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posted by PhoenixRoyale
Welcome back to Tot-
GRRR!!!! Nevermind!
Next time, we're skipping the introduction of
the अगला episode!
WOOHOO! Only 5 contestants left! I'm
having trouble deciding what challenge to do,
so...I'll stop making them and you'll always
get the दिन off! x3
Everybody: YAY!

(AT केबिन #1)
Rayven: Finally, a member was eliminated in this
cabin. It was quite getting crowded.
Lisa: So आप don't like anybody here?
Rayven: ...
Lisa: Oh yes, making another person feel awkward is fun. x3
Jared: ...hehehehehhehe.
Rayven: Oh shut up, Jared.
Jared: आप shut up.
Rayven: Eat my a**...
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posted by DannyLawson14
(We see the host, and 16 campers. Chis is ready to make his speech)

Chris: Welcome everyone to Total Drama Hollywood. As आप know, my name is Chris McClean and i will be your host. One of आप will win, while the others will not.

Harold: Cool.

Alejandro: This is awesome.

Heather: I know.

Chris: Now then, it is time for teams. Alejandro, Harold, Duncan, Noah, Courtney, Heather, Beth and Izzy. आप are known as...The Famous Penguins.

Noah: Aww man. I want a better team name.

Izzy: Screaming Penguins for the win! AY AY AY AY AY!

Alejandro: Keep it down.

Izzy: Alright.

Chris: As for the other team. Trent,...
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Jared: Somebody help! SERIOUSLY!

*A sysco killer in a hockey mask with a चाकू walks out of the woods*

*the sysco killer runs at Jared*

Jared: *SCREAMS*

*Jared stands up and runs*

Jared: *While running* HELP HELP HELP!

Chris: Woah woah woah! Jason back off! We dont need आप killing anybody YET!

Everybody: 0_0

Chris: Anyway... im gonna pick the teams!

Team 1 Team 2

Jared Rikki
Karen Ava
Austin Erica
Fay Samie
Buddy Rochelle
Courtney Duncan
Penny Jake

Buddy: Wait! Why is there a girl named Annie on our team? There's no Annie!

Chris: Yes there is!

*Annie walks up behind Jared and Scares him*


Jared: AHH!

Annie: *laughs*

Jake: Now there's only 7 on our team and 8 on their team!

Chris: Thats an advantage!

Samie: How?

Chris: You'll see! This season is called TOTAL DRAMA NIGHMARE!

Everybody: WHAT!

*to be contiued*
posted by DannyLawson14
The time has come...

The lights are on...

Time for another TDI series...

Get ready for...


It's another TDI series with plenty of twists. A few surprises will be shocking, twisting, and और shocking.

Chris McClean is once again hosting. And now this time, 16 campers will be competing. They are...


Total Drama Hollywood! Rated PG. Coming soon to this website near you.
Chris: Ok आप all votted and today i'm giveing out Dimonds! alot off votes. thease poeple had 0 वोट्स Bridgette!
Bridgette: YES!
Chris: Ray
Ray: yay!!!!!!
Chris: Noah!
Ray: yes!
Noah: Yes! *noah and रे make out*
Chris: and finaly DJ and less!
DJ: yes
Less: yipee!
Chris: thease people had only one vote Jamie
Jamie: yes
Chris: Jax!
Jax: Yay!!!!!!
Chris: Avan!
Avan: Finaly!
Chris: Rayven!
Rayven: Yay!!!!!!
Chris: Jar3d!
Jar3d: yay!!!!!
Chris: there are only 2 of आप left lindsay and jake this person had 2......... it gose to...................... Lindsay!
Lindsay: yay!!!!!!!!
Jake: what???
Lindsay: The dimond is shinny!...
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Chris: Hellow! I'm chris Maclain! And this season we are haveing 26 new contestents and 24 Old! and the new ones will fight aginest The old! But one new one will go over to the old! आप all know him as Beth's Boy friend! Brady! Well, let's see what happend on this season! On फैन्पॉप V.S Total Drama!
*theam Song*
Chris: Ok! Today we are starting with the camp! The contestnets will come from a boat! Let's start with the surfer chick Bridgette!
Brdiegtte: हे chris!
Chris: हे Bridgette! अगला we have on Team Fanpop, Lulu!
Lulu: OMG! I'm finally on TV! Is cody going to be here??
Bridgette: what? who ar...
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Vine clothes making!Gwen:Sounds really stupid!Geoff:What team is Rayven on?Chris:the screaming Fish!Mack:Booya!Chris:You have 2 hours.GO! ~~~~~~~~~~2 hours Later~~~~~~~~~~~Chris:TIME UP!Now choose a model with the best clothes so your team can win! Bridgette:I think It should be Emily Heather:No,me! Bridgette:No,Emily!Heather:That's it!*They start fighting*Meanwhile on the screaming मछली Jake:Have my girl model Penny:AAWWWWWW!Thanks babe!*They start making out*Rayven:Ya,Penny! Everyone else on the screaming fish:Ya,Penny! Meanwhile on the Killer snakes Half of team:Emily! Other half:Heather! Chris:Ok!Model models! *Penny modles* Chris:Ok,8 points!alright who is modeling for the killer snakes?! Killer snakes:Hemilr! Chris:What? Bridgette:I'll be honest,we havent disided! Rest of team but heather and Avan:AAAAAAWWWWWWWW!!!!!Chris:Well sucks to be u guys,cause u lost!!!Screaming मछली win!Screaming fish:YAAAAAA!!!If u are a killer snake vote someone off!
posted by dxarmy423
Chris: Welcome to the Most Watch tv दिखाना in the history of the world. Total Drama Extreme Rulez!!!

