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Opinion by comicstrip2000 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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u vote who goes in comments

team killer bass:izzy,trent,noah,katie,courtney,duncan,eva,
team screaming gophers:ezekiel,justin,tyler,geoff,bridgette,

come get marshmallows sadie,lindsay,heather,owen,justin,tyler,ezekiel,
bridgette,geoff.........& harold

come get your marshmallow...........leshawna

its time to walk the dock of shame mr.coconut

vote who goes अगला आप can vote for people on either team आप cant vote for the person who has immunity though


good luck!

Opinion by 7thGradeGenius posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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"How DARE you cheer on Brittanya!!!!"
Finally, the competition was over, and it was down to me and Heather. Big shocker. But I was also sad that Duncan wasn't there द्वारा my side.

Chris lead Heather and I to a theatre-like arena thingy. Two sets of bleachers were set facing each other, one with a picture of Heather and the other with a picture of me. There was a white finish line near the bleachers, so I knew this had to be a race of some sort. But that would be a piece of cake. I'm the fastest female runner at this camp. This was gonna be way too easy.

"OK," Chris said. "We have the contenders Heather and Brittanya. And please welcome, the 20 campers who didn't make it to the final two."

Heather looked away, and I blushed as Duncan goosed me. I giggled a bit, then blushed even more. Most of the campers sat on my side, and only Noah, Ezekiel, Harold and Eva sat on Heather's side.

"Nice. Really nice." Heather glared at the people cheering her on.

Opinion by 7thGradeGenius posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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"I'm crazy about Duncan. Is that a problem?"
Three weeks later, the competition was reaching its end. It was down to the final three and I was lucky that I even made it this far. And I can't help but say this, but I'm starting to fall for Duncan. I mean, he's rebellious, he's annoying, and he's so vile, but I can't help but fall for him.

The final three was me, Duncan and Heather. And for Heather, I wasn't really surprised. She's such an ass, and she's a competitive bitch. It annoys me that she made it this far, when everybody hated her guts. But Duncan and I were out to make sure she never won.

~You can't prove anything,
Brittanya Annabelle Williams


It was such a breather without Rikki there to annoy us. I can't beleive she went ahead and tried to kill Duncan. I went out of my way to get revenge on her, but I was also scared of her, because she could'veseriously injured me, too.

That morning in the mess hall, I sat down अगला to Duncan, but not close enough for him to put his arm around me या anything. Heather got her food, and looked at us curiously and suspiciously, and walked to...
Opinion by 7thGradeGenius posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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YAY, Rachel and Jessica!!!
"Jessica and Bryan." Mrs. M called. Jess and Bryan went up to get their cards, and I saw something spark in Jess's eyes like she was excited aobut her role, but nobody knew what their roles were.

"Brittani and Douglas."

I stayed, clinging to my seat, holding on to the vinyl द्वारा my fingernails. Doug got up, and pulled my arm to get me off. For a fourteen साल old jock, he is strong.

I nervously walked up to Mrs. M and got my card, adn sat down.

"Ok, open your cards." Mrs. M said. Everyone else did as she told them to, I just stood there with my card. Then, I opened it.

"In these cards, are your roles. I will point to आप in whatever order I choose. When I do, give me your role. Jessica."

"Bridgette." She कहा emotionless. Jessica usually is kinda emotionless, but only in certain situations like this.

"Bryan." Mrs. M said.

"Justin." Bryan answered, kinda excited but kinda peeved off at the same time.
Review by topez99 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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You're a gunslinger who's famous
आप enjoy bloody fights and firearms. when आप belong in a team, आप are most likely to be the clueless helper who gives humor to any situation. आप live in mansion या apartment with secret entrances, या आप live among a group of animals. आप have the power to morph into animals, and be able to regenerate after every bloody brawl. But, आप also have an entourage to hang out with 'cause your a famous actor.

