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Bullets tore at Duncan’s कमीज, शर्ट as he sprinted across the warehouse. But he was sure none of them pierced his flesh, since he would have known about it… Unless he was just numb to the pain. Duncan tended to block the pain out when he was concentrating really hard. He finally made it safely across the room, and he didn’t bother checking the doorknob. He knew it was locked.

So, instead, Duncan flipped the gun in his hand so that he was holding the barrel. He reared his arm back and smashed the butt of the gun through the non-bulletproof window. Glass sprayed everywhere, slicing into his cheeks...
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posted by wetts2
izzy wasint ment to be in tda but she chandge her name to E-scope so E-scope is in the game not izzy thay also call her calidoscope to make it easy for आप here ca-lIdO-scOpe first GxB get voted of (by the way escope was awsome in the paint ball game XD) coinetinu then escope gets alimantad then izzy oh i mean E-scope is called izzy when trent picked her with made E-scope a littul ticked of later E-scope says she is 87 years old iside of her self becuse she was recarnat a houl buntch of times and says she is the vary same carnashin of her grany mavesand says ih thar ladei आप spend away on...
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posted by xxXsk8trXxx
Spondgebob Squarepants:
Cody - Spondgebob
Bunny - Gary
Noah - Patrick
Gwen - Squidward
Bridgette - Sandy
Trent - Mr. Krabs
Heather - Pearl
Duncan - Plankton
Courtney - Karen
Leshawna - Mrs.Puff
Justin - Larry The Lobster

The O.C.:

Duncan - Ryan Attwod
Courtney - Marrisa Cooper
Cody - Seth Cohen
Gwen - Summer Roberts

The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Duncan - Zack
Cody - Cody
Bridgette - Carrie
Noah - Mr. Mosbey
Katie - लंडन Tipton
Courtney - Maddie
Geoff - Arwin

Family Guy:

Owen - Peter
Bridgette - Louis
Beth - Meg
Ezikiel - Chris
Duncan - Stewie
Noah - Brian

Ramen Fighter Miki:

Izzy - Miki
Heather - Megumi
Eva - Makiko
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posted by xcv_2013
Sorry for taking so long, my computer was busted. So let's not waste anymore time & let's read, Total Drama High Ch.3!!!

Last time on Total Drama High:
Geoff was the first to arrive at the auditorium. He may have traded his old clothes for rocker clothes but he's still the same lovable party animal. He was surprised to see that his lady love, Bridgett, had changed as well. Bridgett explains that not everyone can stay the same & she was right as Beth came in with a whole new look. What other shockers are in store for the students? Read right now on Total Drama High!!!

As everyone started...
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posted by vamp_grl_123
It’s been boring. Like nothing interesting has happened. So here I am walking down the halls and entering history class. I take my usual सीट in the back corner and take out my book to read until first period starts.

I am completely into my book that I didn’t notice the boy walking up to me. I only realized his existence when he pulled out the chair अगला to me and sat down. I perked up and looked over to find his green eyes string at me.

“May I sit here? या will Terry be mad?” Trent joked with me.

“What’s your problem?” I asked putting my book away. “No one talks to me. I’m...
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posted by Fawniex3

Sex: I think it's obvious I'm a female

Hometown: Toronto, Canada

Likes: Shopping, make-up, cosmetics, Alejand- Wait! No! NOT Alejandro! That's for sure.. *nervous laugh*

Relationship: I'm waiting for someone that's actually in my league. 


Duncan: Your a female? I thought आप were a cold blooded reptile!
April 15th at 9:02pm

Heather: Again. Will आप please shut up?
April 15th at 9:03pm

Duncan: I would but..
April 15th at 9:04pm

Heather: But what?
April 15th at 9:05pm

Duncan: The temptation is too great. ;)
April 15th at 9:08pm

-Gwen, Courtney, Harold,...
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Team Sun each grabbed a white कमीज, शर्ट and a black marker.
“This really is a great idea, Lizzie.” Lynette smiled.
Lizzie smiled back, “Thanks,”
Lynette turned to Frank, “What are आप लेखन on yours?”
Frank shrugged, “I don’t know,” He paused. “What about you?”
Lynette shrugged.
“How about, bossy?” Frank suggested.
Lynette gasped, “Rude!” She कहा jokingly, as she didn’t really take offense.
Frank laughed, “You know I’m only kidding... but it’s true.”
Lynette pushed him in a friendly manner.
Cody looked at both of them, “I don’t know what to write.”
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Dawn: Lets go burn the trees in the forest!!!

