+ Angry Guard Dog: Underbite resembles some manner of hyper-stylized mecha-bulldog.

+ The Big Bad Wolf: Steeljaw, who has a lupine-like appearance.

+ Frogs and Toads: Springload, a Decepticon with frog-like features.

+ Giant Enemy Crab: Bisk, a Decepticon with a distinctly crustacean look, including eye stalks and snapping claws. Clampdown, on the other hand, is और of a literal example, lacking Bisk's humanoid shape and looking like a straight-up robot crab.

+ Giant Flyer: Filch, a giant mechanical bird Decepticon that is strong enough to lift an RV and two Autobots.

+ Giant Spider: Chop Shop, a combiner composed of five giant spiders that merge into a humanoid robot.

+ A Load of Bull: Terrashock, a Decepticon with bull-like features.

+ The Marvelous Deer: Thunderhoof, whose otherwise humanoid look features some impressive antlers and cloven hooves on his feet.

+ Prickly Porcupine: Quillfire, a Decepticon with porcupine characteristics.

+ Puppeteer Parasite: A tiny louse-like Decepticon known as a Nitan, which is employed द्वारा Steeljaw to control Grimlock's behavior.

+ Sand Worm: An earthworm-like Decepticon named Ped.

+ Smelly Skunk: A Decepticon appropriately named Stench, who has the ability to produce deliberating toxins.

+ Threatening Shark: A shark-like Decepticon resembles a hammerhead, appropriately named Hammerstrike.