Cody enjoys technology, and has established himself as a nerd with the other campers. He dislikes an unbalanced hypoglycemic index in his diet, and fears is having to defuse a time-bomb under pressure. Cody joined TDI so he can झूला, स्विंग with the cool kids.
He had a crush on Gwen, but was shoved aside so that she could be with Trent. Cody's pastimes include going to the mall and observing "cool kids'" behavior. After being attacked द्वारा a bear, the team felt he was very useless so they had voted him off. Cody left the Island with his wish granted: to be cool
Opinion by bubblegum05 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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"Ya,Ezekiel is desperate.No one likes him cause he's such a sexiest."Brooke कहा to me.Then we heard Jared and Alex running up behind us.For some odd reason Jared was screaming."AH!WHAT IS IT???AND PLEASE DON'T SCARE THE CRAP OUTTA ME!"Andrea and Brooke कहा together."COURTNEY....asked....me...to the DANCE!!!"He said."It's true she did.I was right there."Alex replied."Well i don't know if anyone is gonna ask me....""THEN GO Ask SOMEONE!!Then,if they say yes,we can go get dresses."Brooke shouted.

Moments later,Andrea had no idea what she was doing.But she was standing right infront of Cody."Hey Cody.""Hey Andy....so आप wanna go to the dance with me?""Sure.See ya there"

Andrea can back shocked,kinda spaced out."Well??"Brooke,Jared and Alex कहा together.Andrea barley mooved her head,but she nodded.

From Miles away,we heard Noah screaming an we could tell he was scared."Eva..."WE all कहा together.We ran out the school door to see him hanging,Eva strangling him."NOW DO आप WANNA GO TO THE DANCE??!!"she yelled in a guy-ish way."YES!NOW LET ME DOWN PLZ!"Noah squealed.
Opinion by bubblegum05 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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XD nothing to do with it XD
SO there we were.Just.Standing.There.This school was crazy.Wow,this was a bad intro for this awesome fanfiction writen द्वारा bubblegum05.Please read credits while bubblegum05 thinks of something.

Back Around Episode 1(Back Around द्वारा Demi Lovato plays)
Characters:Andrea,Brooke,All Tdi Characters(and coolthingsfan14 singed up late,he's gonna be in this too)
Writen by:Andrea,"Brooke"(i got some ideas from frosti529)

Chapter 1
Andrea and Brooke were off to school when sudenly Duncan ran infront of us and चुरा लिया Brooke's lunch."GIVE THAT BACK RIGHT NOW,DUNCAN!!!I'LL GO TELL MOM!!!"She screamed after him."GOTTA LEARN I'M KINDA STALKING YOU!!!!""Ahhhhhhhh,"i sighed,"Your brother is kinda cute....""WHAT?!ARE आप CRAZY!!!????"She yelled at me"Sorry.Hey do आप like my new headband??""

Se ignored Andrea as they kept walking to Drama High.Andrea was going all "crazy" on Brooke and she didn't like it.

When they got to homeroom,everybody got a note saying"SKOOL DANCE!!SEPT 13!!! DOWN TO ROCK THEME!!!(a mix between down to earth and rock)
Article by bubblegum05 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Andrea:Hi!And Welcome to Back Around.A Fanfiction with a whole lotta drama!I'm andrea.For The opening theme,we will use Back Around द्वारा Demi Lovato.If आप have this song downloaded,we...er....i mean I recomened it.I will awolow one person to geust तारा, स्टार in some episodes,but only one person per episode.So,if आप want to see your character up here, please send me a message.This is just the information.But the first epsiode is enexpected.So keep your eyes peeled for the first Chapter!

Intro Written द्वारा ME(rockin the halls):
I'm not alone
But it might feel like it.
Theese people are insane,
but i gotta deal with it.

(the halls,the halls,ya,ya,ya!)

