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posted by TOTALFan
 My दिल is not taken...
My heart is not taken...
I am walking down the घास aside the cabin's...i see courtney and Gwen talking...Courtney get's और loud...Courtney slaps Gwen...
I run towards them.

Me:"HEY!WHAT'S YOU'RE PROBLEM COURTNEY?!?!"I say as I get in front of Gwen.

Courtney:"She was with Duncan!"

Me:"So!Their just friends!"

Courtney:"Oh really?!Then why were they smiling and laughing and...and...UGH!"

Gwen:"We weren't doing anything wrong Courtney!"

Courtney:"You little tramp!"Courtney try's to fight Gwen...I push them away from each-other.

Me:"Stop fighting!"I push Courtney onto the ground.

Courtney:"Oh!How dare आप push me!I'm gonna sue...
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Chris: Ok, i'll asine u a team. If I call your name seet over here. ummmmmmmmm, Dannie, Ben, the wolf,Ethen, and Kay-lee. आप guys r the magnafinglasses.
Dannie: Wow a maginfinglass, आप don't know much.
Selver: *Barks*
Chris: ummmmmmm, Mike, Isaya, mui, and Christy. u guys r the subspeks.
Christy: wow!
chris: and the rest of u jared, Kate,Raynie,Ryen, and chantlle. u guys r the colspets.
Kate: Wow!
chris:so u guys we will be going to Hawii!
Christy: Hawii? OMG!
Dannie: Oh my!
Selver: *Bark*
Kate: I'm going to प्यार this seson!
Chris: Comeon let's go we're going to miss the train!
Christy: A train?
chris: Yeah the train to the airport. We boght it from paris.
All: Paris?!?!
Chris: Yeah come on!
Ryen: Come on peeps! Let's go!
Christy: U heard him! Let's go!
Chris: All abord!
*everyone went homeroom*
lyric:*passes a note to robin but ment to bb*
robin:*read note and it says want to go on a date?*
sure i would प्यार to lyric
beastboy:>:( हे dannie want to go on a तारीख, दिनांक tonight
dannie:ummmmmm sure
jared:grrr *does a airplane and it lands to starfire
starfire:i would प्यार to do this thing आप call dating
hollow:*mumbles* o हे balto.........BALTO
balto:yes its me hollow
hollow:*puts balto in backpack*
christy:*taps trent but thought it was cody* wanna go on a तारीख, दिनांक with me??
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Chris: Let's meet our cantetnes. What's up Dannie?
Dannie: Nouthing. you?
Chris: Alsome! हे Littel Doggy!
Sliver: *Barks*
DSannie: He dosen't like stangers.
Chris: Oh!
Mui: What's yup Chris!
Chris: What's up mui?
Mui: Nouthing. Just glade आप picked me!
Chris: No problem
Mui: Thanks!
Mike: What's up?
Mike: nounthing my man!
Chris: I'm glade u can make it!
Mike: Me too
Dannie: So R U ganna win?
Mike: I hope so!
Dannie: k
Christy: हे chris!
Chris: Christy! there u r!
Christy: Here I am. So आप better make me win!
chris: I'll try!
Chris: Kate!
Kate: Chris what's up?
Chris: Nouthing.
Kate: cool!
Raynie: हे chris!
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confessions of lindsay:
lindsay was in the confession can पढ़ना a magizine and peeing.
kari was building a बेड़ा to float away from the headache ditz.
andrea looked at her.
andrea:you didnt plan on leaving her DID YOU?
kari didnt look amused:no.that would be cruel and heartless..
confessions of kari:
I planned on stranding her!ah,just playing,not that evil.but she IS annoying.
lindsay:kara,what are आप doing?
kari threw the बेड़ा and said:Ah,screw it.
lindsay:oh no...
lindsay:I have to pee...
kari:then GO!
lindsay:but I cant leave our conversation!
Kari rolled her eyes:we were...
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kari grinded her teeth:ITS KARI!
lindsay:ah okay kara!
kari hit her head
confessions of kari:
5 days with the dumb ditz is living hell!
arrghh!I cant stand her!
lindsay:oh हे jason!
jared didnt look amused he raised an eyebrow:its jared.
lindsay:oh right!bye jason!
hey mannie!
dannie:its dannie...
lindsay:right...hey candy!
dannie shook her head:its DANNIE!
lindsay:bye hanni have a nice day!
(she bumped into kevin:
oh हे kyle!
kevin:its KEVIN!
lindsay:oh right her kyle!
lindsay skipped off marrily.
hey allie!
ayslla:its AYSLLA!
lindsay:ah okay allie!
bye allie!
(she blew a air kiss)...
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kari,taylor,natalie,andrea,jared,kevin,dannie, chante,and alyssa were trapped on a island with the dimwit blonde ditz:lindsay.
lindsay jumped up and down clapping,kari didnt look amused,she had her arms crossed.
kari:GAH!(she covered her ears)
lindsay:hi kara,nadia,tayna,audria,jason,kyle,manny,shannel, and aielsha!
none of them looked amused they all shouted:THATS NOT OUR NAMES!
kari rolled her eyes:this will be a looonnngg stay...........us,an crappy island,and HER!
she looked at lindsay who ran into a wall.
lindsay saw them leaving:hey!wait!I know the way out of here!
jared raised and eyebrow:then WHERE?
lindsay:hmm...I think I forgot.
posted by TditdaCourtney
Time Skip
(2 months later)

