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This टोटल ड्रामा आइलॅंड प्रशंसक कला contains मोबाइल फोनों के लिए, हास्य पुस्तक, मंगा, कार्टून, एनीमे, कॉमिक बुक, and manga.

posted by coolguy111606
After watching all of the TDI episodes on Youtube, I got bored, and got into Survivor.

I realized that TDI does seem like a miniature copy of Survivor, but they are totally different.

But that's not what I'm typing this लेख though, its about the drama in each show. So what is the main question...

Which दिखाना has और DRAMA?

Total drama island's most dramatic moments:
-Heather पढ़ना Gwen's diary and kicking Justin off.
-Heather making an alliance to help only herself.
-Harold out of no where winning challenges, but continuously gets pranked द्वारा others.
-Harold getting Courtney off.

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posted by soxfan89
Chris:Here's दिन 1 Of The Campers Being Babies. Ok, It's Playtime Now.
Lindsay:Yay, Playtime!
Owen:This Teddy Is Mine.
Gwen:I Get Dibs On The Dump Truck!
Courtney:I Get Raggedy Ann!
Heather:I'll Take Raggedy Andy!
Duncan:I'll Get The टोपी Gun.
Trent:I'll Get A Book.
Izzy:I Have The Ball.
Bridgette:I Got The Police Car!
Geoff:Squirt Gun.
Noah:Panda Bear. (Hugs Panda)
DJ:Polar Bear.
Sadie And Katie:Flamingo!
Alejandro:I'll Get The मौज़ा, जुर्राब Puppet.
Sierra:Choo-Choo Train.
Ezekial:Lincoln Logs.
Eva:Don't Want To Play!
Beth:Laguna समुद्र तट Debbie.
Justin:Fire Truck!
Blaineley:Yellow School Bus!
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...then he would use Heather's invincibility idol and eliminate her. This is what she gets for चुंबन him in front of Gwen and accusing him of cheating.
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