Playin' Pranks,
Messin' up,
Fan fiction by xxXsk8trXxx posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Harold: Hi, little weakling
Me: Why do आप have Lady Gaga with you?
*just dance turns on and LG starts singing*
Noah: That's how I planned it.
Cody: Cuz I'm sexy *starts dancing*
Me: YOU'RE NOT SEXY!!!!!! not to me at least
Duncan: Hi आप guys!
Me: DUNCAN IS A GIRL!!!!!!!!
Dennise: It's Dennise.
Spondgebob: Hello. I am Edgar Allen Poe.
*grabs on to Noah and Lady Gaga and runs outside*
Lady Gaga: *singing Poker Face*
Me: So...
Courtney: MEOW! *starts dancing*
Me: *singing* Can't read my cant read my no he can't read my poker face
Cody as BS: WOO HOO! :P
Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*Sakura Kiss*


Tamaki:Guess what!!
Hikaru:Let me guess..
Kaoru:..Haruhi's birthday is today.
Tamaki:No! Today is Haru...oh so आप do know..
Honey:Yeah Kyoya-chan told us, Right Takashi!
Mori:Yep (ok remember ppl that his leg is broken)
Tamaki:Mommy WHY!?!?!? आप knew I wanted to tell the great news!! *anime tears*
Kyoya:Well daddy,You took to long to get dressed so I decided to tell them for you.
Tamaki:WHAT!!! 5 मिनटों IS NOT A LONG TIME!!
Kyoya:You know how impatiant I am! 5 मिनटों is like 5 hours to me.
Honey:So when are going to go present shoping for Haru-chan?
Tamaki:*gets all dramatic* At ONCE!


Kaoru:*sees the girls in a mens store* हे boss! I see the girls looking for presents for Haruhi also.
Tamaki:*takes out binaculars and watches the girls* Hmmmm Very interesting....
Honey:*climbs up tamaki's shoulder* What is it Tama-chan?
Opinion by bubble_babe posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Heres what a 10 min nap will do to me

Ok i'm not talk werid like DuncanxBeth weird, i'm talking GwenxCandy canes WERID!!!
ok So frist of it was chrimas time :D and for some unknow resion i'm on my roof in short shorts and a small t-shirt(and our house....IS FUCKING BIG AS HELL!) and i'm waiting for santa....insted....Duncan comes......as SANTA!!
Well आप no Trenty, gweny, and Courtney'ie, आप no brigetteie, geoffie, and izzy'ie, but can आप re-call...the must fucked up camper(They were deer) of them all.....JUSTIN THE UGLY RAINDEER!

so i'm right their.....seeing THIS! then....
'Ello K!' - Greg
'GREG! my long लॉस्ट imangrey friend! mom कहा आप ran away!' -me
'She lied.' - simba
'....EEE SIMBA!' -Me
'Hey girl shut up and take आप damn present!' - Duncan
'T.T fine!' -Me
'Good!'- Duncan
'Hey! this is a pitcher of आप and COURTNEY! what is this some kind of sick joke? give me a brake, and go do something i want!' -Me
Opinion by gwentrentever posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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ok in a way this has everything to do with tdi/tda
आप peeps really need to stop judjing people on what they look like या where they come from (i judge people on what they bring to the table) i see so many mean and rude टिप्पणियाँ everywere...i get made fun of at school because im goth WELL WHO REALLY FUCKING CARES BECAUSE AS FAR AS IM CONSERNDED WE FUCKING BELONG HERE excuse my language AND IF आप DONT LIKE IT KEEP ON SAYIN YOUR SHIT...im a loser,loner,goth,juvie,punk,cheerleading,talented, artest yep thats it thats me but who really cares people still call me a wannabe but idc people call me a bitch...i know its true...listen to allstar from श्रेक that songs bout me...if आप dont like the judging and rude टिप्पणियाँ help me bye commenting in your opinion because really think this website for tdi/tda not for fighting...yah go ahead and flag me see if i care i just want आप to think bout what i said
Opinion by TDI_Angel posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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A hilarious सूची of things they will NEVER say... (NOAH FANGIRLS: Skip the first one for Noah, या I'll have to go into the Witness Protection Program...)

Genre: Humor/Parody

Ezekiel: Eva, you're a PMS bitch.

Eva: I like, प्यार life, like, a lot, like ya totally!

Noah: I'm straight. (or) Oooh, something shiney!

Justin: Looks don't matter. (or) I'm not sexy!

Katie: I'm ugly.

Sadie: I hate Katie!

Tyler: Sports? Eww, no.

Izzy: *monotone voice* Wonderful weather we are having.

Cody: I'm not a ladies man.

Beth: Damnit, get away from me, Justin!

Courtney: I WANNA ROCK!

