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posted by xFluttershyx
The अगला morning, I woke up. Courtney was already up and dressed for school.

"Morning, Gwen!" She smiled.

I yawned. "Morning, Courtney." All of a sudden, there was a knock at the door.

"I'll get!" Courtney ran to the door and opened it.

"Who is it", I asked.

Courtney slammed the door. "No one."

"Oh." I got out of बिस्तर and headed for the door to the bathroom down the hall to take a shower. After I came back, I got dressed. "I'll see आप in class."


I then walked out. As soon as I did, I bumped into someone. I realized it was Duncan. "Hey", I smiled.

"Hey." He smiled. "I stopped द्वारा your room to...
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1. Duncan was so rite to cheat on me! :)
2. Lindsay is the only girl in the world that is smarter then me! :D
3. im getting drunk off my ass!
4. Im in luv with Owen!
5. it wasnt Gwens falt that burned my trust and kissed my boyfriend!
6. Heather rules!!!!!!!
7. Harold is WAY cuter then Duncan!
8. i totally lied, i was never a CIT, the only CIT i was closed to was Certificate In Transgender!
9. im a total lesbian!
10. Eva is so pretty!
11. Duncan and Gwen r totally perfect for eachother! i wish them only the best!
12. i wonder if Chris is available? XD
13. i luv disco!
14. i luv to lose! its my fave thing...
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(The Sibuna girl's room)
Jordan: I can't believe we didn't find it.
Mathew: I know. Where else is there a आग place?
Lia: OH NO!
Elizabeth: What's wrong?
Lia: The puzzle pieces... They're gone!!!
Mathew:Oh man.Where did our puzzle pieces go?
Eli: Who could've took them?
Elizabeth: I think the Fabinas did it!
Jordan: me too.
Lia: Aggghh! I am so ma-
Rochelle: (enters) Umm guys. Trudy कहा it's Eli's and Lia's रसोई, रसोईघर duty tonight.
Eli: We'll be right down there.
Rochelle: Okay. (exits)
Eli: Come on Lia.
Lia: Fine!
(Eli and Lia exit)

(Team Fabina's boy's room)
Rochelle: (enters) Okay. so what's new?
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*At the elimination Ceremony*

Chris: well once again we are back here

Sgt. Calhoun: this ceremony will tell the final 5

Chris: thats right, its muy muy importante

Chris: So lets get started

Sayu, Isabelle and Jasper: *nervous*

Chris: Kylie, Ryan and Draven आप all are safe

Kylie: yes!

Ryan: works for me

Draven: I knew that!

Sgt. Calhoun: that just leaves the three losers

Chris: well the अगला one who is सुरक्षित is........

Chris: Jasper!

Sayu and Isabelle: What!!!!!!

Jasper: Thats right suckers...

Chris: So its down to Sayu and Isabelle....

Sgt. Calhoun: the tension is extreme

Ryan: If Isabelle goes, I leave too.......
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Chris: Last time on Total Drama Reality Check! Our contestants had to go through some trivia and had to go through some though challenges when they got it wrong. Like Leaches, ice water, and bees. In the end, Blake was kicked off the दिखाना for sneaking around in the studio with out premisson. Who knows why. Who will win? Who will lose? Who will scream their heads off? Find out right now on Total.. Drama.. Reality Check!

(theme song)

(Castle (set 9))
(All the final 15 are laying on the ground)
Mathew: (wakes up and screams waking everyone else up)
Liza: Huh? WO! Where are we?
Lily: Looks like some...
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*In the green room*

Chris: Welcome back to Total Drama Video Game Highschool

Sgt. Calhoun: Last episode we saw मरीना leave with an ankle injury

Chris: So today our contestants will be playing the scariest game to ever exist....Amnesia!

Sgt. Calhoun: right now they're eating breakfast but not for long

Chris: because we put knock out gas in the cafeteria...

Sgt. Calhoun: watch as our contestants try to survive....next!

*Theme song plays*
*In an underground tunnel system*

Isabelle: *wakes up* ugh where the hell am I?

Isabelle: *looks around* Its dark and cold...

