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 Scott and dawn:3
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i think they would make a cute couple. :D
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This टोटल ड्रामा आइलॅंड चित्र contains मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.


Natalie: A few things I want to say. 1, I did not enjoy it and I feel like crap actually agreeing to it. And B, how could Trent just offer to take her like that? I mean, I- *starts to cry alot* *stops crying and sniffles* I'll bet I'm overreacting, but if either enjoyed a सेकंड of it, I swear *holds up silver bow and arrows* this will come in handy. My friend Lynn from camp gave it to me. Whenever आप want it, it appears with you. Handy, hm?


Gabriella: Harold's lips we're so gross, I think he ate some poop before he kissed ME!*throwing up* I must...
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 look its बोन्स
look its bones
Kenya and her cousins was enjoying the sun until it went to dawn they ran back to the camps and sat down when it was too late their was mummy cases that catcher the boys meat kusher and Noah a snake came to कैन्डी a rabies cat went to the girls cebella sweet and sugar a horse went to sinto and two big कुत्ता went to Kenya and बोन्स then soon they became monster 4 meat kusher and Noah was the mummy kids कैन्डी was Medusa the girls was the three girl kat girls sinto was a centar and Kenya with बोन्स was the werewolf's Kenya look at Duncan and charge at him until the curse held off and they all fainted they all woke up and saw the campers looking at them explain कहा Chris fine Chris were monsters we were bite द्वारा the same जानवर and we became monster four im sorry कहा Noah with a tear in his eyes u guys are alright कहा chef and its fine द्वारा me कहा Bridgette they all smile at them and hug them all Kenya किस Alejandro
 dont look at कैन्डी eyes it turn u into stones
dont look at candy eyes it turn u into stones
 late chapter u see her its blood sister uh oh
late chapter u see her its blood sister uh oh
*Grils room*
Lulu: *crys*
Zoey: Lulu don't cry!
Rayven: yeah don't be a wimp!
Zoey: Rayven!
Rayven: well she is!

Zoey's POV: i am getting tried of that rayven chick! She is getting on my nevers!

Rayven's POV: Lulu need s to stop crying a be a woman! Not a little baby girl!

*boys room*

Alejandro: Give it back!!!!!!!!
Jax: Not until आप say that zoey is dateing me!
Alejandro: No!
Jax: Then i'm putting it i the Trash!
Alejandro: Ok ok she is dating आप just give it to me!
Jax: Ok ok!
Chris: campers! Come over the the lake.
Lulu: The lake is where sarah left! *crys harder*

Lulu: *crys*
Chris: today we will go in...
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 This is Melissa(not in bottom pic)
This is Melissa(not in bottom pic)

plz enjoy ^^

It started at 1 Am in Toronto.The aparment was freezing like crazy,and Miranda couldn't sleep.Her old boyfriend,Trent had just broken up with her,but she didn't really care.She already had a huge crush on a new guy at school,and she could only think of that horror movie she just watched.

2 floors up,a guy called Jake and his sister,Nicole were having a huge party.Of coarse,Nicole was a little creeped out द्वारा her bro.Why?Becuase he was dating Lindsay.Most people कहा she looked like Lindsay,but...
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Phil: meet your old competitor kevin hes back, today your challenge is to let your imaginasion fly द्वारा creating a fake mummy, zombie, ghost, या skeleton your choice
Jackie: what do we make it out of
Phil: the stuff i give आप *gives stuff* i'll see आप in a hour
jackie: how do i make a skeleton
Summer: i don't know
Jackie: *sees suply closet and goes in* a skeleton
Jumanji: *built perfect zombie* tada
Summer: how did आप build that so quickly
Jumanji: i don't know
Kevin: *halfway done with ghost*
Summer: i'm gonna start
after an hour
Phil: let's see these गुड़िया in action, Jumanji your first
Phil: 57 points, Summer go
Phil: sucky mummy but great performance 34 points, Kevin
Phil: complete opposite of summer, great ghost but sucky performance, Jackie
Phil: 100 points आप get invincibility
at ceremony
Phil: Jackie
Jackie: yes
Phil: i know i कहा आप have invincibility but i revued the security camera and आप got the skeleton from the closet so आप loose bye
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"oh no no no katrina your the only women in my heart,said cody.""oh cody your the sweetest,said katrina."(cody and katrina make-out for an hour)"wow cody its been an घंटा and I think I better go home,by cutie,said katrina.""oh द्वारा katrina!,said cody.""wow cody I can't believe आप actually found love,said gwen.""ya gwen I guess she was ready for the codmister,said cody.""(the अगला morning)"oh हे cody आप want to make out behind the bushes या behind a garbage can?,said katrina.""sure katrina आप got it babe,but why behind the bushes?,said cody.""oh just for the fun of it and afterwards would...
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Duncan, Courtney, Eva, Owen, Izzy, Chris, Noah, Gwen, Trent, and Heather stepped out of the bus one at a time. Everyone looked at Heather, she had Blonde hair! "How did we get ourselves into this?" कहा Gwen, "Season four!". "Well, what are we suposed to do now?" कहा Heather, "All I see are huge trees!". "The instructions say, that we have to...find mt. Calabar!" कहा Duncan. The 10 teens looked up at the huge mountian peek that they could see just over the trees. "We'll, let's go" कहा Duncan.

The teens hiked through the troublesome paths through the rain forest, the path got even और hard...
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posted by TDIlover226
ok, most of the people on my storys are based off of real people that I know. I put the cast on here, with their permittion of corse.

JG:Jenine Schott(me)

Vanita: Vincent Ernst

Seiamica Mal: Brenna Grant

Alie(Alex) Mal:Alex Grant

Juli(Julianna): Juliann Baker

Blake(Arther): Blake Robberts

Shawni: Shauniece Jordan

Bryanna: Bryana Tippsword

Clay: Clay Parks

Calvin: Calvin Michel

Tonya: मरीना Rosebrock

Stone: Micheal Stone

Stevin: Steven Shnakie (character not yet released)

Sophie: Summer Mariece

John: Jon Estrata
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