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*theme संगीत plays*

Chris: welome back to Total Drama Dead Rising!!

Chuck: ok our contestants will have to run back to the सुरक्षित house with out being bitten या dieing

Chris: lets go to the camera's!

*Camera goes to Kurt and Stacey*

Stacey: *opens the maintence room doors* throw the freezer bomb kurt

Kurt: *Frozen from fear*

*Zombies start running for them*

Stacey: s***!!

Kurt: *still frozen*

Stacey: *graps the freezer bomb and throws it*

*The freezer bomb explodes freezing all of the Zombies around them*

Stacey: Kurt lets go!! *runs for the सुरक्षित room*

Kurt: *snaps out of it* Yeah ok *runs*

Stacy: *looks at...
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*votting gym*
chris:okay 1 vote to gwen
chris:2 वोट्स gwen
gwen:like i कहा behind the scenes your dead
chris:3 वोट्स gwen
chris:4 वोट्स gwen... gwen i,m sorry but you,ve been elemanated
gwen:i wonder how *punches mike*
chef & tdr gaurd:come on *grabs gwen*
scout:can i see duncan now
chris:sure in the new behind the scenes show

plz put confessanail in टिप्पणी दे & add some reply to the fourm called tdr my fanfic behind the scenes

the end




natitle:i,m so glad i survived my 1st elemantion... the drama starts now seems as in पूर्व seasons...

mike:so trent is still here... really & courtney ouhhhhh... i mean yuck

danny:okay being happy is something new to me... but eva is gone eva is gone wwwwwweeeeeee!!!

*la reloaded,france*
chris:arg me hardys who is ready to sait sail
danny:any time without eva
chris:r... right
kirby:so who did आप pick
duncan:i need to tell आप & scout
ilana:maybe we should find scout
gwen:yea where is she
every body but gwen:hmmm
izzy:maybe she had to...
camille:please don't say that
izzy:you mean...
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Jasper:*Facepalms.* Im an idiot!

Blaine: uhhhh I really didnt get todays challenge

Annie: I knew Jordan had something important to say. *smiles*

Ray: (chin in her hands, blows a hair out of her eyes) I'm just voting for myself this time...Chris is going psycho या something, because this challenge didn't make any sense and didn't relate to Poland whatsoever...

Rochelle: DJ like me?! There is no way maybe he was just thinking of someone else and कहा I was hot. *blushes a little and covers her mouth* No no no this isn't happening! Well we both प्यार animals, we're both nice, heck...
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Kuki: Welcome! Today we have 4 new contestants! Zoey! David! Fluffy! And Jade!
Zoey: Nice to meet आप all!
David: Haii
Fluffy: Hii!!!!
Jade: YO! 8D
Kuki: David is on team Exploding Victory! Zoey is on team Dynamite Amazon! Fluffy is on team Explosion Gophers and Jade is on team Exploding Grips!
Kuki: Okay! And guess what? ALL OF THE TEAMS ARE GOING TO THE ELIMINATION ROOM! But someone from each team will get immunity! आप need to hold onto this rope untill all of your teamates let go! Team Exploding Victory will go first!
*They all get on the rope*
Kuki: GOO!
Saphira: This is hard! *slides down to the...
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Gwen: Duncan is so not hot.
Duncan:Gwen is so tan या I प्यार bunneys.
Alejondro:I hate heather या Im not hansome.
Heather:Alejondro is not hot but cody is.
Seara: I hate cody i hate tdwt and i hate chris.
Cody:Seara is relly hot या Gwen is ugly.
Courtney:I प्यार Herold.
Blanley: I hate makeup या i need some goth cloths.
Lashana: Heather your shoes look great.
Bridget:Give me some hot कुत्ता made out of dolfins.
DJ: I hate bunneys.
Katey:I hate Sadey.
Sadey: I hate katey
Lindsay:the pie of the squre root of the equil libreum plus 79665 equils 100,000,000,000,000
any moron knows that.
Izzy:Jumping off a cliff popustetris.
Ok any one can शामिल होइए any OC,now i have rule
1.If ur gonna say Fuck या Shit make it F*** या Sh**
2.Be respectful if i catch anyone fighting,your out ill kill your OC
3.Message me if anyones being mean,cussing very unrespectful,or misbehaving,then i will रिपोर्ट them and get them out
4.No new characters unless u message me.

