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Lexxi: So, Ronny's gone. Im Fine with that!

Zack: Ronnys gone. Thats uh, good i guess...

Zoey: I have NO idea who got voted off!

Annie: I wonder who got voted off...

Jordan: I bet Duncan got voted off of their team!

*Confessionals end*

*At a बिना सोचे समझे Starbucks*

Jared: I wonder who got voted off of their team, Dont आप guys wonder?

Jordan: Yeah! I want to know so bad, so we can work out some stratigy या something!

Annie: Look, their coming!

Rochelle: हे Guys!

Duncan: Sup.

Zoey: So, Who got voted off?

Briony: Ronny...

Jake: Tragic...*laughs*

Chris: हे everyone! Todays Challange is going to take...
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Zack: Um, I guess i vote off Ronny.

Briony: Bye Ronny!

Duncan: I guess, I vote off Briony? eh, i dont know why, but i hate her.

Lindsay: I vote off Duncan!

Lexxi: I uh, i dont know... *closes eyes and picks up someones name* i vote off Duncan.

Rochelle: I vote off Ronny.

Ronny: I vote off Duncan...

Bridgette: I vote off Ronny. Sorry!

Karen: i vote off Ronny...Sorry girl.

*Confessionals end*

Chris: So, this is a shocker! 1 vote for Briony!

Briony: WHAT!?!

Chris: 3 वोट्स for Duncan!

Duncan: pfft....

Chris: And with 5 votes....Its....Ronny...


Chris: Goodbye Ronny! आप are now required to go on the Bus of Shammme!

*Ronny gets on the bus of Shame*

Chris: Stay tuned for the अगला episode of TOTAL DRAMA THE MUSICALLLLL!
posted by soxfan89
Narrator:Once Upon A Time In A Faraway Land, Young Prince Cody Lived In A Shining Castle. Although He Had Everything His दिल Desired, The Prince Was Spoiled, Selfish And Unkind. But Then, One Winter's Night, An Old Beggar Woman Came To The गढ़, महल And Offered Him A Single Rose In Return For Shelter From The कड़वा Cold. Repulsed द्वारा Her Haggard Appearance, The Prince Sneered At The Gift And Turned The Old Woman Away, But She Warned Him Not To Be Deceived द्वारा Appearances, For Beauty Is Found Within. And When He Dismissed Her Again, The Old Woman's Ugliness Melted Away To Reveal A Beautiful Enchantress....
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(So u kno, im talkin as Duncan)

"Duncan Stop." Gwen says while laughing.

I stop चुंबन Gwen and lay back on the couch.

"You know that i was kidding right." Gwen says.

Then i heard a knock on the door.

"I'll get it." I say.

I open the door and i see a girl with Onyx eyes,Brown Hair and the girl was wearing a faded black स्वेट-शर्ट, स्वेटरशर्ट, sweatshirt with Jeans.

"D-D-Duncan." She says while studdering.

"Courtney?" I reply.

"I miss आप Duncan. I know that आप might hate me and all! But! Hate me if आप want to! But Please Please Please प्यार me if आप can!" She says while tears run down her face.

Im Speachless.

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Annie: I'm SO Glad that Jordan and Jared are here!

Jordan: This is so awesome! I know im gonna win this season! I'm also glad im with my babe!

Jared: Yay! I'm with all of my BFF'S!

Zoey: Yes, Jared and Jordan will be AWESOME on our team.

Lucas: Yeah, its pretty cool that they joined our team.

Jake: Ugh...Zoey never pays attention to me! But she will soon! I hope...

Ronny: So, I like this confessional, Its always so confessing...isnt it?

Zack: *taps on camera* SERIOUSLY?

Lexxi: I wonder what the challange is going to be!

*Confessionals end*

*In the mess hall*

Chris: Okay everyone, Hows Breakfast?...
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Zoey: So Far, I like these teams.

Annie: I प्यार MY TEAM!

Briony: My team is so cool!

Lucas: Being on the same team as Zoey is so awesome!


*Confessionals end*

*at the mess hall*

*At team 2's table*

Karen: So, who else likes these teams?

Briony: I guess this team is pretty awesome. Right guys? RIGHT?!?

Everyone else: yeah...Yeah sure...

Chris: हे everyone! Hows it...

*all of a sudden a bus comes screeching in*


*Jordan and Jared step off the bus*

Annie: OMGGGGGG!!!!! *Squeels* *runs up to Jared and Jordan...
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Annie: So. Im here. NOW WHAT?!?

