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posted by Problematic129
Part 11!!! Okay so, super duper sorry for it being so so so late! So I'm going to try to make this short and simple, I own nothing! Nada, zero, zilch. Most of these I found on pinterest, tumbr, twitter, blogs, all that sha bang. I own nothing. These pictures aren't mine. I प्यार आप guys, thanks for viewing, stay strong, stay beautiful, and stay you.
Right now I thought it would be kind to give आप a songlist, of some very powerful/nice songs. बिना सोचे समझे different nice. Just thought you'd like it. Go check 'em out.
The pretty reckless-under the water
Orla Gartland-Devil on my shoulder
Toby mac-city...
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posted by Dhampires
She looked at me throw narrow eyes droping her hostage to the floor she took a step toward me. She'd started to mouth off at me but I wasn't paying attention the only thing I had my eyes on was the man behind her.

He slowly drew a gun from his chest pocket before angling it at Camila's head he smiled at me and mouthed 'thanks'. I couldn't speak, I was speechless.

It was her words that brought me to life as of where I could run. "Duck he's going to kill you?"
"What?!" she sheirked turning to her attacker. He held a tight grin on his face. "Sweet dreams Princess." I could hear a faint Itialian...
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Spy Fiction

Chapter One: A Big Difference Between Normal and Reality

      "Well, maybe if आप didn't yell so much then I would try to listen to you!" I gave Christina a dangerous stare that sometimes made her back off but not today. Today she had one too many to drink and decided to stand her ground. She knew what I was capable of but still she remained focus on me. "Then आप think आप could just stand here and pretend आप actually प्यार my father!"
      Her bright grey eyes gleamed a little, almost like she was hurt द्वारा what I said. "I do प्यार him but आप are too conceited to realize the...
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posted by alicia386
Chapter Seven
Book Three- Zoe


      I stayed घर all दिन today. I observed Shane as he inspected the forest. It was like he created work from himself so that he could stay here longer. I could just stroll out here and demand why he was still here but Emma came या appeared. I was up in the basement and she stood right alongside of me. I had gotten use to her just materializing whenever she pleased. "Hey Emma," I greeted without removing my gaze from Shane, "What brings आप by?"
      "I need you,...
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posted by rory2011
Jack and Kevin left the room ,leaving their father's thinking
Kevin looked at jack " what ? ,what did I do ? " Jack कहा
" are आप really happy , with making Paul leaving this house ,and I know that Paul was right about the drugs thing " Kevin कहा
" first ,David is the one who told Paul to leave ,second आप have no clue that I'm taking drugs " Jack कहा
" no I have a clue ,your hand ,just look at yourself jack ,you're eating a lot of sweets and sugar ,you sleep a lot ,you're lazy ,and our money just disappeared without spending it on anything " Kevin कहा
" well if आप told dad ,he won't do...
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posted by rory2011
chapter (2)

the walls started to falling down on us ,I carried Sofia and took Jeremy's hand running to पार करना, क्रॉस that door without thinking what will be there behind that door
I put Sofia on the ground and closed the door quickly
I turned around ,I couldn't see Jeremy and Sofia ,"Jeremy where're you?" I asked
"Sam !I'm over here" he answered
I couldn't see my own brother ,all I see is black ,I felt like I blind
"Sam where're we ,I can't see anything "Sofia कहा
"I don't know , just chill out I'll try to catch आप ok ,just make some noise so I could get आप ok" I कहा
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posted by Insight357
    “Kayden!” Sebastian-my band’s manager-had a look of dismay on his simple features. I couldn’t hear him, but I could read his lips. Anyone who knew me knew to get my attention before they spoke.
    “What?” I asked. Though I’d been deaf since I was five I knew how to speak as well as anyone with full hearing.    
    “You still haven’t made your set list,” he stated, his face screwed up into a frown. “The first performance is tomorrow night.”
    “I’ll have it finished...
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posted by SweetHoneyBunny
This was Talow's first mission, find the lab and take anything useful. He was geared up with his new group, battalion V35. Luca had done some sweet talking to his general which allowed Talow to be put with them instead of some other scouting group. When they had gotten to Nindell they hadn't stopped to allow for sightseeing so this would be his first chance to see what the war had done to the once pristine city.
“You ready to go?” Luca appeared behind Talow with his own gear in place and his badge shining on his breast. The rest of the battalion was behind him, along with the few boys Talow...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
Chapter 2

Lawrence lived in a Chamber for a few years. But the Dragon Princess had tried to get his attention.

"LAWRENCE, रात का खाना IS READY!" The Dragon Princess yelled at Lawrence, who was in his Chamber.

"I am not hungry!" Lawrence told her.

"I WILL BREAK DOWN THE DOOR!" She screamed at him.

"No thanks." Lawrence replied as The Dragon Princess sat down.

"Why won't आप प्यार me!" She asked as she started to cry.

"Is that why i am here?" Lawrence asked her, now very confused.

"No one loves me! No one ever has and ever will!" The Dragon Princess told Lawrence as tears filled her eyes.

"Don't cry" Lawrence...
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added by alicia386
posted by alicia386
Trina Harper लॉस्ट her job, fiancé, and her mom died half a महीना ago. Life could not have gotten worse for this twenty साल old.

She strolled inside a nearby Chinese Restraurant that as filled with people. She sat down in the corner सीट and murmured her ordered the waitress. "Just a fortune cookie, please."

Her life had gotten so messed up when Kyle, her deadbeat fiancé, left her for her older sister. She was never able to escape this string bad luck.

An ancient, wrinkled woman hobbled her way to his table. "I made this just for you," she said. She hobbled away.

"And now I have old ladies giving...
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posted by hgfan5602
Ever wish आप got a shoulder to lean on?
Ever wish आप weren't always cryin' in the rain?
Ever wish आप weren't always so lonely, girl?
Ever wish आप could fly?

In the darkness,
I've always leaned on my shoulder
Who always saw who I really was
Never mistook me for someone else

I'm just a small shadow
Cowering in the rain
But once I got my shoulder
Boy, I feel so strong

The shoulder who always saw through me
The person who always knew what I felt
The person who always stayed द्वारा my side
My faithful friend through rain and hail

Did आप ever know आप were my shoulder?
Did आप ever know I would never be
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