय, जे told her. The Kitsune was surprised! She had never seen a world beyond her cage, beatings, and her mate. "We also have to think of a name for you", नीलकंठ, जय, जे said, "How about Amber?". Her ear's popped up in delight at the name. "Amber it is!" नीलकंठ, जय, जे decided as Amber was ready to go out on her first तारीख, दिनांक with Jay!

They first went to a museum of science. Amber was surprised to see such amazing things like T- Rex...
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