Harold: I have no wiked skills.

Trent: Gwen sucks, 9 sucks, संगीत sucks.

Bridgette: Let's go HUNTIN'!

Lindsay: 1 plus 2 multiplied द्वारा the square root of 124 divided द्वारा 3 to the power of 3 equals 2. Any moron knows that!
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Lolly4me2 and duncanlovR stood द्वारा Chris, also is their फर bikinis. We glanced around at the campers, as they worked hard at gathering आग wood.
"Ha! This will be so fun to watch!" Lolly4me2 giggled as she saw Courtney, Lindsay and Beth sitting around a pit of wood smacking rocks together.
"Got that right!" duncanlovR walked, smirking, over the the Gaffers. "Having fun?" She smiled. Leshawna and Harold frowned in return at there host, and continued to their pit of wood, throwing और sticks onto the pile.
"Hmph." The red-headed girl who was still standing द्वारा Chris saw Duncan slacking off and quickly snapped her fingers. Chef dashed over in his own costume.
"Yeah? Wa'dya want?!" He asked crossing his arms. Lolly4me2 whispered in his ear and Chef was off again, after Duncan. duncanlovR, at the sight of that evil grin of her fellow Hosts' face, ran giggling over to her.
"What did आप do?" She asked bouncing up and down in her outfit.
"Oh... nothing." Lolly4me2 shook her head in satisfiaction. "I just told him to straighten him out... Duncan was slacking off..." She smiled glancing at her nails in smugness.
Opinion by GWENxTRENT posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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"Alison!" my mom ciried out! "what?!"
"Marlon and Luis are here!" as soon as I heard their name, I ran Down the steps. "hurry up!!! It's on!" Marlon said. "Come on!"
"trun it on!!!" Luis yelled. All three of us ran to the living room and truned on the tv.

tell mom and dad I'm doin' fine...
आप guys are on my mind...
आप ask me what I wanted to be, and now I
think the answer is plain to see...

I scream louder than any of us put together. Marlon and luis put their hands over my mouth.
They began to pet my head and said, "shhhhh...relax, breath in, and out, in and out." I did as I was told.
"we'll call them courtney's rules, in honner of Courtney." I can here chis say.
"i hate Courtney, I wanna kill her, if I were Duncan I would have killed her already and get on with my life." I कहा fast.

----after the show----
me, luis, and Marlon had our mouth wide open.
Fan fiction by Lolly4me2 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Lindsay dripped her feet into the lake, icy water made small pools around her legs as she giggled and shivered. She pushed her hot गुलाबी sunglasses higher onto her nose and looked down over the side of the dock. The night of Tyler's elimination had passed; and Lindsay was a bit sadder than usual. Her absence from challenges has made her slightly excluded, which only left Heather and Beth on her side.
"LINDSAY!" There was a yell from the black square walkie-talkie thats speaker stood facing the bright नारंगी, ऑरेंज sunset, as did the girl. Lindsay picked up the device and pressed a red button on the side.
"Yes, Heather?" She smiled.
"Get to our cabin! We need to have an allience meeting, आप idiot!" Lindsay sighed, and put the small communication toy down, and took her toes out of the water as tiny fished darted away at the shock of movement. She wrapped her towel around her waist and jogged back to the Screaming Gopher cabin. CRACK! A jolt of paint shot up Lindsay's leg and she collapsed into the soft wet grass.
Fan fiction by xcv_2013 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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As Brooke went to sit down at the table, Chris came up behind her & put his arm around her. "Hey Brooke!!" he कहा smiling his stupid fake smile. "Uh...Chris? What are आप doing here?" she asked really pissed. "Oh! Your brother,Duncan, must not have told आप that right now you're all being recorded at this very seconded!!!! And since your on the show...." Suddenly Brooke interrupted him,"WAIT!!!! आप AREN'T ALLOWED TO RECORD ME!!!! आप NEED A CONTRACT!!!" Chris smiled as he pulled out a contract,"In your brother's contract it says in Section 365 part F 'That we are also allowed to record family members या anyone else of importance.' So that means we can!" Brooke turned a furious red, ready to pumble Chris as he quickly said,"Which gives आप access to the confessional!"
Brooke: OK..... I want to say something.... I think Chris is a total, BLEEEEEEEPP!!!!
*end confessional*
"So, I'll talk to आप later!" Chris कहा winking at Brooke as she rolled her eyes.
Article by dxarmy423 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Tonight I'm so alone
This sorrow takes ahold
Don't leave me here so cold
(Never want to be so cold)

Your touch used to be so kind
Your touch used to give me life
I've waited all this time,
I've wasted so much time

Don't leave me alone
Cause I barely see at all
Don't leave me alone, I'm...

