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Ray: (red blotches on her arms) I can't believe I forgot my silicon allergies, even after last season's little Draven incident...(itches) At least we didn't lose this time...and DJ didn't trip on me... -.-

lulu:*chocking noises* owen......*cough*fart.......*cough*not....­...­.*c­oug­h*g­ood­...­..*­cou­gh*­nee­d..­..*­cou­gh*­air­...­*fa­int­s*

kasey:oh zeek cost us the win oh were though the अगला time i see him i,ll break up with him
*zeek walks in confessanail*
zeek:why are आप so mad
kasey:were though
kasey:yep and i vote आप off
zeek:well i vote...
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posted by Fangirl99
It was just an average day. I was sitting on the couch, पढ़ना a magazine, my dad was at work, my mom was making dinner, and my little brother was upstairs playing video games.

The silence was broken द्वारा the ringing phone.

"I got it!" my mother called. "Hello?"

"Hi. Can i please speak to Heather?"

"Who is this?"


"Hang on. Heather, do आप know anyone named 'Alejandro'?

The name gave me. shivers. I tried to forget that name.

That face.

That kiss.

That incident.

"No," I lied.

"Shes says she doesn't know you."

"She's lying."

"Ok. How do आप know her, then."

"We were on TV together"

"What? OH! that...
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posted by SlimShady34
Escape the killer christina (me!)
people in it:
Caroline Johnson
Be sure to escape me या ill kill u!
Thanx for joining u can also be
a TDI charecter
If u wanna शामिल होइए go ahead just message me!
all i need is
♦enjoy your self and if i see someone saying Fuck insteed of f**k and shit insteed of S**t your atematicly out,and message me if u get offended द्वारा another persone ♦
posted by TDIFan960
John: Will This Is the Rooms On the Side Here There Are 3 बिस्तर One आप See On the Bottom And when आप go up the stairs There is 1 bed. Later आप Well Have a Team Of designers and आप will be Persented To People In आप New Outfit. Then Latter On I Will Ask आप To make an Account On this wedsite Then I Will Make A Room On that Website And there will be War This is How it Goes I Will Say That I Put bottles Of waters Tents And Weapons All Around the Room And आप Well Have to set up camps And Try not to get "Killed" आप Well HAve to Live in the Woods For दिन Try to ""Kill"" People With आप weapons The Last one Stand Wins And there Is Elimansion Hint Hint: (The Sword) If आप don't underStand I will Tell आप Later. When आप Wake Up And I Say Come Down To The Lobby there Is how It Looks Like. :)

John: Good Luck :D
Saphira: *Crying in the confessional*
Bridgette: Awww *Knocks on the door* Can I come in?
Saphira: O *Sniff* K
Bridgette: Still sad about the Al thing huh?
Saphira: *Shakes head "Yes"*
Bridgette: The truth is Saphira... आप dont need a guy to make आप happy!
Saphira: Im not a lesbian!
Bridgette: No. I mean आप dont have to have a BF या GF to be happy. Now lets go kick some but in the challenge!
Saphira: Ok....

*RV stops*
Kuki: Today were at the Tipton hotel! आप will need to work at the jobs! Jared आप will be working at the कैन्डी Counter for the EV with Maddie! So will आप Bridgette! The maids will...
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chey:last time on total drama duncan & lindsay were are new couple causing dj to go घर what will happen this time on total drama world tour
*losers part*
lindsay:i hate this part
leshawna:yea me too i miss dj या um... harold sorry harold
bridgette:i,m suprised आप made to the final 5 alejandro
alejandro:i,m suprised आप did
bridgette & alejandro:grrrrr...
*winner part*
duncan:i प्यार having this place to myself
chey:for enertaiment आप guys have to sing a song about how happy आप are to make it this far
*song starts*
bridgette:well i really do like cauuse i,m going to win and alejandro betyter...
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Kuki: Welcome back to the Elimination Cereamony! When I call आप name get your stick of Dynamite!











Kuki: Penny,Eva,Jake,Alejandro all of आप got atleast 1 vote! Let's look at the confessionals!

Saphira: *Daydreaming* Alejandrooo... <3

Cedric: Eva scares me! D8

Heather: Penny!

Bridgette: Sorry Jake!
*Confessional ends*
Kuki: The Dynamite goes too




Penny: What!?

Kuki: Penny आप are eliminated!

Jake: Ill take her place!

Kuki: Okay.................. BOTH OF आप ARE ELIMINATED! *Pushes them outta the RV*


Saphira: Alejandro please im sorry!