It's been two months without Duncan.I have been dressing emo,I been getting bad grades.I hate my life without Duncan,I need Duncan in my life.Yesterday was the last दिन of school,now i'm on Summer Vacation.'UGH!Now I can't even look at Duncan because of stupid summer vacation'I thought to myself.I on my बिस्तर thinking about Duncan.I got up from the बिस्तर and went to my computer,I logged in to Aim.
(this Conversation is between Courtney and Bridgette)



Bridgette:Why are आप अभिनय so WEIRD?!

Courtney:Well Because.............ITS NONE OF YOUR...
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posted by potterandtdi
I slammed a nerd against the lockers. Everyone else passed द्वारा me. I'm tougher and stronger now. I have been since- never mind. I didn't want to talk about it. I walked to my history class, stopping along the way to say hi to my buddy, Geoff and his girlfriend Bridgette. "Dude, आप going to her grave?" Geoff asked.I sighed. "Look man, I don't think that she would have wanted आप to be punching people against walls and throwing people out of the way." "She never told me that did she? Did she tell me that she wanted me to हटाइए on? No!" I walked away from the two and opened my locker. Gwen came...
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posted by TditdaCourtney
Duncan was right in front of me now,I had to tell him."Duncan can we talk outside?"I asked him sweetly."Sure thing Princess."We walked out side."So what did u wanna talk about?"He asked me looking into my eyes.'I Can't do this I प्यार HIM to much to do it!But my parents want me to be perfect and I am perfect.So i have to do it.'I thought to myself."Duncan,you know I प्यार you,"good way to start off."I प्यार आप too princess!"He walkes towards me and wrapping his arms around,pulling me into a hug.I pulled "Duncan I प्यार आप but I CAN NEVER SEE आप AGAIN! I'M WAYYY TOO PERFECT FOR YOU!"I yelled...
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posted by VioletSunset

One cold winter day, a girl was walking down a white street. Her eyes gleamed off the reflection off the snow, her टील, टीला, गहरा हरिताभ नीला streaks shone in the dim daylight, her clothes covered in snow from the walk घर from school. When she walked in, she slammed the door and slouched on the couch. Her mother walked in curiously. "Gwen, what's wrong????" Her mom asked.
Gwen didn't respond and grabbed a bag that was द्वारा the door and walked out. Everyday, she would sneak out and go to the ice rink to figure skate, of course, her mom didn't...
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posted by Random9747649
Courtney woke up the अगला दिन with a mouth full of hair. She sat up quickly and saw that is was Danielle laying द्वारा her head. "This place is giving me the creeps and weird dreams" she mumbled. Suddendly she heard a deep loud growl coming from inside somewhere in the large undwerworld. Danielle jolted out of बिस्तर and landed hind feet first on the floor.

She yawned and showed all of her razor sharp teeth and pointed tongue. Her tail also uncurled as she strecthed, "Morning Courtney" she कहा cheerfully. "You'd better get up and get dressed so आप can start training" Danielle cleaned her face and...
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First of all Im so happy that she update that chapter :D :D :D :D, and two remember that this itsn't mine

Duncan reach down at my pants trying to tug them down. I struggle but he had pushed me down, what was wrong with him ya he would flirt with me but not this much!

“Courtney we were MENT to be together forever and ever” he कहा licking his lips.

“What is wrong with you!” I cried my दिल started pounding even faster. Its like he was in a trance.

“Just let me have one bite” he lingered his fangs now दिखा रहा है his eyes not टील, टीला, गहरा हरिताभ नीला but red.