Isabelle: *finds a lanturn* I...
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Little girl: He killed them! (starts to cry) I know he killed them.
Eli: Who killed?
Little girl: His coming!
???: It's ten o'clock! आप know what that means!! आप have five minutes! And then I want to hear a pin drop!
Eli: Was that-
Lia: Victor?!
Mathew:WHAT?!?!Victor killed a little girl's parents?
Elizabeth: L-let's play a different cylinder!
Jordan: ummm... here. Here आप go. (Hand Elizabeth a cylinder and she puts it in and it starts making loud, scratchy noices)
(Elizabeth turns it off)
Mathew: W- what was that?
Lia: I sounded like a moan. A death moan. Like-...
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*Later that night before the elimination ceremony*
“Ohmygod... I’m so nervous...” Olivia admitted.
Jenny smiled at her, “Don’t be, there’s no way you’re going to get eliminated.”
“What makes आप so sure?” Olivia asked.
Jenny looked at her, “I just know that they wouldn’t vote off someone as amazing as आप first,”
Olivia turned beat red. “Um... uh...” She stuttered.
Jenny smiled, “What?”
“Nolan!” Missy called. She ran over to him.
“Oh, हे Missy,” Nolan said.
“Have आप thought about our little deal?” Missy questioned.
Nolan nodded, “I’m in...”
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Lily: :D I stayed under the longest

Matt: Oh god... I hope Claudia likes me back... Otherwse that would have been really awkward. *blushes again*

Ashton: *half sad half happy* Okay, so maybe my body isn't as good as it was, I think I just realized something और important than looks. Friendship. Well, I still don't know if they've forgiven me.... But yeah.

Claudia: Matt likes me *blushes*

May: I'm glad that Ashton swam this time. I forgive him.


Chris:Okay Team Nature आप gotta vote someone out.Soooo vote.


Ally-Jane: Hmm... i'm not quite sure who to vote.... I reckon...
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Fawn: *reaches in टट्टू tail pulls out rat* Okay seariously? I've been pulling these out ever since the challange... Chris if your listening I despise you....

Mathew:*vomits*Ugh!I cannot think of sicker challenges then these*barfs*I HATE आप CHRIS!

Marissa: I vote for Cole....I mean, I'm friendish with anyone without invincibility...and we never talk.

Blake: ...Seriously...Snake pee, cow blood...Why? Well...at least my team won.

Cole: If draven thinks he can mess with me...he's dead wrong.... I took all of team fakes cell phones and put them in draven's room....good old revenge....*goes...
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cody: so trent want to make a deal

trent: deal?

cody: for आप and me to make it to the final 2

trent: what makes आप think आप can make it there

cody: becuse i was the one who made rebekah sick

trent: i knew it आप sick lil (beeeep)

cody: like your any better

trent: least im stright up with people

cody: says the hick

trent: whatever आप weasal


trent: haha idoet (take out tape recorder) imay be a hick but im not stupid

May: well I'm glad Zams on our team. I really like him *blushes*


chris: please make your vote


Rebekah: I would've voted for Trent..... But cody was being really...
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chris: last time on total drama simulation.the sims सूपरनॅचुरल everyone died well excepct zack who won the challagene for his team now who will reap the reward this timeon total drama simulation

girls side apartment*

rebekah: ok so i think we sholud make a pact to vote off trent

lia: why

rebekah he piosend me!!!

angie: आप probley ate something आप werent sopoused to

rebekah: i ate what he made

lia: well will talk about it later trent seems to nice to do that

rebekah: uggh fine >->


Rebekah: I'm feeling so much better! :D I'm having really bad feeling of Trent...... I think simlish...
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Chris: last time on Total Drama Reality Check! Our contestants pranked the other contestants.Cole arraged a fake तारीख, दिनांक with 3 people. Lia, Annie, and Mathew getting them all pranked. And Layla gave a prank text to Marissa and Liza from Joss's phone. Not to mention Elisa beating up Layla! hehe... amazing. In the end, It was both Draven and Ashley who got voted off, but only Ashley who was going home. Draven is being my intern... I need him to still be here... ratings!!! Who will win? Who will barf? Who will want to quit the show? Find out right now on Total... Drama Reality check!

(Theme song)...
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Vincent: I guess I vote off Ashley... she's kinda weird.

Mathew:Okay...I don't know who to vote off...So now I'm gonna vote for Draven.He's very mean.

Blake: Oh my god, this is just great! I'm invincible this week! Too bad for the others, though. It must suck not knowing that somebody's planning a prank on you. Anyway, I'm going to have to vote off Ashley. I'm sorry, I just can't take it anymore.