Saphira: So its over?

Alejandro: YES!

Saphira: *Runs away crying and locks self in the confessional*
Chris: It's time to kick some one out from the Jumbo Jet.
Noah: So what now the rookies deside everyting.
Chris: Jup, moving on. The last one that does not recieve a barf bag must leat this plain and of all of आप fave a chance to come back this season.
Duncan: *sarcasticly* Yay...
Chris: Firls ones to recieve a barf bags are Owen, Sierra, Lindsay *gets a barf bag in the face*
All: Yay...
Chris: Tyler.
Tyler: Three और days here.
Chris: Courney.
Courtney: I will win this.
Duncan and Gwen: Keep dreaming. *both giggles*
Trent: I want to barf...
Chris: Trent, Bridgette and LeShawna.
Leshawna: All right.
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire:*nasty voice* haha welcome back everyone say hi...campers


Claire:They have all been shakey about tonight. Are आप all ready...?


Claire:hehehe! well आप guys better get started its almost midnight and that is when the भेड़िया come out and bats and bears and....

Sammy and Kylee: Sammy-ok so if आप heard our last plan we arent doing that because Jessica spyed on us so they probably think that we are doing that. Kylee-yea but she was to stupid to figure out that we had a plan B haha *high five*
*End of Confessonals*

Claire:SO are...
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chey:last time on tdwt the cast headed to grand canyon lindsay was the only person to win first class and justin went home
*losers part*
duncan:next time were winning
alejandro:maybe if i was the leader
dj:no way
leshawna:our team isn`t working very good either
bridgette:your right
*winner part*
lindsay:it fells weird to be द्वारा myself oh well
chey:ok this time were going to a place chome a dollywood tennasse
duncan:oh great is dolly their
chey:no way are rating would plument
dj:haha she`s right
chey:speaking of right आप guys gotta विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें no और team
duncan:hey dj i,m gonna ask her out
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It had been aboute 4 months since courtney broke up with Duncan and Duncan was still sad and courtney was still crying. It was almost christmis so courtney's mom came in with some hot co co. Courtney's mom looked at courtney and smiled then seeing Courtney's face she looked courtney in the eye and कहा "Courtney dear it has been months since आप left him and your still crying. I thought आप wanted to be in white house some day? आप could not do that if आप were with him." Courtney looked at her and looked back at her wall. It was totaly coverd with तस्वीरें of her and duncan. "You don't get it."...
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Total Drama Horror. Episode 1 Part 1.
"Child's play?'
 Chris:*Smirks.* Welcome! To Canada's very own Lake Wakwanakwa! या as आप remember, Total Drama Island. The beginning of the Total Drama series. Oh, Look.. Here come our original 5 campers. 
 Courtney:*Frowning.* Hey.. *Jumps off the boat.* 
 Chris:*Shrugs.* Oh! And here's Gwen! 
Gwen: Oh, Bite me. 
 Chris: Alrighty, Trent! 
Trent: Hey, guys. 
 Chris: Duncan! 
Duncan:*Scowls.* Another shot at ****
Chris: Izzy!
 Izzy:*Swinging on a vine.* Hello! 
 Chris:*Sighs.* Anyway! On with our new members of Total Drama. Zoey! 
 Zoey:*Jumps off the...
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*Theme song plays*

Chris: last time on Total drama video games we saw Cody and Duncan hit the bricks

Chris: so who will go घर today find out now!!!

*Camera goes to the hotel*

Harold: man Im thirsty *goes to get soda in the kitchen*

*Alejandro and Heather Making out in the kitchen*

Harold: MY EYES!!! *runs away*

Chris: *on intercom* all contestants रिपोर्ट to the stage now*

*at the stage*

Chris: todays game is a secret

Gwen: really??

Lindsay: aww man!

Chris: just kidding its Rock band

Alejandro: hmmmmm..


Alejandro: I am a master at rock band and गिटार hero


Chris: ok we need 3 people from...
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posted by sillybandfan321
 Thanks dxcarmy for helping me! ( i just needed to put a pic up)
Thanks dxcarmy for helping me! ( i just needed to put a pic up)
Claire:Welcome back its been a while!! Last time we saw the campers there was this stupid fashion show! SERIOUSLY! we are in the woods why would we have a fashion show. Anyway we are back and better than ever! today's challenge is going to be BRUTAL! haha thanks to some फ्रेंड्स for ginving me this idea and making it evil and nasty lets see the campers take on this! WHAT WILL HAPPEN THIS TIME ON TOTAL DRAMA SECRETS!!!

