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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
I thought of Zack for a while his soft lips and beautiful brown eyes and cute red mohawk and he wasn't a bad kisser either I sighed and looked out the केबिन window(Isabella and Zack start to sing this)link

I thought of Isabella her beautiful brown hair and दूध chocalate skin with her soft strawerry lips I'd किस them all दिन if i could the way she made me feel was unexplainable i felt in my दिल i had ever expierienced before wh i liked her was beyond me she was so opposite of me she knew what she wanted in life she was so confident and and loved her herritage she put her mind to everything...
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posted by sillybandfan321
Claire: Sorry that it has been like FOREVER since i last saw everyone! Family issues and stuff but anyway last time we saw the campers, well not the campers और like the Lozers. just kiddin ya, but seriously I took a trip to the Lozer Plaza to find out what these Lozers thought of the remaining campers. And now these campers have the ability to vote off one camper, but they don't know that hehe! Im going to ask them who they want to win and that winner will be voted off the island!

*Shawn is eavesdropping*: Oh my gosh! *runs away in a hurry*

Claire:What was that?*looks at the camera man*
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(OK!! My freaking iPod messed this up twice!! D:< 1 b cuz idk and 2 because of these stupid teen भेड़िया ads!! Didn't we just get rid of the macys one? Sorry I'm like seriously peeved. Enjoy the interview!)

"BUT HE CAN'T EVEN TALK!!! PLUS I HATE COCONUTS!!!" Courtney yelled as she was pushed into the interviewing room. She stomped over to her chair and sat down.

Infront of her sat a rather large boy and a coconut. Better known as Owen and Mr. Coconut. "Hi." Owen कहा awkwardly.

"Let's just get this over with....." courtney sighed. "Your first सवाल Mr....um....Coconut is from Colecutegirl....
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Zack:So then my father was called *laughs* and he says well he does have a gift when it comes to gettin into things
Isabella:Even back in 1st grade u were a trouble maker
Zack:u kno it *winks*
isabella:*blushes but catches herself* well its been fun but i really have to go
Zack:U can't leave now Bells
Isabella:Zack i have to meet the gurls gets up
Zack takes her hand
Zack:Come later plz
Isabella:I will try plus im pretty sure Camielle is lookin for u
Zack:ur right bye Bells
Isabella:Bye Zack
She sees Gabby and sits down अगला to her
Gabby: when are we gonna stop pretending we dont प्यार these guyz enough...
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Noah:"You kissed HIM?!"

Star:"He kissed me. Now if आप would just let me explain."

Noah:"Alright, I'm listening."

Star:"Well, it happened in Hawaii. When I went to talk with Alejandro, we started talking and then he kissed me. I felt really terrible about it."

Noah:"Why didn't आप tell me?"

Star:"I don't know. I felt so terrible and I didn't want आप to think that I liked Alejandro because I don't. Not even a little."


Star:"Of course. You're the only guy for me."

Noah:"I guess I could give आप a सेकंड chance."

Star:"You won't regret it! I'll never leave your sight!"(kisses Noah)

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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Avril and James were चुंबन in the closet little did they know Nikki was lookin for a mop she opened it Avril fell and James fell right on चोटी, शीर्ष of her he kissed her forehead and helped her up she giggled they walked off Nikki fake gagged herself th idea of प्यार sickend though she never expierence it who was she to judge she was watchin all the remaining campers Jack and Gabby argueing again Camielle begging Zack to do her Zack watchin Isabella's every step and Isabella pretending she didn't like it Hader and Erica discussing something and Katherine standing alone as usual Nikki only had one...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
Avril was plaucking the strings of her गिटार and started today soft melody when James walked up and smiled
James:Your really good
Avril:Thanks i have heard u ur not bad!
James:We can play together
they played together which was beautiful
Hader:So i was thinkin about forming an alience with आप guyz
Gabby and Isabella smiled at eachother
Gabby:I प्यार it
Isabella:Hader u r a genius
Hader:Thank you
Isabella got hit in the head wit a rock but she didnt दिखाना it
Isabella:Girls i have to do somethin
Isabella ran to the back of the केबिन to find Zack
Isabella:U kno u could have gave me a note...
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posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
It was a tyical morning when Isabella decided to snoop around cause of boredom she heard a voice
Zack:Si mama si si te amor adios (Yes mom yes yes i प्यार you)
Isabella was listening when she tripped on a branch
Zack walked out
Isabella:I know ur not talkin to me lynard skynard wannabe
Zack:I have nicknames for everyone Selena wannabe
Zack really pushed Isabella's buttons
Zack:What are u doin anyway?
Isabella:Sadly searching for excitment and i heard u on the phone how come u didn't tell anyone about ur heratige
Zack:u heard that crap! and if u want excitment i'm just the guy
Zack winks
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posted by GwenFanxxxx
H: Bye Gwen!
G: Bye, i see आप soon *laugs*
H: *confused* Ok *Leaves* *enters cafe*
H: *sees Alejandro**lovely:*Hiiiiiiii
*Alejandro sees heather*
A: Hiiiiii
A: आप look pretty!
H: आप to!

