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ट्रू ब्लड True Blood Vs // Which One?{Icons Not Mine}

23 fans picked:
ट्रू ब्लड
टीन वुल्फ
i haven&# 39; t seen the other one/ i can&# 39; t decide
i haven't seen the other one/i can't decide
 buffyl0v3r44 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Mrs-X picked टीन वुल्फ:
It used to be True Blood all the way but since the beginning of the summer I'm liking more Teen Wolf.
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buffyl0v3r44 picked ट्रू ब्लड:
Once again, I haven't seen enough of it. But I'm going to go with True Blood.
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RoswellGirl13 picked ट्रू ब्लड:
That one is hard. I love Teen Wolf. it is one of my favorite shows!!!
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tinkymel picked ट्रू ब्लड:
I watched a few of the first season of Teenwolf and it seemed ok, but didn't catch my attention. Misfits is a better show.
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