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"You don't know anything, do you?!" Heather screamed. "May I remind आप that I'M the one doing the work?! Get off your नितंब, गधा and help!" Alejandro yelled back. "And if आप just came here to argue with me, आप can turn over and go home!"
"You want me to lose, do you?"
"No, I want आप to shut up because I'm sick and tired of hearing your annoying voice!"
The Asian meanie कहा nothing after that remark, simply glaring daggers at her less-than-thrilled partner, who glared back, equally irritated.

They waited an घंटा for Sierra and Cody to arrive before beginning to eat the fish, impatient, hungry,...
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Courtney:At 12:00 I'll arrive at the echography, ok?
Courtney:I can't wait!Me and Duncan will खरीडिए things for the baby!
Izzy:Will be so cool for you!
Courtney:Now it's 10:35......In 25 मिनटों I got to go!
Lindsay:*crosses her fingers*Please will be a girl!Please will be a girl!Please wil be a girl!
Heather:SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!
Courtney:Bridgette, look!
Courtney:A baby foot!
All the girls:Awwwwwwwwwww!

At the echography...
Courtney:Good afternoon, mrs. doctor!
Doctor:Good afternoon!So...You're pregnant...How many months do आप have?
Courtney:7 months!
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posted by i_love_music
60 Things I Will Still Not Do
by ~Aprifileney0099


1. I will not tell LeShawna that her dancing scares little children.

2. I will not bring up DJ's animal curse in front of him.

3. I will not remind Blaineley about her real name.

4. I will not ask Chris about the video he sent to Celebrity Manhunt.

5. I will not ask Chef if he learned to drive at NASCAR.


6. I will not ask duncan, gwen and courtney if they're ever gonna have a threesome.

7. I will not take chris' wig, put it on and run around screaming "look at me i'm chris" .

8. I will not sing "heather and alejandro sitting...
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Harold felt nervous.It's been about 2 years and he still hasn't told to Leshawna his true feelings.
-Dude,ever tried this?-asked Cody दिखा रहा है a bag of salt and vinegar flavoured chips.
Harold and Cody were at the supermarket,shopping for Leshawna's suprise birthday party.
-Dude!-Cody waved his arm in front of Harold's face.
-Huh!Gosh...Can't आप leave me alone with my thoughts?
-You still nervous?-asked Cody,while picking up अंगूर and नारंगी, ऑरेंज soda.
-Me?Nervous?No,way!It's her birthday..Why should I be nervous?-said the beatboxing master,knowing that he's lying due to the drops of sweat dripping from...
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Total Drama USA
Episode 0
The Start Of Something New (And All That Crap)

South Carolina~Jessica/John

Jessica was screaming.
She was screaming her mother f'ing head off.
She was in. She was on the show. She was going to be on Total Drama Season 4.
"Shut up!" her neighbor yelled back. "Some of us are trying to sleep!" Note: It was 3 o'clock. In the afternoon.
"I'm gonna be on TV!" she yelled/told him.
"Good for you! Maybe I will finally get some sleep in the morning!
Jessica rolled her eyes. Old men will be old men. Sleep all day, and sleep all night.
She took the rest...
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At 16:30...
Courtney:*dizzy*Wow!Now I realized that I don't must drink coffee.
Courtney:Hey, he looks like Duncan!
Gary:Hi,everybody!I'm Gary Wilde from Shake It Up Chicago!
Courtney:*sarcastically*Wow, awesome!
Gwen:Don't worry!Now go!
Courtney:Ok!*hugs Gwen*

At the scene...
Courtney:..Bring the lights up, bust the doors down..I can't do this.
Bridgette:Did आप can!
Courtney:Go behind me!
Courtney:*screams*Because आप don't know to dance!
Bridgette:I'm going!*sighs and runs away*
Courtney:Bridge, wait!*runs behind her*
Gary:Wow!It seems these two girls have...
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posted by OrihimeLuv
Hey, it's me megaDUNCANfan on a different profile...so if आप don't mind i'll continue the show......
Michie:I changed my name back to haley!
Duncan:Damn!Why's it so hot in here?
Justin:It's b/c i'm here.
Haley:NO!it's not,its b/c the a/c's out!Your ugly as hell, Justin!
Duncan:You need some मक्खन for that toast?
Heather:*pops out of nowhere*Have आप seen Alejandro?
Haley:Yea, I think he went to the mall with LeShawna.
Heather:I will KILL her.....*stomps away*
Duncan:Alejandro's not at the mall with--oh!Ha!...
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हे guys it's me neonwalflower या rose या whatever. anyway i'm just here 2 say im sorry.
ik that at times i can be a कुतिया, मतलबी या be sensitive या just idk bad.
here are some people i want 2 apologize to:

1. sumerjoy11: im so sorry i went into the whole BS thing about ur drawings. its ur thing at ur amazing at it so keep doing it bc i प्यार ur stuff.