Falling in the black
Slipping through the cracks
Falling to the depths can I ever go back
Dreaming of the way it used to be
Can आप hear me?

Falling in the black
Slipping through the cracks,
Falling to the depths can I ever go back
Falling inside the black
Falling inside, Falling inside...
The black

आप were my स्रोत of strength
I've traded everything
That I प्यार for this one thing
(Stranded in the offering)

Don't leave me here like this
Can't hear me scream from the abyss
Fan fiction by 7thGradeGenius posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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I woke up the nest morning and screamed. I had to do a broadway musical...with Douglas...I gagged. I wanted to stay घर and keep myself locked i nmy room until I rotted. Anything was better than being with him.

Then, my गुलाबी rhinestone-studded cell phone started ringing to Miley Cyrus's Party In The U.S.A. I turned over and picked it up. Caitlyn Thompsett. God...no. I picked my cell up anyway and answered it. "What?"

"Hey, get up and go!" Cait said. "You'll be late!" Then there was a knock at the door, and I ran outside, hanging up my phone, go get into Cait's mom's car to go to New York.


Once we got to New York, Caitlyn made her mom stop outside a large theater. "Whoa..." I whispered. We walked out of the car, there were Jess and Sarah sitting on the steps, Douglas carving a stick.

"This is going to be a long, weird day." I said, getting out of the car.
Fan fiction by god-of-love posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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"courtney,courtney get up!"said courtney's mom."hey mom,wat time is it?"asked courtney with her hand in her head."is 12:30pm u need to go to work,and when u come back we need to talk"said courtney's mom."um...mom i dont work any more...i stopped cuz i was going to work with gwen,and i got the jod but i start tomorrow."said courtney getting her laptop and putting it in her lap."is ok sweetheart u did need a break from that jod,and चुंबन duncan."said courtney's mom."ok i will be in my room with ur step father,u know his really sick."she add walking out of courtney's room."ok mom tell him hi from me plz"courtney कहा as she logged on.
*in the group chat online*
courtney:hey guys!
duncan:hey princess!
gwen:hey courtney how r u feeling?
courtney:um...way better!
bridgette:hey guys.
trent:hey courtney r u ok with the thing that happen with u and duncan?
courtney:yea thanks for asking.
(dj has logged on)
duncan:i will get u back princess
Opinion by GwenTrentDude posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Chapter 9: Sleeper Group 2

this is part 2 of chapter 9 i was just 2 lazy to put it on the other part :)

* French किस In background (dramalric thanks 4 दिखा रहा है me da song :D)*

Emily, Addrey, Marlo, Carly & Jared went to Carlys place to watch a scary movie, though they where dancing and talking rather than watching the film.

She comes to class at half past seven
Me and the boys think she's heaven
Mademoiselle Angelina french will teach
And we know it very well she's a little bitch

" So Jared what आप do with Courtney? Play games, Get on the rides, kiss....?" Carly कहा as she giggled. Jared was drinking water as he said, " Nah am going a little slow with her..." Addrey and Marlo made a face as they both said, " SINCE WHEN DID U EVER GO SLOW WITH A CHIC?" As he shoke his head and said, " Till I met the right one..." "Wowwww... If Andi herd आप say that about Courtney she'd एक प्रकार का जहाज़ the hell outta you!" Emily कहा as she was gunna do it herself, but she didnt.
Fan fiction by 7thGradeGenius posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Douglas Jensen is my enemy. He flirts with me in my face ALL THE TIME, he antagonizes me and tricks me into saying I like him when I don't. I hate him और than anything, and I just want him gone.