Chris: Last time we saw Duncan and Terra hit the road and leave forever!!

Chris: so this is how the teams stand

Team Uno:


Team Dos:


Chris: and our guest host today are THE MYTH BUSTERS!!

Harold: woot

Owen: yeah there दिखाना is awesome

*the myth busters walk in*

Chris: Intorducing Adanm and Jamie from the myth busters

Adam: हे guys

Jamie: hello

Adam: are आप ready to bust some myths

Geoff: yeah

Adam: well your going to

Jamie: ok but first we need some myths

Adam: so were gonna...
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posted by Duncan-superfan
~Gwen's P.O.V~

I sat in my dark room, drawing my doodles of Trent as always. As the tip of my pencil started to make the last part of my drawing I noticed something odd.. "Did I just draw Duncan?" I कहा aloud as I looked at the paper on my crossed legs. Then I noticed that all my pictures were in fact, Duncan. I had drawn hearts around the mohawk-ed boy as well. "Damnit.." I thought as I started to squeeze my pencil, I've been crushing on 'em this whole time I've become his friend and broke up with my boyfriend, Trent. I shook my head, my blue N black hair fluttered lightly, too shake the...
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posted by PhoenixRoyale
Welcome back to Total Drama High School!
Too lazy to type up stuff again -.-, so let's just get to it.
Alright, so I didn't get much वोट्स in the comments
section. It's not like the दिखाना was लोकप्रिय anyway. Pffft.
Rayven: Just hurry up and save your speech. I'm getting
Wow, persuasive much? =P But right now, I'm switching
three people with three others.
Jared, Rayven, Lisa, and Jamie: WHAT?!
That's right! ;D
Anyways, Jamie, Jared, and Lisa, you're all going back
to your cabins. Natalie, Mack, and Rikki are taking your
Jamie, Jared,...
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Rochelle: *smiles as she walks into the hotel. She walks inot a store and gets two MagiQuest wands. She walks onto team Smooth Jazz's bus and Puts the wand in Zoey's hand carefully and tries not to wake her. She walks over to the Team Rockstars bus and puts the wand in Jordan's hand not waking him.*
Zoey: *wakes up to find the wand in her hand* Okay I'm pretty sure that wasn't in my hand last night.
Abby: Where'd it come from?
Zoey: i don't know.
Kiara: How come we all didn't get one.
Trent: Maybe its for a challenge.
Zoey: Yeah!
Jordan: *wakes up to find a wand in his hand.* हे did one of...
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Theme song plays
Chris:Welcome to a special addition of Total Drama Believers!As we all know,today is the fourth of July,and that means...*blows party whistle*FIREWORKS!!!...Well,today,we're only gonna be concerned about the आग part*laughs*
At Breakfast
Everyone is eating and sitting at their groups
Chris:*walks over to the middle of the tables*Ok,as we all know..Today is the fourth!
Storm:So?It's just a day.
Chris:It's a special day.
Storm:...it's 4/20?
Storm:I assumed that's the kind of special आप meant!
Lucy:No,today's the fourth of July,it's Independence day,so we...
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Less: Ummmmmmmmm....... Duncan?
Duncan: Yeah?
Less: Do आप wanna go out?
Duncan: *sigh* I'm sorry but me and Zoey are going out.
Less: *sigh* it's ok!
Abby: Tyler sence Lindsay likes Alejandro, Do आप wanna got out?
Tyler: *sigh* I don't know yet ok?
Abby: ok!
Ray: हे noah!
Noah: ummmmm.......... हे Ray!
Ray: I'm happy that were on the same team!
Noah: *blushes* Me too!
Ray: हे are आप thinking we should g........
Noah: Say no more! I'm in!
Ray: आप really want to go out? *blushes*
Noah: Yeah! Your hot!
Ray: *blushes even more* Well thank you!
Rochelle: i miss Cody
Jordan: he wasn't even on our team!
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with Chris and Storm
Storm is following Chris with a worried look on her face.
Storm:Noo!The wetning!THE WETNING!!!!
Chris:It's just a kiddy pool,chill out.
Storm:I,I WILL WIN THIS!!!*does some kind of war cry and jumps in the pool,emerging सेकंड्स later burning and screaming.*
Chris:Wow,the सेकंड win,we're at tie...LET'S GO CHECK UP WITH MIZZIE AND DIB!
Storm:*is still running and screaming in the back ground*
With Mizzie and Dib
Mizzie:I प्यार YOU!
Chris:*comes out of the bushes*Thats all we needed to hear,Mizzie,you and your team...
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Chris: आप all votted and If आप got वोट्स आप got और than 1 besides 2 peple. I willl give आप micky माउस cookies, the frist ine with no वोट्स gose to.......... Jake.
Jake: yes!
Chris: Ray
Ray: Yes! *bites cookie* that's good!
Chris: Jar3d!
Jar3d: yes!
Chris: Lindsay
Lindsay: Yeppie!
Chris: noah!
Noah: Booya!
Chris: DJ
DJ: Yes!
Chris: Less!
less: YEs!
chris: The finale person with no vote is................ Rayven!
Rayven: Yes!
Chris: O If i call your name आप had only one! The 2 people that hate each other Jax and bridgette!
Jax and Bridgette: Yes!!!!!!!
Chris: This person had only 2 votes............................ Avan!
Avan: Yes!
chris: I only have 1 और cookie and it gise to........................................ Jamie!
Jamie: Yay!!!!!!!!!
Chris: see ya Sierra!
Sierra: well bye guys!*jumps off plane*
Ray: she took it well!
Zoey:*confessional* okay maybe I was wrong it was a little hard. Rochelle better not've lied about no elemenation today. *over.*
Penny and Zoey: *start stacking the snack cakes on their foreheads and lean lack. They balance them for the entire minute.*
Rochelle: TIMES UP! Both teams get 1 point.
All: *cheer*
Rochelle: अगला challenge. *she grabs a case of Oreos.* For this आप will only use your FACIAL muscles to get a cookie into your mouth.
Jordan: I'm doing this 1.
Abby: i guess I'm against Jordan.
Rochelle: *gives them each a cookie* GO!
Abby: *gets it to her mouth before Jordan*
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Rochelle: *Walks outside with a bullhorn at three in the morning. She turns it no and stands infrount of both busses.* WAKE UP! *she yells into it.*
Zoey: *hits her head off of the ceiling.* OW! *she wakes up the others.*
kaylie: Does Rochelle have any idea what the time is?
Faith: Aperriently not if she's waking us up this early. *Team Smooth Jazz get out of their bus still in their pajamas.*
Terra: Oh my god seariously?!
Rayven: What time is it anyway? *she yawns*
Jordan: *looks at his watch* Three in the morning.
Sam: Seariously?!
Marci: *Looks at Jordan's watch* Yeah he's searious. *They...
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Lindsay: why did आप guys vote off Owen?
Rochelle: cause he made us lose!
Ray: he did?
Jordan: he was the last one up there!
Zoey: yeah he was!
Chris: were going to Orlando!
Annie: why?
Chris: डिज़्नी world!
Zoey: yes!
Duncan: I hate diseny stuff!
Zoey: well like it cause were going there!