Anne Maria: Umm eww, tanning spray is so fake! (or) I'm so fyat!

Cameron: umm, what does 2 + 2 equal again? (or) Math is for loosers!

Mike: हे Scott, I wanna slap yo plump little ass!

Zoey: Retro फिल्में and indie संगीत is so lame.


Jo: गुलाबी is such a cute color! Like oh em jay!

Lightning: Sports are NOT my forte

Brick: Breaking the rules? Always! (or) Chris is such a douche and Chef's खाना is the worst!

Staci: meh. (or) *nothing*

Scott: Eww, rats are disgusting, I would never touch that! (or) Killing जानवर is so cruel!!! Who would do such a thing?!?!

Dakota: I'm afraid of cameras!!! AHHH! (or) I just want to be a normal person, no fame intended.

Sam: Video games are horrible for your brain, video games rot it!!

(I might add the other mpd's of Mike's but i don't feel like it xD)
posted by DxCFan123
Dear Duncan,

Hi! It's all us DxC प्रशंसकों here, and आप wanna know what we wanna say? SAY BEFORE आप CHEAT! We mean, cheating on Courtney? आप were right in front of her सेकंड्स before! If आप wanted to break up with her, TELL HER IN THE मिनटों आप HAD! Didn't आप see all the tears she shedded? How much आप hurt her? आप hurt her! How could she live, knowing she had a cheating boyfriend how couldn't tell her "It's over."?! Was the juvenile delinquent too afraid to talk to her?! She loved you, she really did प्यार you. Even if she wanted to change you, SHE STILL LOVED YOU! I hope आप remember all...
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sumer: duncey will we live?
Duncan: Just shut up sumer!
sumer: now what's gottan in to u?
Duncan: Coyrtney
sumer: That bossy birnet. I hate her! she should jump off a clif!
Bridgette: make room. The tornado is fight द्वारा the bilding!
Sadie+katie+Duncan+sumer: what?
Geoff: she's not kidding!
noah: yeah!
Duncan: what about courtney?
Trent: She's dead!
Sumer: yes!!!!!!!!
Duncan: what? how do u know?
Trent: She will be. Out there द्वारा her self! She's dead! no और courtney.
Sumer: lets have a party!
Duncan: get her out of here.
Sumer: who?
Duncan: u!*pushes sumer out of the room*
Sumer: ouch! duncey let me in!!!!!!!!...
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Beth (beth is the way she looks in TDA)
All of the girl were playing ouside in Bridgette's backyard. Izzy was rolling on the ground until she hit something hard. "Hey I found something!" Izzy yelled. Everyone came over. "I've never seen this before." Bridgette कहा under the sircomstances. "Let's open it up and see what it leads to!" Courtney suggested. "Well if were going to go in there we should pack some things." Leshawna said. So they all packed a big bag for eachother to carry around on their backs. "Let's go!" katie कहा as she opened the door in the ground. "Wow" कहा Katie. "What?" the other's said. "Well, see for yourselfs." Everyone gathered around. "Holly crap." कहा Gwen.
O right I read that in fanfcition.net (again) and I thougth peopel of फैन्पॉप should read that so when I update something of fanficion here I gotta say that is not mine Im gonna say the person who did it so that story its from angelcandy55

I threw off my warm green towel and turned on the hot water I need to relax. That stupid pop quiz! Of course I was prepared but UH! My mom yelled

"Courtney me and your father are going out tonight, आप can have a sleepover with Gwen या Bridgette"

"Okay, bye mom!" I called back. Like that was going to happen I am way to tired! I started to hum a lullaby that my...
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Chris: Hello, everyone. Welcome to Total Drama Equestria! In today's episode, well meet our contestants for this season.

*a नाव comes up along the shore*

Chris: And here they are now! First up, we have Billie Joe Armstrong!

Bille:*walks off the boat* I प्यार tacos!

Chris: Okay? अगला is Aqua Fresh!

Aqua:*walks off the नाव and waves to the camera*

Chris: Leon Grim!

Leon:*appears from behind a bunch of smoke from the smoke bomb he threw* The Great and Powerful Leon has arrived!

Chris: Christina!

Christina:*walks off the boat, eating some chips*

Chris: Owl Feather!

Owl:*walks off the boat* H-Hello....
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-The क्रिस्मस party and Contractions-

"God, if I get any bigger, I might as well pop!" Ally huffed as she managed to get her thick कमीज, शर्ट to fit over her body.