Zoey: This is SO wonderfull! I Just hope me and Lucas will be on the same team!

Lexxi: Im SO Glad that Zack is here!

Jake: Um, i guess that im glad that im here. A million bucks will do me good. Maybe Zoey and me can be good फ्रेंड्स द्वारा the end of the season! Maybe even और than friends. But eh, आप never know!

Lucas: Im So Glad that me and Zoey can be on the same reality दिखाना together! If i win the million bucks ill buy Zoey ANYTHING she wants!

Zack: Woah what is this thing? *taps on camera*

Briony: This is gonna be SO much fun! I hope we go to Disney...
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Around the World! Lodan England घर of Mysterys and........ Lulu??? Yes! Lulu's घर town. The contestents had to sove a mystery! and Thanks to lulu for knowing all about England, Her team won! Team लंडन लॉस्ट because of Ezekiel's BIG Mouth! for saying he's team will have good luck in London! So that send him falling..... 5 inches Because of some guy That Runaned all the show! and took Chef! How can I live??? will we ever find chef??? *starts to cry* Find out on here on Total Drama Around the World! *bawls*

*Thme song*

*non-first class*

Wally: Ok so who is Mr....
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Dom: Welcome back, we are just moments away from hearing the campers’ impersonation on Scene Dom from Romano and Julietta (Dom's version of Romeo and Juliet). Okay, so here is how it will work, आप will all at once say the lines, and if आप mess up, then आप will be taken out, well आप and your partner will be. Are आप ready?
Sammy: Um, this hardly seems fair…
Matt: Do आप think we care?
Sammy: Well, no, not really but-
Dom: (silencing noises) don’t care. Ok, begin.
All boys: Julietta, आप are the shining तारा, स्टार from the sky and आप are-
Owen: (instead of आप are he says) and आप aren’t-
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posted by gothemo1234
in a world were a island turns into a high school is total drama high school

zukki:oh my goush were in high school

cody:hope i find someone i like

and were the class's are like the changes in the show

(trent falls off the clif)


ellen:eaa whatz up doc?


ellen:is kinda dangerous for u to fall off without a pairashout?

trent:i dont have one do u guys have a spare

kirby:i dont but ellen does

ellen:i do but i guss u dont want it

trent:I DO I DO

ellen:all right here u go doc

(tire come's up and kirby and ellen gets pairashout)


kirby:goush poor fellow

ellen:yeah aint...
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Matt: Welcome back! We are about-
Alejandra: हे आप forgot about me!!
Alejandro: Me as well.
Gwen: Hey! And me too!!
Matt: Just make a group then!
Alejandra: Ok, fine.
Matt: Ok, now first up is the group of Penny, Duncan, and Justin.
Duncan: Alright so who is pulling the cord? (Silence) Fine, chickens.
Penny: Here we go… (At top)
Duncan: आप ready chickens?
Justin: Will this damage my face?
Duncan: I’ll take that as a yes! (Pulls cord) (Everyone screaming)
Penny: (Screaming) Help!!! (finishes ripcord)
Duncan: Fricking sweet!!
Justin: Um…where is the bathroom?
Dom: We don’t know/care. Izzy, Owen,...
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posted by xXDylanscottXx
Matt: Hello there, I am Matthew Bellamy, and this is my good friend-
Dom: Dominic Howard.
Matt: Yes, Erm…welcome to Total…Drama…Next Generation. Our contestants are here!! Here is Zelda.
Zelda: Hi there!!!
Matt: And here-
Dom: Let me say something…
Matt: Please excuse Dom's immature behavior…
Dom: आप never let me fin-
Matt: Here is Rochelle.
Rochelle: Hi there, I’m ready to beat all!!!!
Dom: Here is-
Matt: Jake.
Dom: (Tackles Matt) I’m going to tell Mexican येशु if आप don’t let me talk!!!
Matt: (Gasps) ok fine.
Dom: Here is Alejandra.
Matt: Brittany, Hannah, Penny, Nicole, and Sammy are...
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Duncans POV:
Who was it princess आप cam tell me cant you.?
Courtneys POV:
It was your..........brother, Zach he had his फ्रेंड्स tie me down and then he asked one of his फ्रेंड्स to tape it then they each took turns rapping me but Zach did it the most Im so sorry Duncan I was powerless.....Please forgive me.
Duncans POV:
Courtney I never did not forgive आप and we are going to give my brother a little visit.
Narrtors POV:
Duncan and Courtney got into...
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Duncans POV:
Did आप want some thing princess?
Courtneys POV:
YEs Duncan I dont know how to tell आप this but...... Im pregnent but...... its not your baby.
Duncans POV:
Whos is it I mean who would do this to you?
Courtneys POV:
Its.............I cant tell आप its to painfull he raped me a I was powerless Im so sorry Duncan please forgive me it was a mistake.....
posted by shellgirl54
Chris-it was a peacful evning with everything purfect.......NOT!! haha lets see what happens with the brothers hansel and greg (owen and duncan)and they're parents (alendjro and heather)