But I can't stand to say, I miss him when he's not there. I mean, I want him gone when he's around me, but when he's not there, I feel empty. Now don't get the wrong idea-he likes me, I hate him. Sound familiar?

Caitlyn Thompsett is my best friend. She is always bubbly, she loves being a big goofball, and she makes me laugh, rain या shine. I could never be without Caitlyn. She is my best friend in the world, and she just makes me want to laugh when I'm upset या depressed. Sound familiar?

Jessica Earley is definately my closest friend. I प्यार being with her. She can be stifling and cold like ice, but she's alot of fun. She's always chilled out, she loves swimming, and she wants to pick up surfing from her dad. Sound familiar agian?

Why am I asking आप repeatedly if my friends' personalities are familiar? You'll find out.
Fan fiction by Duncan-superfan posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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*Sakura Kiss*


Lisa:Ok soo we all need new clothes, right?
Enikah:Right! *looks at her shoes and sighs* I really need new hightops!
Lisa:*looks down at enikah's shoes* Yeah yours are pretty dirty..
Alexa:Ok girls keep walking! We have to be done at 5:40 so we can go get some dinner, K?
Karen:Yeah, Anyway Alexa is right. Its already 3:30!
Lisa:(sarcastic)Oh yeah,that gives us way limited time!
Karen:No! Thats not what I mean!
Sofie:Um guy? We should start shopping!
Jeana:Yeah Sofie is right,lets go!
*all go into a shoe store*
*the host club boys दिखाना up*

Tamaki:Ok! Now where can we find a perfect outfit for Haruhi!
Hikaru:Im confused.
Kaoru:Yeah, Why are we shopping for Haruhi again?
Tamaki:Because today is Haruhi's birthday!
Honey:*cute face* Really Tama-chan?
Tamaki:Of course! I would never forget my little girl's दिन of birth!
Kyoya:Yes, well if आप actually knew her birthday then आप would know its tomorrow!
Fan fiction by chocopockyninja posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Part 2
द्वारा chocopockyninja

The car stopped at a red light. The song Poker Face came on the radio and I turned it up a little. We didnt say anything thing till the song was over.
"Oh dear lord! I cant wait!" Sofie कहा bouncing up and down in her seat.
"Hey...aah, Sofie do आप wanna calm down?" Duncan asked. Sofie stopped and tured around to look at him.
"No!" She yelled at him smiling. Then she turned around and started humming to She भेड़िया (because it was playing on the radio) and bouncing up and down.
The light soon changed to green and I was off. We then got onto the long strech of road and rock that led to Cedar Point. Thats when I noticed Duncan was smiling, not just smiling he looked really excited. That was the first time he looked excited. I knew I would see और of that when we finally got into the park. We pulled up to the booths and I paid for parking. We parked in row 23B, the park wasnt that crowded, and It was a Hallow Weekend! That meant there would be Haunted Houses! I pulled the keys out and turned to face my firneds.
Fan fiction by chocopockyninja posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Part 1
द्वारा chocopockyninja

I closed the door of my newly bought smart car and walked up to the Pretty white house where my friend Sofie lived with her boy friend Duncan. I rang the door घंटी, बेल and heard their dog Bonnie bark like crazy. The door open and out walk Duncan in nothing but his boxers.
"What are आप doing here?" Asked a very tired Duncan.
"Did आप forget the Cedar Point trip is today? Its 9 a.m. and it takes an घंटा to get there Hurry!!" I कहा to Duncan. With out a word he ran up stairs, I hope to get dressed and wake Sofie. While standing out side scratching Bonnie I heard Sofie yell,"Oh I totally forgot!" and i smiled. About 5 miniutes later they ran out of the house.
"Sorry about that, we were up late watching movies." कहा a tired Sofie.
"No its ok! Were meeting Kona~chan, Rob, and Lucy there to!" I कहा walking with them over to the car. They nodded in a proval and i opened the up me door. "Who wants to sit up front??" I asked with a big grin on my face. Sofie's hand went up in the air first. "Sofie gets to sit in the front!" I announced! Duncan smiled and sat in the back/trunk thing. We drove off listening to 96.5 Kiss...