*Disney world*
Chris: Ok! Today I'm being nice and were not going to sing today!
Duncan: YES!!!!!!
Ray: So what's our challange today?
Rayven: Not again!
Ray: what?
Rayven: Last season आप kept asking, *in a baby girl voice* What's our challange today?
Ray: I don't sound like that!
Jamie: So what is our challang today?
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Episode 2: The Summoning

*Where we last left off*

Duncan: ugh they escaped

Trent: Yeah

Geoff: I saw we seach the city

Bridgette: या go to the tower with all the lightening!!

Trent: that works

*at the tower

Justin: I know there gonna find us

Heather: what should we do

Justin: I think we need some insurance

Justin: Ezekiel आप know what to do

Ezekiel: right *leaves tower*

Heather: It wont be long now

Justin: yes till the master arrives from the shadow world and claims this place as his own

*Duncan, Trent, geoff and Bridgette teleport to the tower*

Heather: s*** there here

Ezekiel: dammit

Justin: wait

Duncan: Well...
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Zoey: Havn't आप notice that Owen's fear of flying stoped?
Duncan: yeah
Jordan: I think it stop yesterday!
Zoey: what do आप mean?
Jordan: During the song about Hollywood alejandro told him he had to sing.
Zeoy: yeah your right!
Jax: हे Zoey!
Zoey: hey............. jax.............
Jax: So saturday night. आप and me?
Duncan: I don't think so!
Jax: Oh is your name Zoey?
Duncan: No bu.........
Jax: then आप should go away!
Zoey: I don't think saturday is good
Jax: who asked you!!!!!!!!!???????????
Jordan: aaaaaaaaaaaa......... आप did!
Jax: who ask you??? *runs away*
Rayven: when will I get my cake?
Jar3d: and...
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