Ashley: Okay, so, ooohhhhhh my god. *Puts powder on cheek* First off, Blakey Snowflakey ticks me off now. Second--*Applies mascara* I should've totally gotten invincibility if Blakey Snowflakey...
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Danny: Previously on Total Drama House of Anubis:

(Lia's Locket starts glowing)
Elizabeth: aaaa... Lia?
Lia: Yeah?
(The light covers all of Lia and screams then she dispersers)
Elizabeth and Eli: LIA!!!!

Danny: AHHH!!! I don't want to vanish! Here take it! (hands it to Jordan)
Jordan: What? (vanishes)
Sophie, Mathew, Rochelle, Elizabeth, Arthur, and Autumn: JORDAN!?!?!?!!

Lia: Wh-Who are you?
???: The time will come when everyone shall know my name.

???: AHHHHHHH!!! आप have left me waiting long enough!!! Either one of आप tell me. या आप get the mark.
Lia: First tell us who आप are.
???: My name.......
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Lucy:* wow that challange was very easy for me i hope i can keep going i vote for zack

Luke: Phew... I'm glad I'm not, like, the number one hated in the team.

Zack:Seriously..a baby?Well I guess I'm gonna vote for Lucy.

Claudia: I vote for Zack because he लॉस्ट first. Sorry Zack I have nothing against you.

May: I dont know who to vote for. Why is this always so hard?

trent: the only reson the दिखाना is keeping me on is becuse i cuase drama wich mean one and only thing


chris: nice to see आप guys again

mama: ok time for someone to go home

mama:first is lily
mama: claudia
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chris: last time on total drama simulation we had a fun time on castway island. were serria लॉस्ट letrliy
what will happen this time on total drama SIMULATION

angie: how are आप felling rebekah

rebekah: better how colud trent do that to me

angie: not sure


Angie: "Trent isn't mean enough to do that to Rebekah... is he?

May: I hope Rabekahs okay.

lily: errghh trent your such a jerk

lucy: i wonder what made rebekah so sick.


chris: now before we start i want to say rebekah your out

rebekah: WHAT!?!

chris: not out out your allowed to take a break form toay chalaanges

rebekah: nah

chris: ok...
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posted by sorandom15

Zam: I vote for Siera. We wood hav won if she hadnt left.

Angie: "I vote Sierra, we only लॉस्ट because of her and her freaky obsession for Cody..."

trent:i vote for that serria chick

Zack:Phew...We're safe.


chris: welcome team simlish to your first vote off
ceramoney. ok so if आप are सुरक्षित आप get a gyroid and if your not आप get this the black

chris: firsr सुरक्षित is angie

chris: zam
zam: phew
chris: rebekah
rebekah: ugggh @_@
chris: luke
luke: cool (patting rebekahs back)
rebekah: i dont feel good (throws up)

(luke and trent scoot away a lil)

chris: trent

trent: cool

chris: jazon आप wolud be going घर since serria isent here to kick off. but i gusse आप still in so here (toss gyroid)

apartment girl side

angie: how are आप felling

rebekah: sick. do आप think trent did this to me on purpose

angie: no

castway island

(crazy luagh) HAHAHAHAHAHA

Mathew:Man,I do NOT want to be with Ashley ever again.

lily: it worked but layla i dont trust her and elisa changed sides well we can still be फ्रेंड्स i hope

Blake: Ugh...Why, Chris? Why Ashley? I mean, seriously...Well, at least we won again.

Ashley: Like oohhh my god I'm with Blakey Snowflakey and that makes me sooooo happy! I mean seriously this is so awesome I get to like totally do tons of fantabulous stuff with him and dress him up in like totally cute costumes oh my goooddddddd!


(Elimination Ceremony)
Chris: Okay. Now everyone vote.
(Everyone votes)
Chris: Okay. आप all...
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Victor: Greetings everyone! My name is Victor Rodenmaar Jr.! And I'm the new host of Total Drama. This season of Total Drama is set at my boarding school here in the UK in the House of Anubis. I will have 12 contestants living in this House going throw challenges based on the history of the house... sadly, I haven't thought of the first challenge yet. But putting that aside, let's meet our new members of Anubis House! First up Lia and Jake!
(Cab drives up and Lia and Jake step out)
Lia: Why did आप have to stop for a coke?
Jake: I got thirsty.
Lia: (rolls eyes)
Victor: Welcome to the House of Anubis....
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