After the baby शावर, शॉवर in November, time seemed to lapse very quickly. It was now क्रिस्मस Eve, and Ally had hit the end of her 4th trimester. In fact, she was over her 9th month. The blonde girl was actually about two weeks over her due date.

"I should have had them two weeks ago!" Ally exclaimed as she rubbed circles on her sore lower back. "I feel like I'm going to blow up." She roughly sat down on her neatly made bed.

The bathroom...
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posted by TDI_Angel
An AlejandroxSierra fanfic, written at random. Sorry if it sucks! ^ ^'

His eyes sparkled green, like jades in the light.

Is it natural for Hispanic people to have green eyes? I think to myself, Probably not. But then again, he could be mixed...

And that's when I realize something.

Whenever I fall in love, I focus on their eye color.

It happened in the begining of Total Drama Island, when I first saw Cody.

I had a three-hour-long conversation with my sister about what color Cody's eyes were.

Teal? Aquamarine? Turqoise?

And now I was focusing on this... this new person's...
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Chris stood outside a large Coaster Park with a sign that read "Mclain Land".
"Hello Campers! and Welcome back to a New season of Total Drama!" Chris walked through the park well explaining "The Campers will compete in "Mclain Land" for a chance at ONE MILLION BIG ONES!" Chris walked through the arcade "Well here they can enjoy the arcade" he walked through the water park "The beautiful water park" and finally he went to the cafiteria "And Chiefs tasty fair food" he then ended up in a stinky porta-potty "here is where the can tell the world about there erm um 'feelings'" then he was at the front...
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posted by acrossmyheart11
Chris: Everyone ready for prom?
Lucy: (in dressing room) No! i'm not wearing this.
Chris: आप have to.
Lucy: (Enters with a sky blue गाउन on.) Happy.
Matthew: Very.
Mizzie: This is ridiculous! I want to dance with noah!
Chris: Too bad.
Storm: WHY CAN'T आप DIE ALREADY. (Sticks a चाकू in Chris' back) DAMN THIS WEAK KNIFE!!!!
Chris: Um. CHEF!!!
Chef: Yeah, yeah, yeah i heard your crying.
Chris: Then help.
Lindsay: (Enters with a beautiful red gown.) I'm ready. Who am i with again?
Chris: (Sobbing) Noah!
Lindsay: Oh he's- erm... Which one?
Noah: (Enters with a tux on) I am not wearing this.
Chef: DO आप BIG...
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"Hey. It's Chris Mclain here. Again. With my new reality series: Total Drama Bermuda Triangle! For 9 weeks it'll be total drama for our new cast members! How exciting! And now we're on this killer island to make it even more-" "HI CHRIS!!!"-Unknown... "Who..?"-Chris. "Your first new cast member!! Mayla Moreen!"-Mayla. "Ohhhhh...yeah. Of course!! You're gonna have so much fun here!"-Chris. "REALLY?? YAY!!"-Mayla. "Yo, Chris. It's Phil."-Phil. "oh look, duncan's twin..."-Chris. "Oh look, there's everyone else!"-Mayla. "Hey, hi, what's up!!"-Everyone else. Phil and Mayla leave their boats to meet...
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posted by CourtneyGirl
 think आप know what this picture means
think you know what this picture means
Duncan: well to tell आप the truth i have only ever had 3 others , but none as long as i have been with courtney, and i met 2 of them in juvi and the other i met in detention.

(suprisingly no one कहा anything they probibly thought duncan would beet them up if they did)

Duncan: troy truth या dare?

Troy: dare i like a challenge.

Duncan: i dare आप to run all the way down to a 7elleven and buy me a soda.

Troy: thats it nothing els???

Duncan: YUP

( all of us new duncan had something up his sleeve, he is smarter than just trying to make a kid tierd)

Troy: *with a hint of cocyniss in his tone because...
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posted by Fangirl99
Something i made cause i was bored

"Ok,i decided two have a contest to let 2 और contestants be touchered,i mean,compete for another one million dollars"Chris कहा to the other contestant

I was scared stiff."um,can sierra go uot first?"i called out to chris

"no,now dont be whose and come out!"

i didnt care what chris called me,i still wouldnt go out.I was too shy,too scared

"cmon आप big chicken!" chris called"were wasting money!i mean,time!"


I came out,and there were eyes starring at me.Only me. I wantede to run back inside,but i knew i couldnt.

"hey!i know you!" lindsey called out."Your...
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