2. gwuncanfan: im so sory about that shitload i टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे on. its ur story so do what u want 2do!
its my fault i was sensitive about the breakup i went through so i took it out on आप and other people so im so deeply incredibly sorry.

3.mindy: im sorry i...
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Kendra: Hi! I'm Kendra, and I will be your host of... TOTAL DRAMA TELETHON! We have some characters from different users on this site. First up, Skittyme's oc, LESLIE!!!!!
Leslie: Hi! I am selling a LIFE SUPPLY OF कुकीज़ for only 100 dollars!
*12 of the phones start ringing*
Who got it?
Kendra: Now, Courtney785's Liea!!!
Liea: I am selling 500 teddy bears! The bidding starts and 50! FIFTY DOLLAHS! ANYONE?
*phone rings, she answers*
Hello? 90? Yes! It goes to Sophie Holmes from Maine!
Kendra: neonwalflower's Charlie!
Charlie: I am selling 5 copies of Cody's stuffed...
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Lindsay:Who wants any ice cream?
Bridgette and Gwen:Me too!

At the ice cream shop...
Lindsay:Which flavor?
Beth:Chocolate with peanuts!
Lindsay:And I want with strawberries.Ok...So, how much is it?
The खरीडिए Assistant:5 pounds an ice cream!
Lindsay:20 pounds.Here आप are!Goodbye!
Gwen:Mmmm!The ice cream is delicious!
Lindsay:I know, right?I go to hotel!Bye!

At the girls' room...
Lindsay:Wow, this picture is so awesome!Me and Beth, oh...Good memories!*sniff*
Izzy:*sighs* Owe-
Lindsay:Hellooo!I'm here!
Lindsay:Come here!
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posted by tdafan121
*a set resembling a larger and और black-and-white Aftermath set with a full-legnth window backdrop of Seattle appears*

Announcer: Ladies and gentlemen, Total Drama प्रशंसक peeps, are आप ready to get Totally Interviewed!? Let's give it up for an OC host who knows how to pull a prank, Khione Borealis!

*Khione walks onto the set and sits on a small white सोफ़ा, सोफे dotted in black that stands across from a black सोफ़ा, सोफे dotted white. A white तालिका, टेबल has a stack of blank index cards perched on it*

Khione: Hello people of Fanpop, Fanfiction, या wherever the heck I'm broadcasting to! This is Totally Interviewed!,...
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 Tdifan27 made her for me
Tdifan27 made her for me
Name Sage Marie

Nicknames Sisy and Baby

Age 17

Stereotype The Vegan

Personality Sage Marie is sweet nice and very athletic she plays सॉकर softball and does karate and cheerleading she respects nature and lives on a farm

Bio After Sage Maries parents divorced she was never the same she stopped अभिनय out and straightened up she lives with her dad on his farm with a pet cow named mipsy she got into an epic fight at school because a certain girl wouldnt shutup after that sage marie and her dad moved to wisconson

