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 Decepticon Thrust
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revenge of the fallen
behind the scenes
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मेगन फ़ॉक्स#"If you want your girls to feel strong and intelligent and be outspoken and fight for what they think is right, then I want to be that type of role model."
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Chapter 2

[Megatron's Point of View]

“Megatron, an Autobot shuttle has appeared on our radar, but it has crashed and all life signatures have ceased,” Starscream told me.

“Good,” I replied, “Did आप retrieve anything that might be of value to our side?”

“No, आप entrusted Sledge’s scouts with that job.”

“Of course. Sledge, what did they find?”

“Nothing yet, Lord Megaton,” Sledge answered, “but I’ll check in with them.”

WHAT!” I then pinned Starscream against a wall. “Why आप are back here when the scouts are still scavenging the wreckage?”

“You told me...
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Jolt is a young Autobot described as a troublemaker and a bit of a snob but loves to battle Decepticons. He seems to have fondness of Earth's nature and a habit of saving energy explaining why he chose an eco-friendly car as a disguise. He is armed with two electro-whips. Jolt lures his enemies in close to deliver a crippling blow with his electro-whips

He is charging his electro-whips menacingly when the Autobots were confronted द्वारा Galloway and some soldiers after returning with Optimus Prime's corpse. When The Fallen forces the humans to find Sam Witwicky and turn against the Autobots, Jolt...
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