*Same moment द्वारा gwen and duncan*
G: *Calls duncan* Hiii
D: Hi
G: Come here No सवालों please!
D: Ok!
*duncan comes in*

D: Where is the fire! *looks around*
G: There is no fire, silly!, Al and heather are on a तारीख, दिनांक right NOW!
D: and?
G: I want to see it!
D: so!
G: do आप want to go on a रात का खाना with me? *laugs*
D: Sure!! *looks extremely happy*
G: Ok *walks with duncan to the cafe*
H: Do आप know alejandro i प्यार you!
A: Because i प्यार आप to आप can call me Al!
H: Alright, Al, I luv we can be alone for a minute!
A: were not alone *looks to the right sees duncan and gwen*
G&d: * waves to al and heather*

*later on the night*

G&H: Where going घर bye!
D: *kiss gwen*
A: *Kiss heather*
*G&H leaves*

D: Aah Gwen
A: Aah Heather
posted by GwenFanxxxx
G: We going to खरीडिए NOW!
H: Alright, Alright!
G: Hurry up! *take heather to a gothic-punk store*
H: Uhm... Gwen ... I-i...
G: What, *has गॉथिक कमीज, शर्ट on*
H: thats not my style.
G: I know but i like it! *buys it*
H: Ok *Go's with heather to another store*
H: This और Like it!
G: Ooh that shiny dress looks good on you!
H: Thnnx *Hugs*
G: And those Heels !
G: Your ready for your date.
H: Yes *goes घर with gwen*
H: im going to wash my here and get my clotes done!
G: Ok


G: WOAH ! AL gonna like that!

*Same moment द्वारा al and duncan*

D: WOAH heather gonna like that!
A: im going to शावर, शॉवर and dress.

This contest was made a while back but many fearlessly entered with hopes of winning. Sadly, 1/2 of them that entered were sadly booted out. But with there efforts, they all recived a prop. With the ones remaining, the people who entered(wich are listed below)and anyone else can vote for the remaining entries. So, good luck to all.

This is how it will work. Each person voye for the person they wanna win, everybodys vote conts so make sure आप do (if आप entered). IF आप DONT, आप या one of your फ्रेंड्स might lose because आप were to lazy to vote. SO VOTE!
People who entered....
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posted by colecutegirl
(i need your guys pics to do the total drama season campers pic so if आप could try)

Me: hello and welcome to camp wawanakwa Im your host riley evernite and this is Total drama randomness! lets meet our campers

Lets welcome star!
star: हे riley

Riley: Look here comes Ivy! हे हे welcome!
Ivy: whatever wait were staying here?
Riley: thats right! camp wawanakwa! Oh loo its erica!
erica: हे im so glad to be... here?
riley: yea yeah its terrible now go *points to other sid of dock.

riely: here comes ray
ray: हे guys im so happy to be here
riley: that makes the 1 of you!

riley: now its ...
rayla: हे guys...
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posted by GwenFanxxxx
*On the same moment द्वारा al and duncan*

A: Yes, i wanna go out with you, bye!
A: *girly scream* EEEEEEE
D: wazzup Bro?
A: Im going out with heather!
D: Did she yes?
A: She asked me!
D: Bro, in tdwt आप where a womanizer,
But now आप dont no thing about girls.
A: Your are romantic आप say?
D: Yesterday i was with gwen in a punk संगीत कार्यक्रम and i let the band sings gwen's name in a song.
A: That is romantic!
D: Yes it is!
A: *panic* What Should i wear!
D: Bro we gonna खरीडिए tomorrow before the date!
A: THNXX *high five*
A: I प्यार heather!
D: I प्यार Gwen!