Ok the person i play is a sykick who sees the futur and is an indian

they want a longer लेख so JOIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Isn't a a nice दिन at the समुद्र तट Courtney ? It is a nice isnt it DJ . Just then HELP I DROWNING HELP. OMG we should try and go help him. Na I'd rather stay here. Fine. I'm coming, Courtney yelled. She कबूतर it to the water as quick as she could. HELP HELP HELP. Don't wory i got you. Courtney drug a body on to the sand and stared giving he SPR. Breath breath breath breath Courtney कहा scaredley. Come on आप can do it. and then the body sprang to life. Princess ? हे how do आप know my nick name ? Because आप like courtney the girl who दिल i broke becuse Gwen and I were secertley dating until Tyler ratted us out. DUNCAN is that actualey you. She kick him in the keweis it hear the noise he make. OMFG Duncan it is you.

To be continude
posted by SlimShady34
P,P,P,P,P,P,Paterific is my name!Kicking Owen is my game!And आप can't keep up with my Paterific thang!
Im f,f,famouse!SO F**KING FAMOUSE!
Im f,f,famouse!So F**king famouse!GIVE ME A HALF OF NO FOAM LATEE!DEEP STEAMED ON 102 HEAT!
*music cuts*
What?I'm famouse now!
*music plays again*
Duncan:So,so,so herific!
F,F,F,famouse!SO VERY...
cody:Who are आप again?
It's a fact that science can still think I'm Paterific!
posted by tdafan121
A.N.~ I decided to write the 2nd Generation fic, Dysfunctional, first and then write the emotional wreck that is Answering Questions, the one that takes place after the finale. The spin-off of this, Spoiled, will be पोस्टेड on the HxA spot for several reasons. It will be written once this is finished. NOTE: This is extremely fannon, if आप have anything against TrentxCourtney, DuncanxGwen, या NoahxIzzy, I suggest not पढ़ना on. But to DxC fans, no worries. आप may want to read Pandora's parts. If आप want और info, read. But just know आप have been warned
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 need क्रिस्मस ideas and co-writer!!!
need christmas ideas and co-writer!!!
i need a co-writer for my TDC serise i am a DxG प्रशंसक just so आप know also if your intrested आप need to be able to have the following:
1)go on everyday for atleast 30 min
2)be able to writer diaolge
3)have awsame ideas for my shows!!!
4)you will need to be able to talk to me on yahoo या youtube
5)have a यूट्यूब account
thanks also if आप cant be i need ideas for a क्रिस्मस special for my TDC serise :) remeber GxD are together in my show!!! :)

okay आप dont have to read this its just that this लेख needs to be longer sorry :)
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posted by NoahxCourtney77
Ok So, I Just Relized Somtihng Today. For All Mah Vlad Tod प्रशंसकों Dosen't The Vlad, Snow, And Mereidth प्यार त्रिकोण, त्रिभुज Remind आप Of The Duncan, Courtney, And Gwen One? I Mean Think About It! Mereidith And Courntey Are Like Preppy And Stuff And Then Gwen And Snow Are Goth. And Then In The End Both Boys Pick The Goth Girl! The Only Differnece Is That Courntey Isn't With Anyone Else Yet. So Joss Could Be...Hmmm..Noah! lol. I Just Thought That Was Weird. Im On Team Snow And Then Team Courntey. So...Yeah =)
chris-hi every on
everyone-HI !!!
chris-well come back to camp
courtney-why are we back here dint u put us throw enof shit
chris-ya i invited आप here because i wanted आप to be at my wedding
duncan-an नितंब, गधा hole like आप get married oh good one लोल XD no really why we here
chris-i am not kidding i am really geting married
geof-ya to who
seirra-I NEW IT !!!!!
chef-ya that is right the wedding is 2morrow and आप are all going to be there
THE अगला DAY!!! *at the wedding*
courtney-oh duncan remember are wedding
duncan-yes i do u were in the hotteist dress every and u were sexy
courtney-ya when i never mind to dirty to say write now around the kid right अगला to us
duncan-hehe *kisses courtney*
minister-the wedding is being shhhh please
आप may now किस the...ummm...groom
THEY किस
sammy:hmmm. beth should go sorry beth but आप weren`t a team player

ilana:ugh again i,m getting pretty panick-y again i vote off beth she`s not a team player and instead she drank बीयर, बियर instead of कोक and it didn`t work out in the commercail. sorry beth, but bye

mike:we got सेकंड because duncan is popular, how is that even fair
*end of confessanails*

*votting gym*
chris:okay remmeber if आप get 4 vo...
sammy:yea yea yea
ruby:just go
ilana:come on
alex:my babe sammy is right
chris:1 vote beth
beth:i could see ouch i got a head-ach
chris:2 वोट्स beth
beth:grrrr ouch my head
chris:3 वोट्स beth
beth:if i get one...
sammy:shut up!!!!
chris:4 vote beth SO BETH YOUR GONE!!!!
beth:stop it
ilana:BYE BYE!!!
chris:*throws out beth* what will happen अगला time ion total drama
chris & danny:RELOADED!!!!!!!!

