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हे I't Duncan_Courntey and LeShawnagirl here! and we're gonna tell आप about the kids in our class and how simliar they are to TDI characters.

First there's me
Chelsea (Duncan_Courtney)
TDI counterpart: LeShawna
I'm really up front with people, I'm pretty much फ्रेंड्स with everone but if आप piss me off then I'm gonna beat आप up!

Alex (LeShawnagirl)
TDI counterpart: Chris
Alex like to "torture" people and laugh at their pain. He's always cheacking to make sure he looks good, (hair, face, outfit, pureling his hands every two सेकंड्स ect..) He's always has to be the leader of stuff या host, and...
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I finally have it! xD God am not gunna have so much time since am moving to my new house this week soo am doing this thing as fast as I can लोल Pictures made by: Sumerjoy11! Tell her how good she did! She worked hard! ;)

Chapter 1: Going Back Home... Sort Of..

It was a new day, the last remaining TDA campers had woken up to eat breakfast, only Chris had to give them a tiny announcement. Harold had been getting use to the different way of getting up. He thought he would loose is MoJo only now his MoJo was way better than before. Duncan and had been wondering what was gunna happen with Courtney....
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