“No Duncan stop!” I screeched! He smiled

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posted by rose35
When the नाव arrived it looked like a party नाव with a lot of people on it. Everybody ran outside to the docks to see who it was. And it was-
"Jared! Where have आप been?"said Chef कुल्हाड़ी "We already introduced everybody!"
"Well sorry, it's not my fault that the plane had a delay."
"Fine just get up here"said Chef with a smirk.
Then suddenly the cast from tdi came off the boat!
"Noah!" shouted Raynie"i haven't seen आप since the 6th grade!"
Raynie" We all missed missed आप so much!" कहा Noah with huge smile.
"Wow, Noah actually smiles..."said Nikole
"N-Nikole? I haven't seen आप in such a while!...
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posted by splinter505
bob: hello im bob bobson and this is TOTAL... DRAMA... SPORTS!!! 12 teens have signed up to do weird sporty challenges, here comes the first one Alex
Alex: i wanna win this thing
Bob: a weird goth pyro named Phil
Phil: आप suck bob, i've seen आप play sports
bob: *starts crying and runs into lake* ahh i don't know how to swim
Phil: uhh...
Summer: हे everyone, wait why is the host drowning
Phil: uhh... it was suicide
Mike: oh my god
Phil: ahh he was a looser
Mike: he does look like one
john: good now that he's gone i could be the host, oh here comes Christy,
Christy: m...
John: don't care
Christy: that's rude
John: Andrea
Andrea: hey
John: हे hottie
Andrea: your pretty ugly
John: Dylan and Aydan
Dylan: youre hot
Aydan: आप too
John: now that we have a couple we could get on with the rest, Selena
Selena: uhh
John: Jinny
Jinny: finally
John: and finally Samantha
Samantha: why is there a dead body in the lake
John: nevermind that just go unpack and meet me back here at 4:00
2 b cntnd
posted by TditdaCourtney
I woke up the अगला day,i had cried myself to sleep so i was a complete mess.It was a school दिन so it just killied और to even Duncan i my classes,but i knew i can get through the whole दिन without talking to Duncan.I had gotten myself ready for school,and walked to school(I lived 5 blocks away).When I got to school I saw Bridgette,Geoff,Trent,and Gwen talking outside of school.'No Duncan,YES!!'I thought while walking towards them.Bridgette saw my and waved "Hey Courtney!!"Bridgette yelled.I finally was over where they were talking,"Hey guys,How's it going?"I asked looking around for Duncan."Were...
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posted by potterandtdi
I sit there staring at Brianna, breathing slowly on the hospital bed. Her दिल rate slowing.
I put a स्टूल, मल अगला to her बिस्तर and held her hand, whispering, "You can't go. Not now..." I rubbed my thumb along her hand. "Duncan, god has called me. I have to go." I started to cry. "Why now? Why not later in your life?" I tried to दिखाना her I was tough. "Duncan, आप can't stop me. I need to go. आप know that." I knew it, but I couldn't bring myself to say it. "I प्यार आप Duncan. When it's your time to go, we'll be united again. Goodbye. I प्यार you." Her दिल rate slowed.
Beep...Beep...Beep...BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepppppppppppppppppppppp... I couldn't hold my tears in any longer. I cried. She was gone...forever. I walked out of the hospital, looking up at the sky, hoping she was there, watching me.
posted by TditdaCourtney
"COURTNEY GET DOWN HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!" I heard my dad yell from downstairs."What is it Dad?"I कहा running downstairs."Me and Ur Mother don't won't u to see Duncan anymore honey."I heard him say that,but i couldn't believe he कहा that.Tears just started to roll down my face,I quickly ran upstairs to my room.When i got to my room i quickly locked the door behind me,jumped on my बिस्तर and sobbed on my pillow.'How can they do this to me,they know i प्यार Duncan,and they know he loves me.'I tought still sobbing on my pillow.I quickly got up from the बिस्तर and went to the mirror i had in my room.I looked...
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Courtney's POV: Very much later that night, I lay awake, snuggling a glass picture frame of my parents. Tears dribbled down my cheeks and stained the dark colored तकिया my head was cushioned by. Duncan was already asleep in his bed, where I was also but nothing happened, and it was about two in the morning. I still haven't gotten any sleep, and I was dying to tell Duncan I प्यार him without being too abrupt.

I missed my parents dearly. I never knew them, and I wish I had. I've heard so many interesting things about them from Tiannah and her Aunt Claire who were neighbors of my parents. My dad...
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Chris: Mysterys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Duncan: What was that for?
Chris: We R going to have anouther season!
Heather: Oh great!
Chris: here R the teams! team 1! duncan, Issy, Owen, Coutney, and Eva. team 2, Heather, Lnday, Tyler, Justin, and beth! And team 3, Sierra, cody, alojodo, geoff, and bridgette! The outhers U will be my helpers! Campers! Every दिन we will have a chalnge on mysterys! One of these r the one who did it! या me and Chefe! Well, that's mostly all. sorry that was short! well we have to get to Chcogo USA! We will have to wait till anouther दिखाना to do this! Buy!

Chris: What they don't know is that they will be recored the wole time! Buy!