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 tickle fight
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chris: last time on total drama simulation we had a baby sitting contest in wichteam simlish won so what will happen this time on total drama mama ....urrgh i mean total drama simulation

*theme song*

*mess hall*

trent: where angie and throw up girl

zam: dident see them this moring

trent:team सेब probley took them

lily: well team सेब has और class then आप guys

trent: says the girl with animal issues

lily: what did आप say

trent: just to let आप know i was the one who sold your bunny

lily: what

luke: man thats cold

lily: (closes eyes and thay turn red when she opens them)

pjoenix: आप wanna say that...
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(Everyone is eating dinner)
Jordan: Oh Danny!
Danny: Yeah?
Jordan: Here's the locket back.
Danny: aaa... आप can keep it. With what I saw happen with it, I'm scared to have it now.
Victor: (enters) आप must keep it या आप will be instantly eliminated Danny. आप got voted team Captain. Team Captains must keep the locket at all times.
Danny: aggghhh...
Elizabeth: Trudy.
Trudy: Yes Elizabeth?
Elizabeth: This रात का खाना is so good.
Trudy: Aww thank आप Elizabeth.
Elizabeth: Your welcome.
Evan: (mumbling to himself)
Eli: Evan? Are आप okay?
Even: (continues to mumble to himself)
Eli: Okay then...
Jake: (see's...
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(Non-First class)
Alejandro: So, who are we voting off? I say Cody.
Draven: Well, me and Eva have been talking, and we think it's best if we kick आप out of the alliance.
Alejandro: what?
Eva: आप got too mad today. It's just best if your out.
Alejandro: I don't understand.
Draven: your out of the alliance. Sorry dude.
Alejandro: आप 2 will regret this! (exits)
Eva: So who are we voting off? Rochelle right?
Draven: nah. I think we should vote off Al.
Eva: oh okay. So he won't mess with us? Like he कहा he will?
Draven: yep. Save Rochelle for later. We need Alejandro gone.
Eva: okay.


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-The baby shower-

"Suprise!!!" Yelled a screaming crowd.

The small आग hall was filed with a million people. Many were common friends, family, या old students from High school. Walls were decorated with colorful blue and गुलाबी streamers. A whole तालिका, टेबल was over flowed with presents and gift bags. There was even a big banner up on the दीवार that कहा "Congratulations on your two little blessings!" with two rattles printed on the sides.

"Oh my gosh! A baby shower?! For me?" Ally says excitingly.
"So that's why आप made me stay home! Just so आप could surprise me!" She कहा to Mike.

The tanned boy...
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Gwen's P.O.V
I've been with Duncan for about 2 and a half months.I प्यार being with him.The only problem is dealing with Courtney.Well actally she has been that mean to me latley.She actully seem to be being nice.
*minutes later*
I seemed to be hearing noises behind the cabin.It sounded a little like चुंबन noises.I walked behind the केबिन to find out what the strange noises were.I froze in my tracks.I saw Duncan makeing out with Heather!Heather of all people!"D-Duncan!How could you!" I screamed with tears in my eyes
Duncan's P.O.V
I saw Gwen when I looked up.She looked mad and sad at the same time."G-Gwen...
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posted by dxarmy423
(this story has both oc and td characters)

*Early morning in the town of Wawanakwa*

*Camera goes to noahs house*

Noah: *sleeping*

*alarm clock goes off*

Noah: ahh *fall out of bed* ouch

*Camera goes to Blaines house*

Blaine: *sleeping*

*alarm clock goes off*

Blaine: *breaks clock* *goes back to sleep*

*7:30am at the high school*

Noah: *gets off the bus* *yawns* to early for school

Duncan: *pushes noah* हटाइए it nerd

Noah: *falls* dumbass

Duncan: हे thats not nice *punches noah in the shoulder* later nerd *goes inside*

Noah: *stands up* ahh that hurt

Chilly: *walks by* *to noah* normaly I would just ignore...
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posted by -emofreak-
ok i no this is a bad spot but i just figured most of everyone i no is here so im not quitting im just leaving for the school साल cuz im with my mom duznt aprove of फैन्पॉप so ill b back evry now and then in between the school साल and then like the first या सेकंड week of june ill be back for tthe summer! k id just like to give a shout out to




and mcrluv122996!!!!!!!

~bye! :D

Ray: I'll miss you!!!!!
Noah: win for me!
rAY: i WILL!

Sadie: Hi I'm Sadie!
Katie: and i'm Katie!
Sadie and Katie: and this is the TDA aftermath show! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Eva: हे dumbos! where's Geoff????
Sadie: Like oh my gosh. I don't know!
Katie: Billy told us to be the host!
Eva: I will be the host.
Billy: with who?
Eva: where's geoff?
Billy: Crying.
Katie: Like oh my gosh about what?
Billy: I don't know.
Josh: I know!
Sadie: Like oh my gosh! It's Josh from CMH!
Josh: Yes i am.
Eva: I'm आप co-host! आप got it?
Josh: ok!
Billy: so why is he crying?
Josh: have आप seen Total draMA awsomeness??? Bridgette is cheeting...
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*The busses stop at a recording studio*
Rochelle: *gets out of her limo and straightens her dress* Okay Guys आप can come out!
*They all come out*
Rochelle: Ready for today's Challenge?
Penny: Uh that depends.
Faith: Seariously?
Marci: We're ready Rochelle.
Avan:You sure on that one
Sam: Who कहा we wanted a challenge?
Rochelle: Me and the producers.
Jordan: Well that sucks.
Sam: Tell me about it.
Terra: Yeah.
Rochelle: Okay all of आप shut up. Today's challenge has three major parts. First आप guys are going to record a sad song. अगला आप will make a sad संगीत video for it. Then You'll show...
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posted by Dramatic-Teller
#1. Kari (Like a big sister)

#2. Yuri (Like a little sister that doesn't annoy me =^-^=)

#3. Addrey (Like the bff I've always wanted)

#4. Luz-Luz-Anwar-Night (Tu eres la mas cool de este club! Tu eres mi mejor amiga que habla espanol, lo siento, mi computadora no se puede ser el asento.;D)

#5. DuncanxGwen4evr (She's a really cool rocka chick)

They कहा I have to keep लेखन या I'll have to put it as a forum...u knowz we barely read those.

posted by Lolly4me2
Surprisingly, Lisa, Tappy, and Alex were already in the cafe`; 3 hours before Sofie कहा she would be there.
"Sofie! Your early." Tappy greeted her. She took her bag off the chair she had saved for her after pushing her hair into her black hoodie. Sofie sat down just as the waitress walked over to them. She had almost the same hair as Alex-- a short-cut brown and blonde highlighted style. On चोटी, शीर्ष of her head was a गुलाबी rynstoned cap. Sofie looked over to Lisa, who glanced at the woman's name tag which read Sumer.
"Hey, Sofie. You've been coming here a lot lately, haven't you?" Sumer asked.
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"Ok so that leaves Sumer and Juno for the deer(Screaming Gophers).And Vanessa and Brooke for the Killer Bass.Put theese on and keep theme on.Take them off,and we have our final three.(Get it?)So go!"

*Every deer runs off*
*Half way through the bush*
"Hey,Sumer."Said Juno."Uh,what do आप want.?asked Sumer."Just gotta let आप know that....YOU SUCK AND I HATE YOU!!"*Juno punches Sumer repeatdly over and over again while kicking her and screaming.*"Oh crap!I think i'm bleeding like crazy!"said Sumer."THINK?""Yes,i'm very light-headed now and AHHHHH!!"*Juno turns around to see a bear*"run!!!!"

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