Screeching Hawks girls:
Sammy:I miss रे so much its so quite!
Kylee:I know right!
Sammy:YEA! ok we are the only 2 girls left on SCreeching Hawks so we have to stick together like...
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chey:last time on total drama duncan told courtney that if she stays longer then gwen she would go back out with her in the end it was both courtney & gwen to go so my brother is single girls what will happen this time on total drama world tour
*losers part*
lindsay:the अगला time i get on this plane it will be in 1st class
alejandro & dj:well now आप can`t go out with no one why don`t आप ask out lindsay
duncan:either she`s going goth या i,m goin jock then maybe
dj:courtney isn`t goth
alejandro:gwen is
*winner part*
leshawna:i,m still in 1st class
bridgete & justin:yea we know
chey:for the...
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chey:last time the cast went to antartica then katie got votted of because she got 4th we spilt up team birds & lindsay got 1st class
*losers part*
dj:okay i,m the team leader for this episode
justin:what ya gonna do किस a egg
bridgette:um...okay why am i the only girl on this team
*winners part*
lindsay & leshawna:first class eeeeeeehhhhh
duncan:shut up and as for आप courtney i,ll go back out with आप if आप stay longer then gwen
gwen:what was that
alejandro:i didn`t say anything
gwen:not आप
chey:this time आप don`t sing
courtney:yes finnaly
chey:because where going back to newyork...
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posted by angelchamp3

Courtney:O.O nothing...I have to get to class!*runs off*

*at Trent's house*
Trent:Oh my god!Why did I say that?!?!

Gavin(Trent's younger brother):*walks in Trent's room*

Trent:Gavin get out of my room!

Gavin:I thought आप were at school?!

Trent:I got sick....wait why are आप here?

Gavin:I'm skipping school today.


Gavin:Thank god no ones home.

Trent:Go back to school Gavin!!

Gavin:Let me think about that.....No!*runs out of his room*

Trent:*chases him*

Gavin:You shouldn't run!

Trent:You shouldn't skip school!

Gavin:You shouldn't yell!

Trent:You shouldn't make me yell,your going to wake up Anya.

Anya(the baby sister):*cries*


*back at school*

Courtney:*to herself* I can't believe it....He loves me.....Is it possible?I mean he knows I'm dating Duncan....But,I....like him too....WHAT AM I SAYING?!?!

टिप्पणी दे TO CONTINUE
(Damn,I haven't wrote in a long time -.- Sorry 'bout that!)

Chasia: Last time on Total Drama Something!
We announced that today is blind dates!
Who knows what they have to do to win??Oh yeaaah,I do!
Now,It's time to play the dating game,right here on Total Drama Something! *giggle*

~Blind तारीख, दिनांक 1~
Aydan: ARGH!!*trips*

Jared: *helps her up*

Aydan: Thanks....um...whoever आप are! *smile*

Jared No pro----

Aydan: Wait,is it Harold!?!?! *squee*

Jared: *facepalm* No

Aydan:...Trent? (Thinking: If it is Trent,then this awkward...)

Jared: No!

Aydan: Mr.Banana??! :D


Aydan: Well,you don't...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire:Welcome back everyone we are now in a serious fashion show! Well lets see who struts there stuff and who cracks under pressure! lets see what they are up to!

Raging Raccoons
Chey:No the guys arent allowed to see especially Buster
Chey:You look beautiful so i want it to be a surprise!
Jessica:Actually the dress soed look nice on you
Kylie:Even though आप say आप dont like मॉडेल आप are a very good one!

Buster:Why do आप think the girls wont let us see?
Shawn:I dont know they are girls

Screeching Hawks:
Sammy:Ok रे आप know what your doing right?
Ray:YES! of...
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Jared: YES! WE WON! And Zekeypoo? O_______o

lulu:i whish i could have 2 वोट्स for a certian 2 cody fangirls ahh were are the days were there was no cody fangirls in my life
*flash back*
lulu and cody are walking on a समुद्र तट eating icecream
lulu:cody i love*blushes and hastily says* this icecream
cody:*blushes* yea this icecream is really good
lulu:ohh just shut up *thows icecream on the floor and makes out with cody*
*flashback ends*
lulu:ohh yea i guess DJ cuz of poor रे अगला thing y'know well have a team member ina cast but आप better bewere rochelle and adrianne cuz आप will...
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