Audition Tape *turns on camera* hi im sage marie id be great to be on total drama_______...
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posted by gothemo1234
(after everyone jump off)
gaz:do know what it be wried if we had to sing
tom:hmm i guss we have
harrit:to sing
gaz:let me tell u something all gazs dont sing
gazdin:my name is gazdin and i sing
colin:i agree with the ईमो girl
harrit:sing या your voted off the ppl have sing are colin and greg
greg:WHAT WHY?!?
chirs:because your mom and dad almost kill me
harrit:does anyone have a gun,garbagebag,and a shovel?
(chirs runs off)
gergandcolin:If आप feel so empty
So used up so let down
If आप feel so angry
So ripped off so stepped on
You're not the only one
Refusing to back down
You're not the only one...
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DandC4evacute: and we're back! the first सवाल is this: "Have आप ever या would आप ever तारीख, दिनांक anyone else on the दिखाना besides Duncan? if so, who? An adoring "fan", Natalie Krysta Gracelyn Charm."
Courtney: hmmm, well, I know a lot of people want me to say Trent या Justin या Alejandro, but I just want to be with someone who isn't on the show. There would be long-distance problems, no.
DandC4evacute: okay here's another question: "I just wanna say I प्यार you!!!!! my सवाल for आप is where do आप feel things went wrong with आप and Duncan? I mean first आप guys make out on the bus and then...
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posted by NeonInfernoLord
Hello everyone I'm Neon inviting any 16 contestants to Total Drama Survivor. Chris McLean had to be away for a while and so he picked me to come host the अगला season of the दिखाना and I decided to start fresh. The first 16 contestants to arrive will get a chance to compete for ONE MILLION DOLLARS! For 8 weeks these 16 contestants will each have to compete in grueling challenges testing endurance, skills, and the संपूर्ण, कुल मिलाकर ability of how much of a loser they are. The team that loses will be sent to the elimination ceremony where one person will have to say ADIOS and get voted off द्वारा their teammates. Who will prove to be the ultimate survivor? Find out right now on TOTAL...DRAMA...SURVIVOR!
posted by DxCFan123
Dear Duncan,

Hi! It's all us DxC प्रशंसकों here, and आप wanna know what we wanna say? SAY BEFORE आप CHEAT! We mean, cheating on Courtney? आप were right in front of her सेकंड्स before! If आप wanted to break up with her, TELL HER IN THE मिनटों आप HAD! Didn't आप see all the tears she shedded? How much आप hurt her? आप hurt her! How could she live, knowing she had a cheating boyfriend how couldn't tell her "It's over."?! Was the juvenile delinquent too afraid to talk to her?! She loved you, she really did प्यार you. Even if she wanted to change you, SHE STILL LOVED YOU! I hope आप remember all...
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posted by RandomFanGirl
“I know that they abandoned me when I needed them, but—but I just—I can’t believe this happened,” Courtney cried from inside the room.

“Sh, Courtney, everything is going to be alright,” Trent replied.

“Poor Courtney,” Sierra stated as we stood outside of the room. She bounced up and down in an attempt to quiet Lyric down.

There was silence, except for Lyric’s whimpering, for the अगला twenty मिनटों या so.

Trent and Courtney came out of the room, his hands situated on her shoulders, massaging them. Her eyes were red and puffy-looking, “Sierra, can I have Lyric? He’s probably...
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posted by RandomFanGirl
I was glad when we got back home. It had been a tiring day. I just wanted to fall right asleep, and that’s what I did until about noon.

Within the अगला few days, Courtney was allowed to be released from the hospital along with baby Lyric. Trent had stayed with her the whole time; he was stranded anyway since no one bothered to take him back to Sierra’s house to get his car.

Courtney had called me and asked me if I would take the small family back to Sierra’s so that Trent could drive them back to their apartment. I agreed, but I was told that they wouldn’t be able to take Lyric घर unless...
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posted by RandomFanGirl
I couldn’t believe that I was doing this. I was back out again, hoping to find Cody’s वैन, वान on the side of the road. Alejandro told me where the car broke down on and that’s what I was going by.

"There it is!" Sierra shouted from the passenger seat.

"Where?" I asked.

She pointed out the window, "I know all about my Codykins and I know--"

"That's nice."

There was traffic backed up, just like I had been told.

I turned the car off in the middle road--no one was going anywhere anyways--and got out; Sierra followed in suit. She dashed off towards Cody's van, "CODY!"

I shook my head, continuing with...
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posted by RandomFanGirl
Damn it! Why did Courtney have to go into labor now? Why did she have to do it when Alejandro was obviously in the middle of doing something very important? And why did Trent have to speak up when he could see what was going on? Why?

Immediately, Courtney’s scream came from inside, “Trent, get me to a hospital!”

“Are आप guys coming of what?” Trent asked nervously.

I stood up angrily, “Can’t आप see that we were in the middle of something?”

Alejandro stood up from the ground and placed a hand on my shoulder, “It’s all right, mi amor. My सवाल can wait.”

I scowled. No, it...
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