Mother-hansel,greg...GO TO बिस्तर ALREADY
hansel-alright mama come on gretel
Greg-for the last time its greg!!
Hansel-whatever i want to go to बिस्तर so i can have breakfeast fast
Greg-sure then u can eat the whole refridgerater
Mother-GO TO BED
Greg-hey hansel u awake
Hansel-heck yeah im hungry
Greg-wait listen
Father-whoah michica whats the matter
Mother-now r u sure u want sons
Father-what do u mean
Mother-i mean don't u want to be alone u know (whispers) alone
Father-ooooh i see so what do u want to do
Mother-we can let r kids go to the forest and abandon them
*theme संगीत plays*

Chris: welcome back to Total Drama dead rising

Chuck: on the last episode they found the सुरक्षित house

Chris: and today there gonna be running around the mall to find a stash of money worth $500

Chuck: its starts now!!

*Camera goes to the सुरक्षित room*

Stacey: IDK whats gonna happen next

Nikki: yeah its totally unpredictable

Kurt: I hope there arent anymore dangerous challenges

Ray: *to kurt* cry baby

Danny: yeah Kurt grow a pair

*Chris talks over the loud speakers*

Chris: todays challenge is to find a stash of $500 dollars in the mall

Chris: आप will be in teams of 2 so begin!!

*outside the...
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*Everyone's sleeping on the RV*

Kuki: *Sneaks to the door and open it*

*A big wind comes and everyone falls out except Jared,Lindsay,David,Saphira,Zoey,Jade,Ray,Trent,Cedric and Katie*

Jade: *wakes up* Umm guys where is everyone?

Jared: Somewhere! *half asleep*


Kuki: Welcome final 10! Horray for you! आप all made it to the merge! Your all gonna go to डिज़्नी world! But first आप need to partner up with pairs of 2! Cedric picks first!

Cedric: Umm... Zoey?

Zoey: Cool! *Runs अगला to him*

Jared: I pick Katie!

Katie: EEEE! *Runs अगला to him*

David: Lindsay?

Lindsay: YAY!

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posted by soxfan89
So, I'm Going To Make A Story Called "Katie And The Beast". It's Gonna Have Everything From The 1991 Movie "Beauty And The Beast" But It's NxK Style. So Here I Go With The Cast!
Mrs. Potts-Bridgette
Bimbettes-Lindsay, Courtney And Beth
So There आप Have It!
posted by soxfan89
Lindsay:I'm Getting Freaked Out Already!
Courtney:Don't Worry Lindsay, I'm Here For You.
Chris:Hey, Has Anyone Seen Justin?
Sadie:Justin? Yeah, Justin. He Ummmmmm.......I Don't Want To Say!
Bridgette:Justin Just Had A Spike Go Through His Chest!
Beth:What? No, It Can't Be! Not Justin! *crying* Of All The People, Why Did It Have To Be Justin?
Geoff:Yeah, We Saw That Walking Over Here.
Leshawna:This Is So Messed Up!
Cody:Sierra, Something Really Scary Is Going On.
Izzy:(In An Insane Voice) Noah Thought He Wanted To Leave But Decided To Stay A Little Longer!
Heather:Izzy, It Was You.
Alejandro:Stop Lying!...
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posted by soxfan89
(The Campers Look around The Haunted House)
Gwen:So, This Is Going Very Well.
Katie:Well, I Wouldn't Put My Money On That!
Tyler:Lindsay, I Have To Pee Like A Racehorse I Better Go With You!
Lindsay:OK, आप Can Come With Me To The Bathroom I Just Have To Apply Some और Make-Up!
Duncan:So Cinderella, Should We Get Some और Finger Sandwiches?
Courtney:Nope, I Think आप Had Enough For Tonight.
Sadie:So, Dracula आप Wanna Go Downstairs And See More?
Ezekial:Why Yes, That Would Be Just Fine!
Justin:So Robin, Are आप Having Fun Here?
Beth:Yes Batman, I Just Hope Harley Quinn Doesn't Catch Us.
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