plz put all confessanails in comments
 Team Blazing Fawns
Team Blazing Fawns
posted by soxfan89
(At The Campfire)
Colin:And Now Here's A Special Song I Made To Remind Us Of The Good Times Heather And Alejandro Shared Before The Break Up.
For all those times आप stood द्वारा me
For all the truth that आप made me see
For all the joy आप brought to my life
For all the wrong that आप made right
For every dream आप made come true
For all the प्यार I found in आप
I'll be forever thankful baby
You're the one who held me up
Never let me fall
You're the one who saw me through through it all

You were my strength when I was weak
You were my voice when I couldn't speak
You were my eyes when I couldn't see...
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posted by soxfan89
(Boston, Massachusetts At 5:00 In The Morning)
(Alarm Clock Goes Off)
Colin:Mom, Dad I'm Going To Camp In Canada Today.
(Radio Blares Don't आप Forget About Me द्वारा Simple Minds)
Mom:Could आप Turn That Radio Down? Being Loud At 5 O' Clock In The Damn Morning!
Dad:Hey, Shut Up!
Mom:No, आप Shut Up!
Colin:You Both Shut Up, I'm Going To Camp And May Never Come Back!
TV:It's Currently 5 A.M. And The Temperature Is A Nice 64 Degrees In Boston. In Sports The Red Sox Held Of A Rally To Beat The Cleveland Indians 7-4 At Fenway Park Last Night. Thanks To The Hot Bats Of Marco Scutaro, J.D. Drew And Victor Martinez....
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*With Duncan and Courtney again* Courtney:Is it gone? Duncan:Yeah I think so. Courtney:Oh okay so uh see ya. Duncan:Courtney wait. Courtney:What? Duncan:What do आप say if आप want to come back to me? Courtney:I'd say no way not after what आप did to me. Duncan:I promise with all my दिल that
I प्यार आप और then आप think now. Courtney:Prove it. Duncan:Fine. *Duncan grabs Courtney and kisses her* Courtnye:I guess I want to. Duncan:Then is it settled? Courtney:Yes. *They continue making out* *Confessinals* Courtney:Oh my gosh I'm back with the man I प्यार and maybe we'll form an alliance and...
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Kuki: Ohh yeah! And the pets have to where coustumes! Jared gets a dog! Rays a cat! Jessica is a cow! and Izzy is a dinousor!
Jared: Woof -.-
Ray: MEOWbitchMEOW!
*Exploding Victory*
Ryan: I प्यार आप MORE!
Riley: NO I प्यार आप MORE!
Ryan: NO I-
Saphira: Bitch! *Slaps her back and they keep slapping each other*
Katie: *On Jareds back* RIDE HORSEY RIDE!
Jared: Woof -.- *Crawls away*

*Dynamite AMazon*
Mollie-Sue: IM घर FROM WORK!...
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scout:*sighs* hard decision... NOT goodbye aj

mike:i vote off owen for bdeing a fat a** even when small

ilana:mrph...i want camielle off...she is planning to kick me off for kicking off courtney she is lovesick over her i mean i don`t want to get elemanated but i want camielle out i,m not ready to go घर yet
*end of confessanails*

*votting gym*
chris:the 1st vote is for owen
owen:huh okay
chris:1 vote aj
scout:i कहा not
chris:but आप कहा aj
scout & aj:grrrr
chris:2 वोट्स owen
owen:yea हटाइए on
chris:1 vote gwen
gwen:what how
chris:1 vote izzy
izzy:i know who did this grrr
chris:2 वोट्स gwen
gwen:what the heck
chris:3 वोट्स owen
owen:well it look like i,m out
izzy:a किस before आप go
chris:no time *thoughs owen out* what will happen अगला time on total drama reloaded

plz put all confessanails in commnets
 Team Blizzard
Team Blizzard

Jordan: *stamps on Cody* *sigh* what am I doing? I know i HATE Cody and all, but all that will do is bring some crying. agggggggggggggggg.....

Ray: (sighs) I can't vote off the big lug...it's too harsh...I can hold a grudge though (giggles, then sighs again) I'm just gonna vote for Cody. If he gets voted out, he'll finally have a break from those obsessive little cagne that call themselves his >.<

Jasper: I absolutely loved being in Haiti, I mean.. Seeing all those people in need really opened up my vision on the world. If I win, I will definately help out Haiti.
Oh! And,...
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