*Trent comes in*
T: Bro's why are आप guys दिन dreaming!
A&D: Because we प्यार somebody!
T: Let me quess duncan want gwen, al want heather!
D: Im stlill sorry bro of gwen!
T: Dont matter i want to be single for a time.
D: Ok
T: Bye have to go!
D: Im going to sleep right now
A: Me to!
posted by JacobDXCfan4eva
John:Welcome back to TDT and let's see what our campers are up to.
Zack:Uh Chris wannabe I want to know the relationship status of the babes here.
Cami gets excited
John:Zack honestly i do not care what u do here but this is a family दिखाना so keep it clean and Chris is my cousin.
Gabby:Cut to the chase what is the challenge
John:Well today is a dancing challenge so put on ur sunday shoes
Hader:Cool so how long we have to practice?
John:1 hour
Zack walks up to Gabby
Zack:Want to dance gorgeous?
Gabby:No thanks
Zack:Your loss
Jack walks up
Jack:Sorry Gabby my cousin is a "Ladies man"
Zack:More than you!
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"Okay, welcome back to Total Drama Interviews! We are going to be interviewing Bridgette. I really don't care about interviewing the contestants, so I'll pick a बिना सोचे समझे name of a बिना सोचे समझे Total Drama Contestant!" Chris announced grabbing a big hat. He reached in and pulled out a slip of paper. "Courtney!" He read the name off the slip of paper.

Courtney walked out from behind a stage. Chris handed her cards that had सवालों on them.

"Okay, the first सवाल is from starburst-rock. She asks 'You कहा आप don't ware make-up but in the confessionals आप were putting on make-up, why?'" Courtney...
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posted by dxcfan
She was sad.

It was no doubt about. Only Courtney knew what kind grief and gloominess one could feel. Her whole world had turned upside down. Every since she found out about those two, Courtney was nothing other than a walking body of misery. Her body had literally shut down.

The दिन she discovered that they had been having an affair, her mind only thought "revenge". She was majorly fumed, beyond the limits of fury. All she thought was about getting the pair back at what they had did to her, but all that anger was quickly overshadowed द्वारा the tribulation.

Courtney spent weeks, maybe even months...
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Gwen walks into the room and sits down in a chair infront of Cody. "Hey Cody." Gwen says. "GWEN!! I-I meen हे Gwen. Cody कहा nervously. "Ok so let's start the interview."
"Ate first सवाल is from Scittyme. She/he asks: do आप approve of NoCo?"
"No I don't approve of NoCo! I'm not gay!" Cody yelled, his cheeks turning a light pink.
Gwen rolled her eyes. The अगला 3 सवालों are from Codyfan77 she/he ask "When आप were a kid, what was your प्रिय tv दिखाना and why?"
Cody smiled. "I प्यार your name! The answer to your सवाल is....." Cody got quite. "Dora the Explora because I thought Dora was...
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हे peoples! :3
Welcome to...Total...Drama........INTERVIEWS! :3

Today we will be interviewing Bridgette!

So, टिप्पणी दे and send your सवालों for Bridgette! I need atleast five questions!

And please, no rude सवालों या else they will not be in this article.
EXAMPLE: आप CAN'T post सवालों saying the characters are a bitch, stupid, and etc.

So, please send in your सवालों for Bridgette and the सेकंड part of Total Drama Interviews will be up soon!


EDIT: Okay, फैन्पॉप won't let me post this unless this is longer, so all this is just बिना सोचे समझे shit..so don't report. I'm basically forced to make...
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Last Time Courtney Left! Here Is Your Challenge!
Teams Must Jump The Rope It Gets Longer and Longer! Playing Are!

Ivy In! Gwen In! Crystal In! Heather Misses! MARISOL IS IN! 30 मिनटों later.... Crystal and Marisol Crystals Team Wins!! Crystals team is safe!

Crystal Noah तारा, स्टार Are Safe! Bridgette Is Safe! Izzy Is Safe! Gwen Is Safe! Marisol and Talia are Safe! Heather and Ivy are Safe! Justin is Safe! Alejandro Is Safe! Duncan Is सुरक्षित LIndsey is out!

Who Will Get Out Next?
Last Time Cody Left! Your Challenge: आप MUST Carve a teamates face which ever one is best there team wins! GO!!!!! आप Get 5 Minutes!

Ok Stop!!

Marisol Your Face Carve Is Good!
Justin So Is Yours!
Ivy! Good!
Talia Awesome!

Who Doesn't Get one is out! Crystal Is Safe! Marisol Is Safe! Izzy Is Safe! Lindsey Is Safe! Heather Is Safe! Justin Is Safe! GWen Is Safe! Alejandro Is Safe! तारा, स्टार Is Safe! Trent Is Safe! Noah IS Safe! Final 2 Courtney and Talia and the last one goes to.... TALIA!!!! courtney is eliminated!!!!!!!! Who Will Get Out Next?? आप Never Know On Total Drama प्रशंसक Characters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!