Chapter 1

*5 Years After the Incident*

Nick: *Fixing up an old 1923 Ford T Bucket*

Brianna: *Walks in and kisses Nick* Good morning Nick.

Nick: *Blushes and kisses back* Good morning, Brianna.

Brianna: *Looks at the car* Nick, what'cha working on?

Nick: It's a 1923 Ford T Bucket. Some elderly couple is paying me $5000 to finish it.

Brianna: $5000?!? Wow! Maybe we can go on that vacation we've always wanted to go on?

Nick: Maybe.

Brianna: *Giggles and goes back into the house*

*Inside of the House*

Brianna: *Starts to brush her hair, letting her brown hair flow*

*Outside, a car drives up to Nick's House*

Nick: Fontana! You're late!

Fontana: *Comes out of his car, has blue hair, surfer glasses, and facial hair* Duuuude!

Nick:'re late again!

Fontana: I know...I'm gonna grab a soda, okay? Oh, and I brought the new car! *Brings in a 2014 Camaro*

Nick: *Looks at the 2014 Camaro* Wow...why would anyone leave us with a modern car?

Fontana: I dunno...*Walks into Nick's house*

Nick: *Gets in the 2014 Camaro and drives it into his garage* This feels...strange...


Silas: *His a long, grey beard, dark red eyes, wrinkly skin, and an evil smile* Well.

Novo: *Has black hair, blue eyes, and a slight stubble* Father, have we found any new Kitsunes to hunt?

Silas: No...but we have began to produce और drones.

Novo: Right. I've heard rumors of a Kitsune living with a human in some dump called Davis.

Silas: Oh? I do want confirmation though.

*Nick's House*

Fontana: *Guzzles down soda, and then goes upstairs*

Brianna: *Her ears and tail pop out* Oh...*Giggles*

Fontana: *Goes into the bathroom and sees Brianna's ears and tail* Uh...

Brianna: *Looks at Fontana* AH!!!


Nick: *Looking through the 2014 Camaro* Wow...this car is amazing! *Hears the scream* Brianna! *Runs back into the house*

*Nick's House*

Fontana: *Runs into a different room and whips out his cell phone*

Nick: *Kicks down the door* Fontana what the h*ll are आप doing?!

Fontana: *Whispers to Nick* I think that Brianna is a Kitsune!

Nick: I know she is.

Fontana: Really?! आप should have called earlier!

Nick: I'm not calling that f***ing number! Do आप know what they do to Kitsunes?

Fontana: What?

Nick: आप don't want to know!

Fontana: Okay...sheesh...*Goes outside*

Nick: *Walks to Brianna*

Brianna: *Crying in the shower*

Nick: *Hugs Brianna* Brianna...I won't let anyone hurt you...

Brianna: *Hugs back* Nick...

Nick: I promised to not let anyone hurt you.

Brianna: Thank you...

*Outside, behind a tree*

Fontana: *Calling the number* Yeah, she has brown hair, and she's a Kitsune!


Silas: Novo, we've found a Kitsune!

Novo: I need six drones! Then, it's time to go hunting!

(To be continued)